No Nibbles

I am really loving today. Productivity, warm sunshine, and leftovers for lunch that could be thrown together in about 30 seconds.

I just got back home from helping my dad do a little more painting over at the house this morning and was absolutely famished by the time I actually got here. I opened up the fridge and threw together the quickest thing I could muster up.


I finished off the rest of last night’s salad, topping it off with some cottage cheese and a splash of balsamic vinegar. No pizza…that is LONG gone.


So I also cut myself a legit piece of cornbread…no nibbling today.


Yet. Winking smile

Cody’s also been having a grand ‘ol time relaxing in the sunlight today.


It always makes me laugh when he’s able to find the one space where the sunlight is shining through. My other cats growing up used to do the same thing.


To give you guys a quick update on the new sneakers…YES, I did make it to Fleet Feet yesterday, but I did not buy shoes. I actually have a couple gift cards to a different store, so I’m headed there this afternoon to pick up the same shoes that they recommended for me. I’ll fill ya’ll in on my new kicks later on. Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

What are YOU loving about today??


  1. says

    I love how cats do this! I felt like that sunday when I was out wandering and was looking for a park bench in teh sun lol

    I am loving that it’s FINALLY stopped raining and the sun is shining!
    Becca recently posted..Cheap and Simple

  2. says

    I know that you wanted to save money while buying new running shoes, but dont you think it is wrong to “use” fleet feet for there advice on running shoes, but not paying them for the assistance. I mean if everyone did what you just did, fleet feet would NOT be around and you would have to depend on regular sporting stores for advice. :(
    Lindsay recently posted..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD

    • Courtney says

      Lindsay, I definitely understand your point. If someone was a repeat offender of doing this, then yes, that would be wrong. However, I have given Fleet Feet plenty of business in the past, and since I’m currently out of a job, I’ve got to put my own budget first.

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