Wine Tasting, Crab Legs, Ice Cream, and Tricep Dips

Ohhhh yes, you read that right!

Last night, our crew headed out to Timbuck II for the evening for some dinner and perusing through the shops. Our first stop of the evening brought us to a wine shop (which we’ve stopped in every year that we’ve been now) for some free wine tasting.


I’ll never turn down free wine tasting. Winking smile

None of the wines totally “wowed” me, but there was a couple that were pretty decent, including a peach table wine.


The store owner was good for a few laughs, too, which you can probably tell from this picture. Smile


The store also sells single beers, and since there are no open container laws down here, most of us picked out something to sip on while walking around. I chose this Carolina Strawberry beer which was pretty tasty.



Another must-stop shop for us was Try My Nuts (<—possibly one of the best names ever?).


The last time we were here, Josh and a couple of our other friends actually tried their “World’s Hottest Peanuts” and I thought they were going to die. Apparently they’re no joke!

While I’m definitely no fan of spicy nuts (<—yup, I just giggled), I AM a fan of sweet, buttery, and chocolaty ones, so I made sure to sample a few goodies…

Including these chocolate-covered peanuts and butter toffee pecans (among a few others).


The pecans were good enough to convince me to purchase a bag of mixed butter nuts, which includes cashews, pecans, and almonds. Perfect beach snack, right? Smile

Our next stop of the night was dinner, so we traveled on over to Steamers ShellfishTo Go to get our seafood fix.


Jay and I ordered a few things to share between the two of us, including snow crab legs, grilled vegetables, french fries, and hush puppies.


The veggies were pretty good, but not as fresh as I would have hoped.


The crab legs were delicious; slightly over-cooked, but this was easily overlooked.


The french fries and the hush puppies, however, were outstanding.


Of course I would enjoy the fried food best. Winking smile


The two of us had no problem dominating our order.


After dinner, we checked out this humongous chair (random, right?),


and then followed up dinner the best way we know how…


Ice creeeeeeam.

Last night’s ice cream came from Big Buck’s, which is a local homemade ice cream shop right in Timbuck II. After a couple samples, I finally decided on the Cookies & Peanut Butter, which was basically an Oreo based ice cream swirled with massive chunks of peanut butter.…

I can guarantee you, I will be going back here before the week is over. There were too many delicious sounding flavors that still need to be tried. I’m an equal opportunity consumer. Winking smile


This morning, none of us have been in too much of a hurry to get up and moving.


But hey, we’re on vacation, so who cares? Winking smile

As you’ve probably already noticed, our friends Josh & Erika brought their two boxers down with them this week.

This is Bronx (who you can actually see as a little puppy here) – she is a total sweetie.


And this is Joba, lounging around with his dad. (Can you tell their Yankees fans?)


I started to get a little antsy, so I ended up squeezing in a few strength exercises, including some chair tricep dips.


Who says you can squeeze in a mini workout here and there, right? Three sets of 13 and I was good to go. Smile


(And since I know I’ll be asked…NO, the cigarettes on the table are definitely, certainly absolutely, 100% NOT mine. Nooooo thank you!)

But the half-filled glass of iced coffee sure is!


This morning I brewed up some of my own (using my iced coffee method) and enjoyed a glass along with another repeat breakfast from yesterday.

Banana + PB


Cereal combo #2 for the week.


Eaten out on the patio in the warm sunshine. Sun


I’m thinking we’ll probably be heading out the beach again shortly…time to suit up! And I’m feeling a nice loooooong walk along the beach today is absolutely necessary.

Question for the Afternoon:

When you’re on vacation, do you find it easier to be lazy, or do you feel like you have to keep moving?