Another Year Older

Another year older? Yes.

Another year wiser? One would beg to differ. Winking smile

I spent the majority of the day lounging around at home, keeping things pretty low key. Of course there was some cake eating involved, and at one point, I actually decided to go on to Jay’s PS3 and download Tetris. I used to LOVE playing Tetris on the old school Nintendo game system!


This evening, Jay and I met up with my parents and our friends Brian and Mal for a little celebratory birthday dinner at the Albany Pump Station.

The Pump Station brews some really great beers, but I decided to abstain from any special beverages after last night’s abundance of frozen margaritas. Party smile

So I started dinner off with a small cup of their French Onion soup.


I’ve always been a fan of French Onion soup, but their description just made it sound so much more enticing…

Caramelized Bermuda and Spanish onions simmered in a rich broth topped with garlic croutons and served with bubbly Swiss cheese


It was a good choice. A very good choice. Smile


And for my entrée, I ordered the Baked Veggie Wrap, which was provolone, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, Romano and feta chesses in a wrap, brushed with garlic butter and topped with sesame seeds. Served with a side of apple-cider balsamic


The wrap was amazingly delicious! Not only were the veggies and cheeses great, but the wrap itself had such a good flavor. I would definitely get this again.


Aaaaand, I debated on getting a side salad to go with my wrap, but then again, it is my birthday, so sweet potato fries sounded so much more appropriate. Winking smile


After we finished up our meal, I was offered a dessert menu; and since I’m not usually one to turn down a sweet treat, I decided to order some Apple Crisp.


With a birthday candle! Open-mouthed smile


The apple crisp itself was really tasty, but they had unfortunately just run out of vanilla ice cream. Booooo.


Jay and I shared, and it was a pretty small portion, so I may just happen to have room for a couple more bites of birthday cake before calling it a day.

I still can’t believe I’m 27 years oldit just doesn’t sound right??? Disappointed smile

Thank you to everyone for your sweet birthday wishes! You’ve all helped make my day a special one indeed. Open-mouthed smile



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