Finally…Not Running Against The Clock

There’s nothin’ like a Saturday when you have time to do a little bit of everything, without having any time constraints! :)

So far, my Saturday has looked a little something like this…

I slept in without using an alarm, and it was fabulous. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep, which I needed every.last.minute of.

After lounging around for a bit, I headed out for a nice little run outside.


Actually, that a lie.

It was not a nice little run. It was one of the most difficult runs I’ve tackled in a long time. It felt like my legs were as heavy as iron, my nose was running, and it was windy and cold.

But I still got it done, and I was happy for having done it. So YAY for me!

I decided I deserved a reward…so I went and got one of these:


THAT, my friends, is a pumpkin pie latte. Normally, I order my lattes sans whip cream, but I forgot to mention it and they didn’t ask. It’s ok…I immediately dug a finger in. Scrumptious. 😛


After rewarding myself with a little post-workout fuel, I stopped by the Farmer’s Market and picked up a couple goodies.


Then I headed back home and did a little damage in the kitchen. 😉


I’m such a tease! Don’t worry, I’ll fill you guys in on the details soon. :)

Now Jay and I are headed out the door to run a few errands, enjoy a dinner out, then meet up with our friends Joe & Kate for a movie date. I guess we’re going to see Mega Mind, which looks pretty cute…we like switching things up every once in a while. And since I got to choose the last time we went to the movies, Jay actually voted for this one. I’ll let ya’ll know how it is! :)

Question for the Day:

What’s been the best part of YOUR Saturday so far?? :)


  1. Darcy Pogue says

    The best part of my Saturday is that I GOT TO WORKOUT FOR 2 WHOLE HOURS!!!!!! I loved every minute of that! I so needed to sweat and I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and then took bodyflow. It wasn’t actually 2 whole hours…….more like an hour and a half, but who’s counting? IT felt good! I missed ya……maybe we’ll catch up at the gym soon……..enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    • says

      That’s AWESOME Darce! I know, I’m sorry I didn’t make it…I needed to be able to sleep in, which ended up being about 9am by the time I woke up. I was definitely thinkin’ of you though! We’ll plan for something soon! :)

  2. Amy says

    I’m a hairstylist and the best part of my day is that i was super busy today and even got 2 new customers. Oh, and hubbys a realtor and has 2 possible contracts. Keep ur fingers crossed for him!!!

  3. Jordan says

    Best part of my Saturday was running 11.3 miles this morning!! It was about 30 degrees out there, but that didn’t keep me from sweating profuuusely. :) Now I’m at work. Blaah! Actually, I work at Borders, so it’s pretty fun!

  4. Heather T says

    The best part of my Saturday was baking 2 new pies that I’ve never made before. I made a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. Also I got to visit with someone special today…your mom! :) I finally got my hair cut, haha.

  5. says

    I agree with Holly….it’s only about 48 here and I won’t run outside because of the cold temp haha i’m a wimp. On Saturday, I always look forward to my afternoon nap :)

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