Six Bags of Clothes Later

…and a quick trip to Plato’s Closet


I’m $47.00 richer!


Woahhh baby! Open-mouthed smile


Because a good amount of my clothes were “too professional,” they couldn’t take them, (too bad I ran out of all my old teeny bopper clothes a long time ago) but they’ll still donate them to Goodwill so I’m cool with that.

However, one item that I couldn’t bare to just “give up” was this pair of hubby’s Diesel jeans. He bought them a couple years ago at Nordstrom after being totally persuaded by me, Sarah, and the store associate. Unfortunately, he only wore them about twice; he says they’re “not comfortable” in so many words…


Since these puppies were not cheap, I just couldn’t manage to hand them over for the mere $3.90 they were offering to give. Maybe this is just a sign that hubby should keep them? I mean, they did make his tush look pretty darn good.


Woops…did I just say that out loud? Winking smile

(If anyone is interested in snagging this pair of good lookin’ for the tush Diesel jeans for their S.O., shoot me an email. Otherwise, they’re goin’ up on ebay!)

I was planning on hitting up the grocery store on my way back home, but hunger struck in a BIG way, and a trip there would have been BIG trouble. Maybe later…there were more important things to be had!


Seeeee? I told you that you hadn’t seen the last of blueberries today. Winking smile

Considering I still have about 1/3 of the container of blueberries that I bought (which is approximately the size of my head) I figured I better keep at ‘em.


I can handle it though; especially when it’s in the form of a delicious Blueberry-Banana Smoothie. I’m seriously loving this smoothie!


I’m also loving these muffins…only two more left (with four more “hiding” out in the freezer for another time). Hubby even said he likes them, which says a lot since he’s usually the first to complain about something tasting “too healthy.”


I’ll tell ya…I think with all this blueberry consumption, I may be on the verge of turning IN to a blueberry.


Either that, or a cheeseball?

Yeah, I think I’d rather be a cheese ball than be blue. Winking smile (<—a “would you rather” without even trying!)

Oooooo boy…the sky is lookin’ dark and I hear thunder in the background.


Fingers crossed for a good storm!!

Questions for the Afternoon:

What was the last “food kick” you got on?

If you’ve sold back clothes…what’s the most you’ve ever gotten for them?

Do you like thunderstorms?


  1. says

    a quick trip to plato’s closet?! I’m shocked.. it usually takes HOURS for them to go through my clothes. And I always get so much more money for the craptastic forever 21 stuff than my expensive Abercrombie clothes. go figure.

  2. says

    I’ve been on a mango kick ALL summer. I can’t get enough of them! Now I’m thinking I need to make a blueberry mango smoothie. Mmmmm!

  3. says

    Hmm. Not sure of the last food kick. I’m kind of relieved to see the amount you got from Plato’s. I think I may Ebay some of my unworn label jeans first and use them as a last resort. I’ve never sold clothes before. And I love thunderstorms, we haven’t had really any or if they have come through, it was when I was asleep. :(

  4. says

    Hmm…. food kick, I guess PB but it’s not really a kick if it’s a constant, huh? I’ve literally had to stop buying it because I go through the jar too quickly!!

    I’ve never sold back clothes – always Goodwill. My boyfriend in high school went through his closet and sold clothes to Plato’s Closet to buy me a nice Christmas present haha.

    LLOOVEEE thunderstorms!! Send one my way please :)

  5. says

    Do you realize how much reading your blog makes me crave food? 😉 In a good way of course! On my list of things to try now is your Blueberry Smoothie!

    I go on food kicks all the time! Lately it has been those Al Fresco chicken sausages – I swear I cook them once or twice a week!

    I’ve never sold clothes back. By the time I’m done with them they’re usually not good for anything more than being donated anyway!

  6. says

    I have never sold clothes to a store but maybe it would be a good thing to look into. The only store we have here that do that only take designer labels and professional clothing.
    On the other hand, my fave thing is to recycle bottles. I am not sure what bottle recycling gives you in America, but where I live we can get quite the refund every time we have family visit.

    I am not a big fan of thunderstorms. It has been raining here for close to a month so I would like to see some sunshine!

  7. says

    ahh plato’s is so frustrating! they always have the weirdest reasons for not accepting mine, once it was “they are too small.” sorry, didn’t realize no one else in this world is small..? Love the blue picture! I could really go for that smoothie right now…

  8. says

    The most for my clothes that I’ve ever gotten is about $40 in trade from Buffalo Exchange. When I was younger, it wasn’t such a bad deal… even now, there are always cute skirts I can get for work at Buffalo!

    I LOVE thunderstorms!!! Also, I made a blueberry-banana smoothie today too! Yum!! Such a cute post :)

  9. says

    I could so go for that smoothie right about now, espec. with this heat!! :)

    I love donating/exchanging my clothes as well, makes me feel refreshed, haah!

  10. says

    Plato’s is the best… I haven’t ever shopped there, but I’ve definitely taken clothes there! You actually reminded me I have a bag of clothes in my closet I have been meaning to take by there. I am always on a smoothie kick, but lately green smoothies are just about the only thing I’ve been craving. Well that and froyo!

  11. says

    Wow you made off really good! I think the last time I tried I only got back about $15…and a lot of it was designer jeans! Hmph! :(

    I’m currently on an avocado kick…love it on turkey sandwiches and in salads…mmm mmm :)

    I like thunderstorms but we never have them here in San Francisco during the summer…just fog from the bay which is pretty annoying!

  12. says

    There was a place where I used to live called Clothes Mentor that was attached to Platos and they took the more professional items. Always a great feeling to clean out the closet!

  13. says

    I’m on a smoothie in a bowl kick right now!
    We have a Plato’s Closet here too, but I never usually get very much money back even though all of my old clothes are Abercrombie, Hollister, etc. Maybe they’re just cheap in California!

  14. says

    Last food kick is what I’m still on..chocolate (at least your food kick is healthy…mine only is in small, small doses)…but chocolate chip waffles, nutella slathered on toast, chocolate chips in peach cobbler, mocha chip smoothies……you name it, its in there!

    Plato’s closet is a great way to get some moolah for clothes…but i’m like you…I’ve gotten a bunch given back because its too professional…..oh well, ebay it is!

    Love the blog! Just stumbled upon it one day last week!

  15. says

    I immediately thought of Violet from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory when I saw that pic! :-) I love thunderstorms… especially with the heat we’ve been having in the northeast, we NEED the rain!

  16. says

    We just picked the last of the blueberries off our bushes! Back to store bought for me :-(

    1- Hmmm, I’d have to say beets, but only because we’re pumping them out of the garden faster than I can eat them. Otherwise, I’d say chocolate, but that’s kind of a “lifestyle” for me!
    2- I sold some business stuff and party dresses at a consignment shop and got a check for $150!
    3- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thunderstorms!

  17. says

    I am on a carrots/bananas/apples dipped in peanut butter kick! The most I have ever gotten back for selling clothes was $75 when I decided to sell nearly all of the clothes that I had gotten to small for in hopes of never wearing bigger than a size zero again. Lets just say this girl needs a shopping trip in the near future because that was the most unrealistic thing I have ever tried to maintain! I love thunderstorms as long as there isn’t damage involved! :)

  18. says

    if you’re looking to try to sell professional clothes, you should try The Clothes Mentor! I think its owned by the same company that owns Plato’s Closet, but they buy more professional/mature clothing (labels like GAP, Banana Republic, JCrew, Ann Taylor, etc.) There’s one on Central Ave in Albany near Westgate Plaza. I’ve had one good experience and one bad one, so it might be worth it to try if ebay doesn’t work out :)

    • Courtney says

      UGH, Jen mentioned this to me too! Unfortunately, I hadn’t known about it and just let them keep the clothes to donate. Grrrrr!

  19. says

    I’d say almond butter or smoothies… they were my most recent food jags. Haven’t had either in about a month though :( Sad. I LOVE thunder storms! I never realized how enjoyable they are until I moved to California and never had any

  20. says

    I was really on a smoothie kick a couple of weeks ago. I purchased some xantham gum and it made the smoothies all creamy and yummy! So, I just keep eating them til the xantham gum ran out :-)

    I can’t sell back clothes because I always spill on them! I’m such a messy girl :-)

    I like thunderstorms when I’m indoors curled up on the couch watching a chick flick…a hot man sitting next to me is always nice, but not a requirement 😉

  21. says

    I wish I had a Plato’s Closet near me! I put together a bag of clothes to donate every couple of months and it drives my fiance crazy that it’s all good designer items! Hmm I need to look into this!

  22. Julie says

    Have you ever tried Clothes Mentor? They were run by the same people as Plato’s Closet, but it’s more for adult/professional women…you might have more luck there!

  23. says

    Totally on a Smoothie kick. I could eat them for all 3 meals! ….and I want to! Is this a problem?
    What on earth did they mean ‘too professional’ I need professional clothes and I’m still ‘young’ (24… not young, not old). I wouldn’t have parted with the jeans either, what can I say, I’m a tush girl too!
    Blue picture= awesome!!!

  24. says

    i HATE trying to sell my clothes, when i know how much i paid for them and they only offer you like $3. i rather just give it away. lol. i’m ridiculous like that. hahahaha.

  25. says

    I feel you on the clothes thing- I have a hard time giving them away even when I know they will end up just sitting in my closet! I’m on an animal cracker kick unfortunately… it needs to stop.

  26. says

    I used to make these individual “healthy” pizzas almost every night for dinner when I was single. They were so easy, so tasty, and fairly low in calories.

    In college, I ate oatmeal for practically every meal for a while… I would put various mix-ins into the oatmeal, but still. That’s a little ridiculous! 😉

  27. Kellie says

    Yea! I took some clothes to Plato’s and made almost $60!
    I know what you mean about the jeans on your hubby… my hubby has a pair of AE jeans that he says are too tight in places… idk i like :)

  28. says

    My cousin will take clothes to one platos closet and then what she doesnt sell, will go to another. And they usually take some at the second place, even when they didnt at the first. Good luck selling the jeans!


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