Yoga Review & A Breakfast Epiphany

Today is off to SUCH an amazing start. I love it!

I hopped out of bed this morning ready for run, already knowing that I only had a short one on the training plan today. There was no rain in sight, so I trekked it outside, finishing with some pretty good-for-me stats:


You see that blue bar at the very end there? Yup, that’s me kickin’ butt. Can I get a WOOP WOOP?

Since today’s run was short, and it’s been a while since I did any sort of yoga, I decided to channel my inner yogini and get my flow on. Wanting to try something different, I consulted my beloved Exercise on Demand and ended up choosing Body by Bethenny Yoga.


  • The video was about 40 minutes long.
  • It had my entire body feeling long, lean, and strong.
  • The poses were explained with nice detail.
  • Modifications were given when necessary.
  • Bethenny seems so totally relatable in this video!

I wasn’t totally sure how I was going to feel about the video at the beginning, but I will say I’m definitely a fan. I couldn’t believe just how much more flexible my hamstrings were from beginning to end. I feel like a brand new person!


So maybe it was the yoga that had me feeling ambitious in the kitchen this morning; but whatever it was, I’m glad it happened. Ladies (and the very few gentlemen that I know of who read out there), you have GOT to try this out.


Because I made these cookies yesterday, that meant that I had three leftover egg whites in the fridge (and, if you remember, nothing goes to waste here). But rather than whip up my typical veggie filled egg whites, I went with a NEW combo:

A Strawberry, Avocado, Scallion, & Goat Cheese Omelet


Oh mah gawwwwwd.

I am still drooling over this thing. All I did was dice up the strawberries, avocado and scallions, mix about 2/3 of them into my whipped egg whites (mixed with a little milk, salt & pepper) and let them cook away on the stove. Once it was ready, I topped it off with a smear of goat cheese, and the rest of the fruit and veggies.

If you’re hesitant on the strawberries in the egg whites…don’t be. Just trust me on this one, mmmkay? Have I ever let you down before?

Even if I have, just forget about that one…

On the side, I toasted up a Van’s Lite Waffle, and topped it with some honey, plain Chobani, and chia seeds.


This, my friends, was a breakfast fit for a queen. I want more!


The only thing that could have made this breakfast even better would have been coffee. I never brewed any up this morning, so I guess I’ll just have to grab one while I’m out running errands.

Oh darn. Winking smile

Question for the Morning:

Would you ever think to put fruits in your eggs/egg whites? What would you want to try?

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  1. says

    Dang, girl! You’ve got the foodie breakfast goin’ today! :)

    I love the Bethenny yoga DVD–I do it at least 2-3 times a week and I can actually do a real chatarunga pushup now!!! Whoop whoop!

  2. says

    OMG, that omelette looks fantastic! I love the creativity of the food you make but yet you still use normal ingredients that everyone has on hand.

    Question: would you consider doing a post on some of the healthy foods you eat but that aren’t as well-known, like chia seeds and buckwheat? I’m always looking for new things to try.

    Thanks for such a great blog. You inspired me to get up and do my Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred video before work this morning. It’s been a long time since I have done morning work-outs but I love the way they feel!
    Jill recently posted..Inspired by TV- Happy Endings

  3. says

    I’m so excited to see more people hopping onto the strawberry in eggs train! I plan to take my bf to the restaurant in OCMD this weekend that got me hooked on them in the first place! 😀
    Krissie J recently posted..Mail Surprise!

  4. says

    I haven’t tried putting fruit in with my eggs yet! But I will I think the strawberry, avocado combo sounds fantastic! I might try banana/mango too…

  5. says

    This sounds amazing! What a treat! Great combo of eggs and whole wheat nutrients as well and I am sure that the strawberries were to die for! I am a big advocate of putting fruit places where you wouldn’t usually think it should go- pineapple on your salad- yes- do it!
    Jessica @ Bake a Little recently posted..5 Year Olds Cant Paint Nails

  6. says

    I haven’t actually thought to put fruits in the egg whites – but I do usually eat my eggs with ketchup and jam, which I thought was weird, but I guess is kind of like putting fruit and veggies together with eggs…right?!

    That looks beyond amazing and I can’t wait to whip one up for myself, once I remember to go grocery shopping :)

  7. says

    I have never thought to pair fruit with gas before, though I’m not sure why – it’s such a great idea! I’m definitely going to give this a try sometime. I need to get myself some goat cheese!
    Sam recently posted..Monday Morning Routine

  8. says

    Your breakfast looks incredible i’ll have to try that combination however, I am in New Zealand and berries are so expensive this time of year. I do have some frozen berries stored for smoothie making I just know know that frozen strawbs just would not be as tasty in that combination.
    Natalie recently posted..prioritize with some muesli

  9. says

    My gosh, that omelette looks amazing. I honestly wouldn’t think that the strawberries would go well with the egg whites, but I’m going to have to make it now. You did say that you never let us down!
    Jen recently posted..Soup is for Winter


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