To All The Moms Out There…

Just popping in to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!


As my mom put on her Facebook this morning (yes, she’s so savvy)…

Whether it be a boy, a girl, a cat, a dog, fish, birds, whatever…the day is well deserved!

So in that case…


Happy Mother’s Day to ME!


Me and my little guy will be spending a little QT together today.


I love my little buddy. Smile


Question for the Day:

Are you celebrating Mother’s Day today??


  1. says

    I’m taking my mom out to dinner!

    That last picture of you and your kitten is adorable, by the way. I can’t wait to have a real apartment (not university housing) where I’ll be able to have a kitty of my own!
    Anita recently posted..Stagecoach!!

  2. says

    haha how cuuuute! I used to be momma to an adorable little dog, but he had to move to LA with his daddy :-(. Now I just consider myself an amazing awesome daughter haha.
    I just finished mother’s day brunch with my brother and his fiance. We sent my mother some beautiful flowers and gave her a call. I also devoted today’s post to my mother :-)
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy Living Girl” recently posted..Ode to a Sometimes Healthy Mother

  3. says

    I did celebrate today. My son gave me an awesome card that in made in kindergarten where they have to fill in the blank. Apparently Im 46 (really 25) and I his favorite food that I make is mac and cheese haha

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