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Lots of Yummm!

by Courtney on September 18, 2010


Productive Saturday mornings really make me smile. But first, before I get to this morning, let’s back track a little bit to last night. A have evening + morning of yummy eats! Being the first Friday after my first full week of teaching, I guess you could say that I was more than exhausted. The […]


He Was Safe!

by Courtney on June 3, 2010

Did anyone see the Detriot Tigers game last night?  I didn’t see it live, but once I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, I felt like that’s all I was hearing.  I did get a chance to see the replay, and WOW, that runner was definitely not safe!  He should have had […]


Sleepin' In

by Courtney on May 26, 2010

Happy Hump Day Everyone! So I had originally planned, when going to bed last night, that I was going to get up for a little treadmill session.  Well, once I woke up and realized it was still about 90 degrees in here, and was still feeling pretty sleepy, I decided to skip and take the […]