White Chicken Enchiladas

Hey hey! How’s everyone’s Sunday been treating them??

Well, mine has been great! After indulging in a couple delicious Cinnamon Chip Scones this morning and afternoon,


I made sure to squeeze in a little workout. I ended up deciding on my 30 Minute Speedy Interval Run, which always kicks my butt. Winking smile

Next, it was time for Jay and I to take care of one of our least favorite tasks


Returning cans & bottles. BLECH!

Does anyone else hate doing this as much as we do??

Believe it or not, these bags are full of cans and bottles that can date back to as far as our “1st Annual Horan Summer Party.” Yes, I know that was almost 7 months ago…


Clearly, we’ve been avoiding it like the plague. Disappointed smile

Luckily, there was only one casualty that occurred. Darn that extra 5 cents!


But check out those receipts! We got back $18.15 in returns…and were both impressed and a little embarrassed at the same time.


$9.55 in cans alone…but I promise, there were a lot of soda cans in there, too! Winking smile


While we were out, I also had to make a quick trip into Sephora


Because a few of you convinced me to splurge on the NARS Laguna bronzer! I must say, I am already in LOVE with this stuff. It goes on soooo smoothly! Thanks so much for the recommendations! Smile


For dinner, Jay and I ended up having some grilled chicken salads, but I didn’t bother taking any photos of them because I really want to share last night’s dinner with you all!

We had our good friends, Joe & Kate, over for dinner and a movie and I made a really fantastic dish for us all: White Chicken Enchiladas.


To go with our enchiladas, Kate brought over a nice salad to share, and everything was indeed, delicious!



The recipe for the enchiladas came out of my Taste of Home Everyday Light Meals cookbook, and it is definitely going to remain in my recipe queue.



It’s not only fairly easy to make, but can easily be made ahead and just popped into the oven for when you’re ready!

    The creamy mixture looks so incredibly sinful, but it’s actually low in both fat and calories (not to mention, MUCH better for you than a similar recipe from a Mexican restaurant would be).


    They’re pretty filling, so I actually still have one of mine leftover to enjoy during the week. Smile



    So do you guys remember that amazing chocolate caramel apple that Jay and I bought last weekend for Valentine’s Day?

    Well did I mention to you guys that the apples were going for $7.00 for one, but on sale 2 for $10.00?


    Well, hey, who am I to pass up a deal like that, right?!? Winking smile


    I’m so excited to go cut into this guy right now! Definitely the perfect ending to a Sunday evening if you ask me. Open-mouthed smile

    Question for the Evening:

    What were some highlights of YOUR weekend?


    1. says

      The ex once bought my a candy apple and I did not think to cut it open, so I just stuck my mouth in.
      And I got chocolate all over my face. LOL

    2. fsugirl! says

      Mmmmm, I want that caramel apple!! There’s no where around here for me to recycle cans/bottles. :( I love Nars blush- the best! 😀 have a great week off, lucky girl!

    3. says

      That enchilada recipe looks great – I like how it’s a lighter version.

      I had a great weekend. My husband and I went on a little road trip to an adorable coastal town out here in California. It was a lot of fun, and now we’re just taking it easy. Love lazy Sundays!

    4. says

      I have to say that I’ve never tried returning cans and bottles…I don’t even know where you go to do that!! I always get sad when I see homeless people scrounging in the trash for bottles to return :(

      Highlight of my weekend was spending time at home in PA with my family!
      Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine recently posted..The Alphabet of Gabriela

    5. says

      Hey, at least you can get money back on the cans and bottles–that makes it worth the hassle. And don’t you just love those enchiladas? I made them last year for the Super Bowl and they were a hit!

    6. says

      I made these enchiladas this weekend and they were a huge success!! I made a slightly bigger batch because there were 4 of us eating them (and I was hoping for leftovers) but every last one got eaten. My husband and I already plan to remake them later this week!!


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