Crisis Averted

I think I must have lost about five years off of my life this afternoon…

Long story short…I thought I crashed my computer.

**WORD TO THE WISE (especially my fellow bloggers): If there is a link in your site stats for a referrer and you do not know what it is…DO NOT click on it. I’ve done this before and have never had a problem, usually because it was a harmless-looking site. I should have known better. Today’s site was not harmless, and wanted to annihilate my hard drive.

And give me a heart attack all at the same time.

Thank god for my tech-savvy hubby who helped me through things. There was a lot of waiting involved, so in attempt to take my mind off my potential crisis at hand, I ate about 10 handfuls of trail mix before finally putting together a real lunch.


It’s a good thing I did, because this baby was fantastic! Nothing crazy, just a simple salad made up of spring mix, cukes, grape tomatoes, red onion, carrots, a dollop of goat cheese, and my last remaining crab cake with avocado-mango salsa.


I was sad to see me crab cakes all gone. They were soooo good. Smile


As I ate through lunch with a knot in my stomach, hubby was eventually able to magically make his way into my computer through work (isn’t that crazy?!?), helped me restore things, and it appears as if everything is back to normal.

*Fingers crossed* Fingers crossed


After my salad, I was still craving something else, so I went to my Fitbloggin’ stash and found this little guy.


I received this 22 Days Cherry Chocolate Bliss Vegan Energy Bar over the weekend and decided to give it a try.


I liked how it had a pretty simple ingredient list, with a flavor that was tasty to boot. I could definitely taste the cherry and chocolate in every bite. Although, considering I had already eaten enough trail mix for a small army, I ate half the bar and am saving the rest for another time.

Now I think I need to step back away from the computer for a bit and re-compose myself…I still feel like I’m in a tizzy. Gahhh!

Question for the Afternoon:

Have you ever had a computer crisis by clicking on something you shouldn’t have?


  1. says

    Oh yes I have! I’m terrible at computers too..Even though everyone at work relies on me to fix their computers…I just click around and cross my fingers! I have a mac now and I have not experienced any of these issues that I did with my pc in college. *knock on wood* I’m glad it’s fixed!

  2. says

    Well, my gmail account did get hacked yesterday! It sent everyone on my contact list a spam email. It was no fun trying to do damage control on that one! (some of my coworkers got emails from me offering great deals on Viagra- kill me)

  3. says

    yikes! i’m glad your comp was able to get fixed.

    I love cherry chocolate ANYTHING! Was the bar similiar to a larabar? It looks like it has a similar texture…

    • Courtney says

      Yeah, I’d say it was pretty similar to larabars. Definitely the same textures…flavor was a bit different though

  4. says

    I did have a horrible experience once with my computer crashing. Luckily, I thought it was acting funny for a couple of days before so I managed to get all important photos/music/documents onto a flash drive before it completely dying!

    Why can’t computers just last forevahhh? Wahhh! haha!

  5. Lauren says

    One time, I was trying to go to and accidentally left out the first “s.” I was quite surprised when the page loaded, to say the least 😮 Glad everything worked out for you!

  6. says

    It’s reasons like your scare this morning that I need a Mac. It’s reasons like my bank account that I can’t afford one right now! Until then, i’ll steer clear of clicking on anything random in my stats 😉 Glad you got it worked out!

  7. says

    oh my goodness, you poor thing! If I had thought I crashed my computer, I would have completely freaaaaked out! at least your lunch looks yummmay 😉 I love crab with avocado and mango, such a classically amazing combo! those bars look real good though, I love laras and they sound really similar! YUM!
    Olivia recently posted..Smiley Award! –

  8. says

    Oh my gosh, I would have freaked out! One time last year, I was googling math worksheets on my school laptop, and I clicked on a site and a popup came up that lookedlike a control panel and a download box – it completely crashed that computer. Luckily, we have an amazing tech team in my district, and my computer guy was overin less than an hour. He took it home over the weekend, fixed it, and I was able to use it on Monday!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently phases

  9. says

    Never by clicking on something I shouldn’t have, but my hard drive crashed on my old Dell laptop 3x before I finally got a MacBook Pro. I’m glad your computer is fixed though — how scary!

  10. says

    haha isn’t it SOOO great having a tech-savvy man in your life!? Blows my mind what my bf is capable of! Helps that he’s a computer programmer :)

    Still need to make your crabcake recipe! Dying to try it!

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