Exercising With An Injury

So if you check my Workout Log at all regularly, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been slacking on my updates. Ever since I injured my foot while out in Vegas, my workouts have definitely been scaled back from what they were. Considering I was working out, on average, 5-6 days a week, the cut back on exercise has been a challenge.

For one, it is really hard when the rest of my body is rearing’ and ready to go, yet that one foot is the only thing holding me back. I want to move. I have the energy to burn. Yet, I can barely walk without a limp. UGHH. :roll:

That doesn’t mean, however, that my workouts have been non-existent. I definitely believe that if there are other muscles that can be worked without injuring myself, then there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be worked. As long as you have the choice, having an injury doesn’t give an excuse to remain sedentary…at least not for me anyways!

I had a great e-mail over the weekend from reader Colleen, who is also dealing with a foot injury and having a hard time “sitting still” (I hear ya, Colleen!) She asked if I was still getting in any form of workouts and if I had any tips/advice for anyone going through a similar situation.

Welllllll, I can’t promise that what works for me will work for anyone else, but I’m certainly willing to share!

Here’s some workouts that have worked for me:

1. Yoga


I’ve come across some great yoga workouts that have minimal lower impact. Some of my favorites are the 10lb. Slimdown: Yoga and Less is More Yoga, both from Exercise TV. I’m actually trying to use this situation to try to get a little more into yoga. I always love the way my body feels after yoga, yet it always gets pushed to the back burner.

2. Exercise on Demand

A lot of the time, I’ll turn on the channel and just scroll through the categories until I see something that interests me. If I turn it on and realize it’s going to be too tough on my foot, I just keep scanning. A few videos that I’ve come to know and love:

3. Pilates


I’ve always enjoyed incorporating Pilates into my weekly workout routine. I love the core work it provides, as well as the long and lean feeling I get when I’m finished. Two of my favorites:

4. Stationary Bike

I tried this out last week at the gym, and was actually pretty surprised at the heart-pumping workout it provided. I think I felt like it would be “easy” since you’re just sitting in the seat, but if you really push yourself, you can have a killer workout on your hands!

5. Stair Climber

Surprisingly enough, this machine was no problem for me to use with my injury. Since the pain and swelling is in my heel, I was able to complete the workout more on the balls of my feet with minimal discomfort. Even still, I only used the machine for 10 minutes and probably wouldn’t go much longer than that.

So…Do I Miss Running?

It’s an interesting question really. Initially, yes, I missed running. But the more I thought about it, I was actually finding that I was almost glad that I didn’t have to run. I really think I was getting to a point where I was running not so much because I wanted to, but because I felt like I had to. Running, for me, provided the sweatiest, most intense, and quickest form of heart-pumping cardio. However, now that I know running is not an option, my situation has forced me to look elsewhere for that adrenalin rush.

Yes, I’m still quite discouraged over the injury. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the Warrior Dash is going be happening, which has been really hard to accept. But, I know it’s the right thing to do, and there really is no sense in risking further injury with such an intense race.

Ok, What’s Next?

With heading back to work, it’s time for me to come up with a plan for my weekly workouts that is tailored to my foot injury. For the past couple months, I’ve been hopping out of bed and working out whenever the time felt right. But now that I have a full schedule, I need to figure out what’s going to work best for me. And since I don’t have the option to just head outside and hit the pavement, it’s going to take a little more planning on my part. I’m hoping to be able to come up with another great routine, even without running!

Questions for the Afternoon:

What kind of a workout routine do YOU follow with a full work/school schedule?

Would you consider yourself a “Hardcore Hannah” or a “Casual Cathy”? 😉


  1. says

    Stationary bikes can be killlllller. My workout used to be a combination of the bike and stair stepper with free weights. I miss those days, my little apt gym only has the bike now and the seat on it is more killer than the workout.

  2. Judy says

    When I did work full time, I’d get up way too early in the morning to workout. Because I’ve just always been a morning person.

    It’s all about what works for U!

  3. says

    Don’t get me wrong, I looove running and I am always really upset when I can’t run because I’m injured, but I agree with you… it is a little refreshing. I always come back from injury with a new found love and appreciation for running. Also, I find all sorts of different exercises and workouts I like that I never would have given the time to find if I had been running. It forces me to be a more balanced exerciser : )
    Hope the foot gets better though!

  4. says

    While training for my first half, I injured my knee and am DYING to get out and run again!

    But my stupid knee still hurts.

    I’m with you. Totally. I do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred along with On Demand yoga. And you know, long walks with my dog are pretty good ways to stay active, too!

  5. says

    Even though I am in school, I get up extra early and head to the gym around 5:45/6am to take BodyPump or a spinning class…I guess you could call me a Hardcore Hannah!! :)

  6. says

    It’s hard to follow a schedule because there are so many happy hour and networking events after work. I do try to do some cardio in the am and then yoga or pilates in the pm, if I have time!

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