He Makes A Mean Breakfast

Today had to be the first Saturday in weeks where both Jay and I did not have any other commitments and were able to just relax. Lately, it seems like one, or both, of us has one thing or another going on and we haven’t been able to just enjoy each others’ company. It felt so nice to get up without an alarm, mosey on out into the kitchen, and start our day on a lazy note.

This meant Cody even got some extra fetch time, which he totally ate right up.

IMG_7360 (640x480)

Last night (which consisted of DVR’d Jersey Shore, a frozen Kashi pizza, watching the movie Something Borrowed and some fro yo) before going to bed, I asked hubby in my “sweetest voice” possible if he’d be willing to make some omelets for us for breakfast today. I mean, he is one heck of an omelet maker.

He hesitantly gladly obliged, so I brewed up some coffee and he got to work on the food, while we both continued to watch the Weather Channel forecast on Hurricane Irene.

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Before this morning, I was still somewhat in denial that it’s not going to hit us because I swear, 99% of “storms” that are supposed to come our way never do. But judging by the latest forecast, it’s definitely headed straight for us…


They’re forecasting 60-70mph winds and upwards of 5 inches of rain for here in the Albany area. That’s CRAZY for around here! Needless to say, Jay and I will be spending the afternoon bringing in all of our pool and patio furniture…yikes.

Within a few minutes of listening about Irene, breakfast was served.

IMG_7367 (640x480)

I requested a veggie omelet (made with 1 egg and 1 egg white), filled with tomatoes, onions, red pepper, and Chavrie goat cheese. Jay did in amazing job on this thing…it was fantastic.

IMG_7369 (640x480)

I also munched on a Thomas’ whole wheat English muffin with raspberry Polaner All Fruit.

IMG_7370 (640x480)

Jay made himself a batch of home fries along with his Western omelet, and boy I’ll tell ya…this boy can seriously make a mean breakfast. Smile

IMG_7371 (640x480)

Once this breakfast digests, I’m hoping to get in some sort of workout, start cleaning up around the yard, bake up a batch of brownies, and get ready for a party we’re headed to later this evening.

It may have been a relaxing morning, but it’s definitely going to be a busy day!

Questions for the Morning:

Is Hurricane Irene effecting where you live?

Have you ever experienced any sort of extreme weather?


  1. says

    Looks like a great breakfast! Hurricane Irene must be pretty scary. I hope you guys are okay and aren’t as affected by it as they’re thinking. :( My husband and I almost went through a hurricane in Cancun on our honeymoon! I was scared to death as I lived in Arizona almost my whole life where there’s hardly any natural disasters. Our resort had to board up all the windows and had to evacuate some of the buildings. Luckily the hurricane passed by and didn’t hit land.
    Ashley@My Food ‘N’ FitnessDiaries recently posted..What [Was] for Dinner: Alfredo Turkey Meatballs Atop Healthy Mashed Potatoes

  2. Amy says

    looks delicious! Have a great saturday! i’m in Boston where we are expected to get pounded as well…not nearly as bad as the shore towns or NYC though! Be safe!! xo

  3. says

    That omelet loos fab! I’m defo having eggs tomo, it’ seems like forever! I love sweet potato wedges w goat cheese insists! Stay safe Courtney! Although its no hurricane, there are done serious rainstorms going on in Mumbai and as a result flooding!
    Khushboo recently posted..STRESSED = DESSERTS backwards

  4. says

    Oh my gosh those omelets look amazing! Can he make one for me? My mom and I are supposed to be making the trek back to Boston on Monday- and that’s apparently when Irene could be doing it’s damage in Boston. Grr…I’m hoping there are no travel issues!
    Lindsay@ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..5-4-3-2-1

  5. says

    We’re getting Irene today too… oh the joys of hurricane season! Looks like it only made landfall as a Category 1 so hopefully not as strong as they have been anticipating… winds and rain are supposed to pick up today but we already have 6,000 power outages in my area. Yikes. As far as extreme weather, we get tropical storms/hurricanes every few years even in Central VA – the last was Isabel and it was really destructive for us. We also had an earthquake 20 miles from my house this week… what a weeeeeeeek!
    Stephanie recently posted..Garlic Shrimp Review & Hurricane Weekend

  6. Jessie says

    Yes its affected where im at. My husband and i live on the coast of north carolina. The wind and rain have been crazy. Power outages and trees down. But personally it wasnt terrible enough to evacuate like others had. Stay safe and just make sure to stock up on necessites you may need :)

  7. says

    Luckily, I am land locked here in OK. But we pay for it with tornado season. I’m not sure if accepting continual fear all Spring long is healthy or not…ah, the places we choose to live…

  8. says

    Luckily Irene is completely skipping over South Carolina, but my family all lives near DC so I’m thinking of them and all my northerner friends! I hope Irene is all talk and no walk.

    Those omelets look really good…I like when they get browned and crispy!
    Emma @ Microcosm of Life recently posted..Block-oli

  9. says

    Looks like a great breakfast. We’re already feeling the outer storm rings here with tons of cloud and indecisive rain. I just heard on the radio they’ve been seeing tornadoes created by the wind along the coast. Hurricanes and earthquakes, its been an interesting few days here in Virginia!
    Rebecca recently posted..Settling Settled and a TLC review

  10. says

    Well I’m in NYC so everyone is freaking out – myself included! I just filled up my bathtub with water at the recommendation of Mayor Bloomberg and all my candles are lined up and ready to go!

    EEK! Praying for everyone on the East Coast and hoping that this whole thing is just being blown out of proportion….
    Diana recently posted..Leaving New York with a bang…and a hurricane

  11. says

    yes… I’ve lived through plenty of hurricanes (I’m a Florida girl) — the worst being Hurricane Opal (almost two weeks with no electricity, boo!). We’re more prepared here because we’re more likely to get hit, but when I was in D.C. and endured the “snowmageddon” I was totally out of my element!
    Lyndsi @ Lyndsi and David recently posted..Mexican Crockpot Chicken

  12. says

    Hey Courtney, did you check out Kashi’s website (the link you posted for us on this post)? It says “Kashi recalls select frozen pizzas.” I just wanted to make sure you knew and that your pizza wasn’t one of them!

    If it wasn’t, sorry for the unnecessary scare…have a great Saturday! :)
    Aska @ Finding My Happy Ending recently posted..Truly Organic

  13. Nicole says

    Stay safe from Irene! I’m in Long Island, and we are bracing for the worst, come early tomorrow morning… Fingers crossed that it isn’t as bad as expected :(

  14. Marci says

    OH gosh, were in Delaware we are expecting the “hit” later on today into tomorrow morning, other the the Earthquake last week and the obvious few blizzards, we dont get too extreme of weather! Good luck :)

  15. says

    The city where I went to University was insanely windy we would get up 100km/h winds – which was “normal” I hated it!
    We get some tornado warnings/watches in the summer and then of course really awesome blizzards in the winter – haha
    Stay safe :)
    Lindsey recently posted..Foodie Friday With A Twist

  16. says

    Because I take care of dinners during the week, my husband is in charge of breakfasts on the weekends. It’s a great set-up! Here I am being lazing and blogging on the couch – and he’s in the kitchen whipping up some eggs & coffee. Go, husbands! :)

    Stay safe with Irene comin’ for ya!
    Courtney @ The Granola Chronicles recently posted..Minestrone & Cornbread

  17. says

    Fun Saturday morning!! I got all of my schoolwork done, so I am doing the exact same things this morning. Thanks for reminding me to watch shore. I missed it! My group counseling night class is from 6-9 p.m. so we are all bummed that we can’t watch it! I think we need to start an after-class shore party :-)

    Have fun baking brownies sound good today! I’m glad I got the change to read your blog today; gotta take advantage while I can 😉
    Claire recently posted..Cowgirl Up!

  18. Kathryn says

    I’m out in Arizona, so no Irene effects here! A few years ago I lived in Washington. During the winter we wound up in the middle of a blizzard. Power was out for 2 days. The area I lived in was all about keeping things very natural, so we were surrounded by these huge (50+ feet tall) trees. Once the blizzard let up, my landlord went to go help clear the roads of other fallen trees and, while he was gone, a tree cracked up high and fell in to our yard. If his truck had still been there, it would have been crushed. It was pretty scary, seeing how close to the house it got.

  19. says

    stay safe

    and Irene was initially goin to hit here (south florida)
    sorry for y’all

    extreme weather…lost nearly everything in hurricane andrew 19 yrs ago and again in Wilma 5 yrs ago or was it 6? whatever….been hit w/so many hurricanes you being to lose track… we went w/o power for nearly month when Wilma hit, trashed roof, damage, etc…. but yet I’ll live here in S. FL before I’ll move back up north again! lol

    Enjoy your brownies! I’m off to cover/photograph stock car races in an hour (never dull around here)
    Tara Burner recently posted..Sneak Peek into next week

  20. says

    He can make one mean breakfast, I agree. Looks great! (silently wishing my husband had his mad skills!) …..I live in tornado alley and have lived through 2 large & damaging tornados and several littler ones….. I spent a week this summer picking up the pieces in my hometown that got hit hard this summer. Houses completely gone and destruction everywhere…. Mother nature sure has her days…
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..First day of 3rd Grade!

  21. Amy says

    Your breakfast looks yummy! I make that same thing for dinner alot. I love omelettes for dinner.
    I’m here in florida and we were supposed to get effects from Irene but nothing at all thank god. I hope u guys are safe. Sunday will def be a lazy day there with the weather.

  22. says

    I was totally in denial about Irene, too. People were freaking out at the grocery store yesterday. Water was sold out and customers were yelling at the check out girl! I thought they were over-reacting (and I still kind of do), but when I got home and watched the weather I realized that it is definitely going to be worse than I had anticipated. We’re already getting some rain that’s pretty horizontal!

    Also, that omelet looks delicious!! I need to find a guy that can make me a breakfast like that!

  23. says

    So glad that you had a great breakfast and morning with your husband :)

    I have to beg you to take this storm serious! I had to go through Katrina, it was devestating. We too thought that we would be okay because most all storms never hit us, and New Orleans hadn’t had a storm in years……we were all wrong. Everyone in our area suffered alot, and we are north of New Orleans. Our family from that area had major damages. Please, please prepare yourself or get out if you can!
    Helen recently posted..More pasta please

  24. Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl says

    I live in Alabama so no Irene for us. I live in Tuscaloosa so we get lots of tornados. The worst being the April 27th one. Our city still looks like a war zone. It’s such a sad sight but we will rebuild! Praying for you and everyone else’s safety!
    Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl recently posted..TV dinner turned healthy-ish


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