A Handful of Busy + A Pinch of Anxiety

Today has been SUCH A BUSY DAY!! My gosh, I really wish I didn’t want to save everything until last minute when I travel!! 😳

Before running out the door this morning, I toasted a thick slice of local mutligrain bread and topped it with some Blizzard Butter. It was delicious as always, but I probably downed it in about 2 minutes since I was in such a rush.



Mid-morning, I snacked on this Braeburn apple which was quite tasty. Luckily, I was able to savor this one a little more. 😉


Around 12:30, hunger started to strike again. I debated on grabbing something while I was out, but I figured I’ll be eating out quite a bit in the next few days, so I made a quick pit-stop home.

I started out with a vanilla flavored Chobani topped with some fresh strawberries & Bear Naked Fit Granola.



I also had about 2/3 of a cucumber that was leftover from yesterday’s scrumptious salad. Since I’ve been out of hommus all week, I decided to give ‘em a little drizzle of Ken’s Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette.



In the midst of all my craziness and running around, I think Cody was starting to wonder what the heck his Mom was doing???

I love how I caught him mid-lick of the nose! 😉


After lunch, it was back out again for a few more things, including a quick stop at Target. I was hoping they’d have some of my fave Clif Z Bars to bring on my trip, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. :( Instead, I ended up getting a box of these Triple Berry granola bars from Archer Farms. I decided to give one a try right away.


They’re not too bad; the flavor was good, but they seemed extra chewy for some reason? I almost felt like my jaw was getting a workout from it?


Once I got home, I squeezed in a workout: I did the 40 minute Rock Hard Total Body workout from Exercise On Demand. I was hoping the workout would help cure some of the stress I’ve been having…I’ve been feeling some extreme anxiety all day just knowing how much I have to get ready, about traveling by myself, about meeting new people this weekend…definitely a lot to think about! I’m definitely beyond excited to have this amazing experience ahead of me, and to meet to many awesome people, I guess I’m just letting some of my insecurities get the best of me. Not to mention the fact that I’ve never traveled by myself to a brand new city before

I just want to make sure I get to do everything I want to do, but not worry so much about it that I’m not enjoying the moment, you know? I’m sure once I’m finally there that I will start to feel a little calmer. But hey, it’s making me a more well-rounded person, right? :)

Still on the To-Do List:

  • Finish Start packing
  • Figure out what the heck I’m going to wear this weekend?!? 😯
  • Take Banana Struessel muffins out of the oven (to leave for the hubby while I’m gone)
  • Update my iPod
  • Mail some bills out
  • Make dinner
  • Make trail mix
  • Get together traveling snacks
  • Hopefully RELAXING with the hubby 😀

Wish me luck! I’ll be sure to post one more before the night’s over. :)

Question for the Day:

Do you ever get anxious/nervous about traveling? Any tips for traveling solo to a new city and meeting a bunch of brand new peeps?? :)


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    My boyfriend and I only see each other once every few months so the pressure and anxiety of traveling is crazy! Especially because I hate flying :(

    I hope you have a great time in Chicago!!!

  2. says

    I wish I would have been into the blogging world before so I would have known there was an event going on in my very own city. You are going to love it here! Try not to stress. I don’t deal well with packing at all. :)

  3. says

    I used to get anxious about traveling alone. But I made lots of lists to help. And I always kept myself busy at airports so I didn’t get bored or attract weirdos. But you’ll have a blast. Any bumps in the road are just learning experiences.

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    Courtney, you will do great! Just be the happy bubbly girl you are in your blogs. If all else fails, have a *small* glass of vino before embarking on meeting tons of people (unless of course, it’s 7a..then make it a mimosa..haha).

    Also build in some *you* time while you’re away — the contant being ‘on’ can be overwhelming and exhausting.

    Have a blast!

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    oh man, i always get anxious when traveling, especially when travelling alone…i think just having lists, and having everything ready to go (tickets/boarding pass/id/etc.) helps so i don’t feel so scatter brained. then i try to distract myself with music/iphone games/and magazines! :)

    you’re gonna have so much fun!

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    Aw don’t stress hun. I’ve had to travel alone a lot and it isn’t that much different than traveling with someone. I had to go to Louisville for work by myself and network with a bunch of peeps I didn’t know for a few days. It was disconcerting but fun to step outside my comfort zone. You are going to have a blast!!!

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    Don’t be nervous! That’s what I keep telling myself too. 😉 I just keep reminding myself what an awesome community this is and how fabulous it will be to spend time with people who are so into health, happiness and LIFE. Hope we get a chance to say hello!

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