No Focus

I feel like such a scatterbrain today!

No particular reason why, but I just can’t seem to focus or concentrate on any one thing for more than five minutes. It’s currently 8:40 as I’m typing this sentence and I actually sat down to start it at 8:05. Hopefully this is not a sign for what’s to come the rest of the day. Oy.

Let’s talk breakfast. I brought back an old favorite today that I realized I actually haven’t enjoyed in over a month now. What was I thinking?

IMG_7503 (640x480)

I just wish that this plate had the same little snack on it that the last plate did. Mmmmm.

Today’s English muffin included half with peanut butter, half with almond butter, and both with banana slices, cinnamon, honey, and chia seeds.

IMG_7506 (640x480)

As usual, when there’s more than one choice, I immediately have to bite into both so I can decide which one I like better and should save for last. Can you guess which one I saved for last? Winking smile

IMG_7507 (640x480)

A delicious mug of coffee is also currently being consumed, and I just have to say that I am really diggin’ the hot coffee these days. As much as I love my iced coffee, sometimes the hot stuff just does it for me.

IMG_7502 (640x480)

IMG_7500 (640x480)

Alright, I’ve got to try and get my act together here this morning. Once this digests, it’s Wednesday Mash-Up time with my new workout playlist. Weeeee!

By the way…I ended with the peanut butter half. Winking smile

Questions for the Morning:

WOULD YOU RATHER…(I like the last one, bahaha)

  • Never be able to eat chocolate again -OR- nut butter again?
  • Be so famous and adored that you are always bothered by fans -OR- be famous but so hated that no one talks or approaches you?
  • For an entire day, have a tiny booger hanging from your nose -OR- a huge piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth?


  1. says

    When I write my posts at night that happens to me all the time! The problem is that I’m getting sleepy by then and just want to go to bed.
    I think I’d give up nut butter but honestly, that’s probably the toughest question that’s ever been on here!
    So famous that I’m adored
    Spinach. Definitely, spinach!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Loco for coco

  2. says

    1. UGH. I honestly think I’d give up nut butter. those two are non-negotiables for me, but I know the rules, and you have to pick one. some days, I just NEED chocolate.
    2. I think I’d rather be so famous and adored that I am always bothered by fans
    3. YEESH, I’d definitely prefer a huge piece of spinach stuck between my front teeth. Boogs are ga-ross.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..My Bowl Runneth Over [with Spaghetti Squash]

  3. says

    Haha don’t worry Courtney, that happens to me ALL the time when I try to write (especially when it’s early)

    Actually, I was so scatter-brained when writing this morning’s post I wrote that I ate “spelt oats” instead of “spelt flakes”. It was only a few minutes later that I had comments coming in asking me what kind of crazy grain that was haha :(
    Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..The Art of Cooking for One

  4. says

    Eek, that is the toughest would you rather yet! I have to say chocolate since I am obsessed with peanut butter!
    Even though it would be a pain, I would rather be adored. I am sure I could always find a escape somewhere if I was rich and famous 😉
    Spinach in my teeth!
    Lindsey recently posted..Q&A–Healthy Eating

  5. says

    i think i would have to give up PB
    rather have spinach in my teeth.
    rather be annoyed by others if i was very famous.

    looks like a yummy breakfast..
    i have been feeling a bit ‘off’ this week. and i do not LIKE it!

  6. says

    I loooove hot coffee…it has to be mighty toasty for me to want iced and that is never the case in Cali in the AM.

    I could give up chocolate pretty easily. PB? Heck to the no.
    Famous and adored..being hated would suck!
    I’m going with spinach here…boogies are nast!

  7. says

    Oh my, these are tough questions

    1. I would give up chocolate. I love almond butter way too much to say goodbye
    2. I would much rather be adored and constantly deal with fans than be hated…not very good for the psyche
    3. Umm, probably spinach. At least your mouth can be closed for some of the day and boogers are gross.

    Good luck with the rest or your day! :)
    Lyndsie @ recently posted..I’m Jumping on the Wagon

  8. says

    I was wondering what you decided was best. I do that too! ….Hope your day turns all bright and sunny! :)
    Nut butter, bothered by fans, & spinach in the teeth…. Oh wait, I do that. Yah, true story. I’ll go look in the mirrior after class and realize my lunch had been in my teeth for 4 hours. Ouch. Especially when I smile at the kids I teach all day long! HA!
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..Listening ears are wonderful!

  9. says

    Ah, thank goodness I have come back to a would you rather. I’ve rather missed them these past few days.
    -As a proud non-fanatic of nut butter, I’d happily sacrifice it for a crack at chocolate for the rest of my life. (I just hope I’m not chastised for admitting it.)
    -Since I’m addicted to attention (it’s chronic, hence all those tiaras) I’d happily be the sweet kind Beyonce compared to the jerkbot, Bill Nye (who, true story, I met. And hated. he’s a SCIENCE GUY for pete’s sake, the least he could do is be kind to undergrads who come to see him speak!)
    -DEFINITELY the spinach stuck between my front teeth. And considering capes are on the forecast for fashion this fall, I get the sense that, within no time, Spinach Teeth will be all the rage. They’re probably selling it as an accessory at Urban Outfitters already.
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..How to Eat Free All Birthday Week Long

  10. says

    1. Never nut butter again, although either would be extremely hard. I’m glad this isn’t a real decision I have to make.
    2. Adored.
    3. At first I was going to say booger, but a lot of people said spinach, and it’s making me rethink my decision. This one is hard! I guess spinach is less gross. How tiny is the booger? Haha!

  11. says

    Omg I totally do the same with my English muffins (check out my latest post)
    How funny <3

    And to answer the most important question, totally the booger! Spinach in your teeth is so gross! I currently have braces so I know allll about food getting atuck. And spinach is a main culprit!

  12. says

    I can’t focus today either! I think it’s because it’s halfway to the weekend and I’m thinking about what I want to do with it. So bad.

    For the famous question, I’d rather be famous and no one talk to me. Sounds cold, but I’d hate it if I was constantly being interrupted by people I didn’t know who thought they knew me. I’d never get anything done or be able to enjoy myself. Plus, being “on” all the time is hard work!
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Tired or Just Hungry?

  13. says

    Wow those are some serious questions haha! I think I’d have to give up nut butters, as my sweet tooth always prevails. Be so famous and adored that I am always bothered by fans because the crapperazzi tend to bombard the hated celebs lol. Spinach in the teeth, no question! A booger would be noticeable all the time, where as spinach in the teeth is only noticed when you open your mouth!
    Kelly @ Not So Rocky Road recently posted..What’s your food theme song?

  14. says

    Your breakfast this morning is one of my favorite “go-to” meals… I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! (especially in college) I would’ve ended with the peanut butter side too I think. :)

    -I’d rather never eat chocolate again. Nut butter is my favorite food ever.
    -I’d rather be so famous that people are always bothering me…at least I know they like me!
    -Haha I think I’d rather have the spinach in my teeth, but both don’t sound attractive at all!
    Ashley@MyFoodNFitnessDiaries recently posted..Taco Tuesday

  15. says

    I that all the time too! I think you just gave me a new breakfast inspiration. As much as I love chocolate, it’d be harder to give up my nut butters. I’d go with never being alone and always being bothered by fans. Spinach in my tooth, as least you can sort of hide it and it could be a back tooth right?
    Rebecca recently posted..Days that Go too Quickly

  16. Arimey says

    1. Definitely the chocolate – I could NEVER give up my nut butters!
    2. So famous that I’m always bothered, for sure. I have a strange thing about people not liking me.
    3. This is such a toughie! I’m torn because they’re both totally gross, but I’m leaning towards the spinach only because the booger would be noticable at all times, as opposed to the spinach only being seen when I’m talking.

    P.S. I’m new to your blog, but am already obsessed! Thanks for the great posts :)

  17. Lindsay @ biking before bed says

    I would have to go with nut butters…as long as I get all varieties. I mean sometimes it’s tough to eat an English muffin with just one kind!:)

    I would rather be adored. Well until I showed up with spinach in my teeth. Don’t know what the fans would think.
    Lindsay @ biking before bed recently posted..Its a plane, its a train, its an elliptical bike?

  18. says

    I felt like that last Thursday, and it was sooo frustrating, when there is so much to do, to not be able to focus feels so unproductive! I got po’d with myself then broke for lunch with my boyfriend and came back waaay refreshed and much more able to tackle everything I needed to do in an organised fashion! Nice to know that you get that brain mush too sometimes :-) That is one of my favourite breakfasts right there…except with an ezekiel muffin instead…soooo divine.
    The first would you rather is sooooo hard! I can’t choose! Literally! Those are two of my staples…it’s a toughie! 😛 Definitely be always bothered by fans – it’d be sad to be hated! Although you could always not read the press and then you’d never know AND never be bothered. Now that I think about it, that might be better. Hmmm…these are complex! Last one? Definitely spinach in teeth, lol!
    Happy Wednesday Mash Up! Loving the new playlist – it rocks! <3
    Yolie @ Practising Wellness recently posted..switching it up

  19. says

    As much as I love chocolate, I have given it up before (terrible decision) and I love nut butter even more! Definitely famous and adored (it would be an oxy moron to pick the opposite when theatre is the career path I’ve chosen haha), and I know everyone says spinach, but I’m gonna go with the booger–I mean thinking about every time I spoke (which is a lot) people staring at a green hunk in my tooth just seems a little more embarrassing to me :O)
    Ari @ Skinnified recently posted..Somebody call the waaaahhhhmbulence!

  20. Leslie says

    Never be able to eat nut butter. NO WAY could I go without chocolate, I am pretty sure I would die.
    Be famous but so hated that no one talks or approaches you. Honestly, if you’re that famous, you probably don’t care what anyone thinks. Or do you?? I don’t think I’d care, I’d prefer privacy!
    For an entire day, have a huge piece of spinach stuck between your front teeth. Boogers are nast, yo!

  21. says

    1. I’d have to give up nut butters! (sorry, 98.7% of the blog community)
    2. I’d never want to be famous!
    3. Anything related to boogers or snot serious makes me gag (like I’m doing right now) so I’d rather have the spinach! If it was so huge, maybe someone would tell me!
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..So Very Married

  22. says

    Mmm! What a tasty breakfast. I haven’t had a cup of hot coffee forever. I am just not ready for it when it is still 90 degrees here.

    I would rather never eat chocolate again, be so famous and adored that I was always bothered by fans, and have a huge piece of spinach stuck between my teeth. Boogers=nasty! At least people would know I got some veggies in for the day maybe? 😉
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..WIAW #6

  23. says

    I totally save the best for last! Sometimes food gets completely rearranged on my plate so the last taste can be “the perfect bite”!

  24. says

    Im loving these would you rather’s, they’re so amusing!

    I would definitely give up nut butter – to live the rest of my life without chocolate would be no life at all.

    I’d rather be bothered all the time by fans, I do not like it AT ALL when people don’t like me (I hope right now there isn’t anyone that feels that way!).

    I’d rather have the tiny booger – then if someone says something maybe I can pass it off as a zit or a piece of skin or something! :)
    Samantha @ Running and Cupcakes recently posted..A HUGE Month (Day 17)

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