The Best Workout Tank Ever

It’s been a busy Friday…


You really should experience the sight that is my kitchen when I bake. I am obnoxiously messy. It’s ridiculous.

So after I went out to get cupcake liners this morning, I took care of baking the actual cupcakes and got all of that cleaned up before squeezing in a little exercise. Since I was expecting a package today, I didn’t want to leave the house for too long, so I opted to do my walk on the good ‘ol treadmill (despite the fact that it’s beautiful outside right now).

For today’s workout I suited up into my brand spankin-new piece of Reebok gear: the Workout Ready Racer Back Tank.


The tank comes from their Workout Ready collection, featuring moisture-wicking Play Dry technology, a slim, fitness-ready design, and a few really fun colors. I was actually first sent this tank in pink, in a size medium, since I tend to like my workout tanks to fit more loosely than tight.


The pink tank actually fits great for a layering, casual hanging around tank, but the smaller size actually fit better for a workout. Slim fitting, lightweight, no built-in bra (love that, since I always wear a sports bra anyways) and super comfy.


It’s basically the best workout tank ever.

Once my 45 minute treadmill walk was complete, I showered up and got back to the kitchen. Before diving head first into making some frosting, I made a little veggie snack plate with some hummus.


A small tomato, baby carrots, and cauliflower with roasted red pepper hummus. YUM.

Once that was down the hatch, it was frosting tiiiiime. And within maybe an hour, I had everything finished…that had to be a record for me.


I have an order for 3 dozen cupcakes that I need to drop off later tonight, including an equal split of Double Vanilla cupcakes and Raspberry Devil’s Food w/ Raspberry Almond Buttercream.


It’s been a while since I made that raspberry almond…stuff is gooood.

In the midst of frosting, I also managed to grab another snack from the fridge.


I’ve had this Cherry Pomegranate Fage yogurt a few times now and I love the stuff. Super thick and creamy for being a 0%, and the cherry pomegranate flavor is killer.

Now that I’ve got the cupcakes packaged up and the dishes washed, it’s time to write up a couple training plans, and THEN? It’s time to go play with that package I was waiting for earlier, which has just recently arrived…


Let’s just say that I don’t foresee there being much conversation between Jay and I this evening. And I’m totally okay with that.

Happy Friday, friends! What’s on tap for the weekend? You’ll never guess what I’ve got going on…then again, actually, you probably will since it’s the same way I’ve spent about 3,492 of my weekends this year so far. Winking smile