Pancakes for Lunch + TGFA Update

On Sunday, I was spending some time browsing through my favorite blogs, as I typically do on a Sunday.

Before I knew it, I found myself staring face to face with an amazing photo of The Fitnessista’s Perfect Protein Pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen Gina make these before; but now that I have my own bag of Sun Warrior, it made me appreciate them in a whole new way.

Now I could make them!

But I didn’t make them Sunday…I had already made these delicious little muffins.


And I didn’t make them this morning…because I wanted to eat more of my delicious muffins.


But this afternoon? Now THAT was a different story.

I mean, I enjoy pancakes for dinner. Who says I can’t have pancakes for lunch, right?



Guys and gals, let me just tell you…these guys are packed with protein and loaded with flavor. I think, in fact, I may have fallen in love just a little bit this afternoon. Red heart

I followed her recipe exactly and also topped them with the same sauce that she created on Sunday + a little Raspberry Polaner All-Fruit spread.


Mark my words: I will most definitely be creating these again…and again…and again.


I think I could get used to this whole protein pancakes for every meal of the day lunch thing. Who needs veggies?? (just kidding…I had my daily glass of V8 this morning) Winking smile

The Great Fundraising Act Update:

  • As of noon today, the total amount of money raised was $12,894! Does that not just totally blow your mind??? Talk about an amazing community!
  • I upped the ante on my Crackled Sugar Cookies! Not only will the winning bidder get the cookies + $25 Outback Steakhouse gift card, but they’ll ALSO have their choice of a second baked good. So far, we’re up to $100 (WOW!)…can we make it any father?!?

Question for the Afternoon:

What are your favorite pancake toppings?


  1. says

    TGFA is amazing.. it blows my mind how much people are supporting the cause! I love it.

    and oh my gosh.. I could eat anything on pancakes. I looove peanutbutter, bananas, and chocolate chips, though! with lots of syrup. 😉

  2. says

    Wowza do those look good! I’ve seen them a gazillion times on her blog but never thought to make them for some reason…however you making them has now inspired me to try them! They look delish!

    Is it best to make them with the Sun Warrior? Or do you think any protein powder would do? :)

  3. says

    There is a lot of pancake love in the blogosphere today! I’m digging it. My new favorite topping is a blend of maple syrup and blueberries that I got from a recipe in Fitness Magazine. I never thought to combine the two and it was really delish.

  4. says

    I’m not loving my usual oats,yog+fruit bowl lately for breakfast so I think the solution to that is pancakes for breakfast…and your post just confirmed that! Vanilla soy yogurt and berries or peanut butter and banana are my go-to toppings!

  5. says

    Thank you for an overall update as the total raised- that is SO exciting!!!! I’m totally blown away by everyone’s generosity!! I’m definitely hoping (&watching carefully 😉 ) to win a few items!!

  6. Erin @ Naturally Addicted says

    O yum! I have got to try those pancakes out! I have this random ever-growing list of pancake recipes to try… I think I could try each one at every meal and they’d last me a week!
    I can’t believe it’s over $12,000 now… I am blown away by that number!

  7. says

    i saw the fitnessistas almond butter sauce the other day and i dieeeeeeeed for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. haha i LOVE pancakes for lunch! i wish i wasn’t at work all day so i could make pancakes for lunch everyday!

  8. says

    that’s great how much money is being raised! so amazing that it is being done through the blogging community…too cool!!!

    i checked out the fitnesssista’s blog for the recipe. love the amount of fiber and protein in these babies…thanks for the nudge in her direction!!!

  9. says

    Such exciting news about the Great Fundraising Act. The total amount DOES blow my mind. It’s incredible and make me respect this community even more :-).

    I like my pancakes topped with butter (or butter spray), syrup and OF COURSE, Reddi Whip. A little chocolate chips is always nice too 😉

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