Seeing Rainbows

Today’s lunch had me seeing rainbows!!

The last of my Farmers Market strawberries & blueberries, mixed with some 1% cottage cheese & a sprinkle of cinnamon

Paired up with the rest of my Livin Spoonful Caraway Crisp crackers and some orange carrots & yellow peppers with hommus…

I ended up saving my crackers and Clif Z Bar (which I actually consciously added to today’s lunch because the wrapper had purple in it) because I had another unexpected RAINBOW come my way…

Chocolate Chip cookies with RAINBOW sprinkles!! 😀 😀

A few weeks back, my co-worker, Darcy, mentioned how she had made some delicious chocolate chip cookies but didn’t bring any into work.  So when I jokingly asked where mine were, she told me that she’d be sure to bring me some another time.

Well, today she brought me in 4 of her absolutely DELICIOUS cookies!  I’m talking, sweet, buttery, super-soft, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  How sweet is she?!?!  I could have easily devoured all 4 of these in one sitting, but I wanted to save at least some of them for later, so I enjoyed 2 of them after lunch.  (And I’m already looking forward to having the other 2 later!) 😉


After work today, I’m headed to the gym for a little cardio + BodyPump.  I’ve been craving it ever since I went last Thursday and was sore for 3 days. 😯  Guess I need to try to start fitting in more than one session a week!  It’s just so hard with how crazy busy my schedule gets once softball starts.

Do you find that it’s harder to stick to a workout routine once the warmer months arrive?


  1. says

    I think it’s actually easier because I know I will be wearing less clothes. Haha. Gotta keep the arms in check for tank tops! :)

  2. amy says

    With being in recovery from anorexia working out is what keeps me eating healthy summer or winter. It makes me fuel my muscles with much needed protein where as when I slack at the gym I tend to slack on food and lose weight. i love the feeling of being strong and fit, its replaced my wanting to be skinny.

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