Fashion Friday: A New Diet Craze?


I have a pretty interesting topic up ahead, so let’s whiz through the afternoon eats quickly.

As planned, I enjoyed some Carrot Raisin Manna Bread mid-morning, spread with some PB2. I started off with one piece…but I may have possibly gone back for another. 😉


I had a couple of questions on the nutritional stats of the bread, so here ya go:


A little while later, I enjoyed a wine-glass fruit & yogurt parfait.


A vanilla flavored Chobani mixed with a fresh kiwi & some strawberries. So so good. 😛


On the side, I also had the rest of our leftover green beans, along with some baby carrots + hommus. Twas YUMMY!


Alright – let’s get on with some Fashion Friday, shall we??

There’s a new “diet craze” out there friends, but don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with giving up carbs or solely eating cabbage. In fact, it has nothing to do with food at all, which is why we’re talking about it today on Fashion Friday!

What it does have to do with is what you wear, and it’s called the “Fashion Diet.” The gist is this:

Take any six items from your closet and wear only those six items for 31 days.

Interesting, right?

I first heard about the idea this morning while watching the news and became quickly intrigued. After doing a little research, I came across the site that started it all: Six Items Or Less. According to the website,

“Starting Monday, June 21st 2010, a group of people from California to Dubai are going to take part in a little experiment: each participant gets to choose six (and only six) items of clothing and pledge to wear only these six items of clothing for a month. They’ll share their experiences here at

“There are exceptions that don’t count towards the six: undergarments, swim wear, work-out clothes, work uniforms, outer jackets (rain slicker, outdoor jacket), shoes and accessories. You can get multiples of the same item for laundry purposes, but different colors count as separate items. Or you can tell us to stuff it and make your own rules.”

As I was watching the segment this morning, I was shocked to hear just how many people were totally unaware of what these people were doing. Even spouses had no clue – I mean, really? I think my hubby would notice an enormous decrease in laundry, wouldn’t you think?


Even still, I find this “Fashion Diet” totally interesting. Without having a full closet of clothes at your disposal, it forces you to really get creative with your outfits. That means playing around with one of my favorite things: Accessories! Belts, broaches, scarves, hats, shoes, & jewelry can all add a little extra “pizazz” to your outfit without a lot of effort.

Plus, on top of everything else, only being able to choose from six pieces most definitely gets rid of a lot of the “guess work” when trying to figure out an outfit. One followers even said that the experiment led them to exercise more, eat better, meditate, and cut back on spending, almost like a ripple effect!

Personally, I think I’d have a really hard time following this “Fashion Diet” because I have so many favorite pieces of clothes, I wouldn’t know what to choose! But on the other hand, I think the challenge would be pretty darn interesting.

Soooooo, I’ll leave ya’ll with TWO Fashion Friday questions for today:

  1. Do you think YOU could ever follow the “Fashion Diet?”
  2. If you had to choose 6 pieces to wear for “x” amount of time, what are some that you know you would include?


  1. says

    I probably couldn’t follow the Fashion Diet just because then I’d have to pick the least unique pieces to accessorize or people would notice that I’m wearing the same shirt/pants over and over and over again. 😛 That being said, since work requires business casual and I spend a lot of time there, I would nix the casual stuff for the duration of the 6 pieces period, but oh man, that’d be tough still!

  2. says

    hmm… maybe I’ll try this… FOR THE WEEKEND :)

    my six would include:

    black skirt (it’s short, and has shorts under – versatile!)
    black running tights
    black shirt
    color or white shirt
    my blue sheath dress

    that kiwi + parfait looks DIVINE :)


  3. says

    I guess I would have a much easier job at this because I wear a uniform 5 days a week for work and then workout clothes most other times.

    I would probably include:
    – Black summer cotton dress
    – Eddie Baur Jeans
    – Green Cris-cross shirt
    – Black Capris
    – Fushia print t-shirt
    – Grey Short Sleeve Sweater

    Most of the time I do just these items and then workout clothes for the gym.

  4. says

    OH my goodness- that would be super hard!! Although it would make life a lot easier when going to pick out my outfits- haha!
    My 6 would include:
    1. white shorts
    2. black shirt
    3. black tank
    4. black sundress
    5. blue ruffly top
    6. purple sundress
    I chose a lot of basic colors so that I could add color accessories/ shoes/ belts to each outfit to change it up everyday…that way people may never know 😀

  5. says

    omigoodness. i don’t think i could do that–i’m just not that creative! hahaha. that’s a pretty interesting concept and idea though.

  6. says

    I think I might be able to…not sure. If it doesn’t include shoes:
    1. Blue jeans
    2. Grey sheath dress
    3. Black sweater
    4. Dark blue shirt
    5. Yellow T-shirt
    6. Black yoga pants

    A looooooots of necklaces.

  7. Joelle says

    This is VERY interesting! I’m glad there are some exceptions (workout, undergarments, etc)! I so think I could do it, but probably only in the summer when I am mostly wearing a bathing suit!
    Maybe I’ll try it for a week haha…

  8. says

    OK- this is going to sound lame- but I don’t pay enough attention to fashion to follow the fashion diet.

    I do, however, pay enough attention to yogurt and fruit parfaits. So much attention, in fact, that I’m going to go inhale one right now. Thanks for the bfast inspiration. :-)

  9. says

    Oh, girl. 6 pieces?!? But I’m a fashion whore! Okay, I’ll try.

    1) Skinny Jeans
    2) Black dress pants
    3) Black 3/4 sleeve shirt
    4) White t-shirt
    5) White blouse
    6) Black yogs pants

  10. Lisa says

    Can one of you brilliant women explain to me how inquiring about your lack of concern with anything other than yourselves makes ME unhappy? Also, a college education does not necessarily equal intelligence…there are plenty of inadequate schools out there that grant degrees to most anyone with a few dollars. If someone would justify how buying corporate food, wasting gas to go to a gym instead of exercising near your home, or supporting companies that use child labor is “healthy” or “fun,” then perhaps I would have a higher opinion of your “writing.”

    • says

      Why do you continue reading and commenting if you don’t like Courtney’s blog? You’re not accomplishing anything. She’s still going to post and not care about anything you’re writing to her. If you don’t like the way she lives, don’t read her blog. That’s all.

      You obviously have nothing better to do than sit around leaving ridiculously rude comments on peoples’ blogs.

      Are you feeling bad about yourself? Is that the problem here? I bet it is.

      It’s OK. I’m sorry you don’t have a fabulous blogging community to back you up.

      Have an AWESOME day!

    • says

      Good morning Lisa :) I will try to keep this short and sweet. While I’m not sure who you are nor what your motives are, I believe I can speak for Courtney and her readers in saying we try our best to do the right things when it comes to our environment. I think we’re actually a few notches above the typical American, so perhaps you could find a different blog to disturb.

      Also, please remember not everyone has access to public transportation, not the opportunity to exercise near their homes. I spent some time living in an extremely dangerous inner-city neighborhood after college. I’d have loved to run outside, but I put my safety first and drove to a gym. Gosh, I’m selfish. :)

    • says

      If you could in turn justify how stalking someone’s blog and leaving negative comments is a good use of your energy, perhaps we would have a higher opinion of your “opinion”.

    • says

      Why are you even reading this blog if you don’t enjoy what Courtney has to write? There are plenty of other personal websites that cater to your wants and needs as a reader. Why bash on Court for doing what she’s doing? I certainly enjoy it, and I definitely don’t want her to change. So why should she, especially for a “hater”.

  11. Michelle says

    If you could in turn justify how stalking someone’s blog and leaving negative comments is a good use of your energy, perhaps we would have a higher opinion of your “opinion”.


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