Kids and Cell Phones

Somebody is certainly enjoying his Friday morning…


I came out from the bedroom this morning after getting ready, only to find Cody channel surfing on the tv and basking in the big stream of sunlight coming through the front window.

Okay, I’m only kidding on the channel surfing. Winking smile

Clearly, he did not want to be bothered this morning.


Of course he wants nothing to do with me now; no, that’s only when I’m in the middle of my workout and he wants to plop his tubby self right underneath my feet while I’m trying to kickbox my face off. Sheesh!

Speaking of workouts…Day 19 of the challenge is officially finished! This morning’s workout consisted of another round of Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing + a Recovery Core workout. Things are still going well and I’m feelin’ good!


Last night I went to bed craving a pumpkin pie smoothie. However, considering the fact that my Raynaud’s was kicking in like crazy this morning from being so cold, I had to switch things up and go with some warmth.

First up, coffee; delicious to drink, but also the perfect hand warmer. Winking smile


While I sipped on that, I also whipped up a quick batch of Pumpkin Buckwheat.


I used my usual recipe today, but also added in a scoop of SunWarrior in an attempt to help keep me full longer this morning. We’ll see how that goes…


I also topped today’s bowl with some cinnamon raisin granola and a scoop of Cinnamon Raisin PB. As much as I love PB2 for being able to get so much volume out of it, sometimes it just doesn’t compare to the real stuff.




Kids & Cell Phones

I’ve been meaning to bring this topic up with you all since last week when I was substitute teaching and am just now getting around to it…but anyways.

So one of the days I was subbing, I happened to be in a fifth grade class, which is typically about 10-11 year olds. At the end of the day, one of the students whipped out a brand new iPhone from his backpack.

Yes, an iPhone. Brand-spankin’ new. Fancy blue cover and all. And this kid knew how to use it, proceeding to show me how he flies through his different apps, his Facebook account, and his four different email addresses(?!?!?!). Seriously?

For some reason, this all totally shocked me. I mean, I’ve seen students with cell phones before, but I guess they’ve usually been the cheaper, pre-paid ones that parents will often get for security reasons, etc. But an iPhone? At 10 years old?!? I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was a freshman in high school and while it was no Zach Morris cell phone, it was certainly old school.


(My past three cell phones, which I do a number on by looking at the cover, right?) Winking smile

Granted, I am not a parent, but someday I will be, and I just feel like I would be too paranoid about my 10 year old losing, breaking, or getting into mischief with something like that? I don’t know…it all got me thinking a lot about kids and technology, so now I’m wondering where all of you guys stand?

Questions for the Morning:

What do you think about kids and cell phones? How young is too young?

If you’re a parent with older children, do they have (or will they have) cell phones?

Do you think the amount of technology kids are exposed to these days is a positive or a negative thing?

Stay tuned this afternoon for a fun Fashion Friday post!!


  1. says

    I had the pink razer (sp?) too! I think it’s ridiculous that so many kids have cell phones these days…and not just cell phones, but like you said, pretty freaking awesome cell phones! My young cousins have cell phones and a laptop! I didn’t get my laptop til right before college. In a way I think it’s sad that technology is becoming such a huge part of their lives- what happened to playing outside and reading books? Maybe I’m just not with the times haha.
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..Meatloaf and The Animal Whisperer

  2. says

    i agree with you! i got some tiny nokia when i was 16 as my first cell phone, but my sister who is 12 years old has an Iphone4! Isn’t it insane?? I feel like it’s too dangerous to have so much access to internet and just like you said (4 email addresses!?) Crazy!! I’d be the pre-paid with no data parent. LOL
    Amanda recently posted..No Work, All Play :)

  3. says

    My son (fifth grader) wants me to get him a cell phone SO bad, as well as my 8 year old daughter. I just don’t feel ready for that quite yet. I think it is too young. I am a stay at home mom so I really don’t see the point in it. If I was working.. maybe but not at this point. Apparently he is the ONLY kid in the whole school who “doesn’t have a cell phone”… well apparently his mom comes from the land of dinosaurs. Sigh.
    Kerryne recently posted..Calm…

  4. Lesley says

    I’m not a parent yet, but I think I’m going to be one of those super-protective parents when it comes to technology! It’s scary when I think of all the trouble they can get into. I definitely think kids should have phones for safety reasons AND for fun, but there has to be some limits.
    And, there is no way my kid is going to have a better phone than me, ha! :)

  5. Briana says

    Oh I agree about the cell phones! I didn’t get one until 8th grade and it was the cheapest one out there. What does a 10 year old even need an iPhone for?! I hope the next generation isn’t all technology based because I feel it takes away from a normal childhood (if that makes any sense at all). ANYWAY, funny you mentioned Raynaud’s because I have that too! I got it from my mom, who also has it. It’s the craziest thing and most people don’t know what I’m talking about when I say I have it.

    And I just realized I rambled for far too long in this comment! haha

  6. says

    That is ABSURD!!! I just got an iPhone…and it ain’t no 4Gs or whatever the latest is now, either. I felt like my parents had a good “rule of thumb” – we got cell phones when we started driving. That way, heaven forbid, if we were ever in an accident or some sort of emergency, we could have a way to get help.

    Honestly, when I have kids, I don’t see them getting cell phones until it’s an appropriate time where it could become more of a “need”. And I’m sorry but you don’t “need” to call your friends or check your email on your own cell phone.

    Man, I’m going to be a bore of a mom. 😉
    Lindsey @ SoundEats recently posted..Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

  7. says

    my daughter has had a cell phone since she was 8 (she’s 15 now)
    BUT, I live in huge area (ft lauderdale/miami) and she doesnt leave my sight w/o her phone..when going to school events, friends, etc….
    LOTS LOTS LOTS of kids even younger than her now have iphones! (she has a niece who’s 8 who wants iphone and most likely will get it too)
    I don’t even have an iphone!
    My teen has a blackberry..I have 2 cells, neither are fancy or anything….
    depends on situation…if kids are walking to/from school (like they do here) then I can see having a phone in event of emergency, etc..which is a whole topic in itself cuz I’m blown away by how many parents let even their 5 yr olds walk to school down here…can we say pedophile/offender paradise :(
    but if your child is always with you..then no I don’t see point in them having a phone.
    Tara Burner recently posted..Whale Tails Chips Halloween Chip Giveway

  8. says

    omg, that is RIDICULOUS and absurd. having a cell phone for contact/emergency reasons at that age is one thing, but there is absolutely no need for an iphone. i would love to see how that kid’s parent justifies it. i’m not going to say i dislike technology, but i think so many people in this country have become brainwashed and convinced that we NEED the most new, up-to-date version of anything technological. my aunt just sent me this article and i think it’s so true:
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..Shirataki Noodles: A Second Chance

  9. says

    My daughter will be 13 next month (she is in the 8th grade). She got a cell phone when she started middle school last year because she was taking a bus to school and I wanted to be able to reach her. She has a phone that came free but she asks all the time for a blackberry or iphone. There is no way a kid needs a phone lke that! When she has a job she can buy her own :) Many of her friends have iphones – I just don’t get it. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 19. Beepers were the rage when I was in school 😉
    Amanda recently posted..Check me out!

  10. says

    Love the Saved By The Bell reference! I think it’s good and bad in terms of safety…good because your child is always reachable (if of course they pick up) but bad because it makes them greedy at such a young age and also way too exposed to adult things. I was listening to one of Jillian Michaels’ podcast on Monday and she was discussing children and the internet. I was shocked at how children abuse the internet. More than just porn, it’s the drug dealing that scared me….it’s so bad that kids have actually died from lack of knowledge and overdosing from trying to be ‘cool’…whatever warped meaning that carries now!

    You think having an iphone at such a young age is bad?? My friends sister who is 14 is carrying a Chanel handbag- I could not believe my eyes!!
    Khushboo recently posted..The Apple of my “i”

  11. Sherry says

    I have 4 kids and my oldest is 11 in the 6th grade and she does not have a cell phone. Granted she really isn’t alone without adult supervision so there’s no need for a cell phone right now. I think the amount of kids with the latest and greatest phone or laptop is outragious. They are too young to be exposed to so much. And if they get an IPHONE at 10 what do they have to look forward too? Kids now days, because of their parents, expect so much and don’t appreciate anything. I know this just by looking at all the kids that go to school with my children. Whatever happened to playing outside and riding bikes, make believe, and just being a kid? Everyone is pushing kids to grow up so much quicker and training them to be mini adults far before they need to. I think technology is great and such a useful tool but I don’t think younger kids need their own phones and their own computers. Sorry about the ramble but I feel very strongly on the topic. I’m a little old fashioned and I’m ok with that, my kids will be better for it in the long run.

  12. says

    A 10 year old with an iPhone?! That is crazy, I was 17 when I got my first cell phone. My kids (whenever they arrive) will not be getting a fancy cell phone, they will get the cheapest, most pitiful cell phone I can find.

  13. says

    I personally think it’s ridiculous that 10 year olds (and younger!) are walking around with cell phones (especially iPhones and other fancy ones)! When I become a parent, I’ll obviously have to talk it over with the hubby, but I’m pretty sure we’ll make them wait until they’re in high school. I think the amount of technology available to kids these days is over the top. There’s always SOMETHING technological glued to their hands, and it’s annoying and ridiculous. No wonder obesity in children is higher than ever! They need to be kids and go outside and play! Obviously I’m a little passionate on the subject… 😉
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Bright October

  14. Susan says

    Ummm, yeah. I was 23 when I got my first cell phone! I can certainly see how it would help during school-I can remember one afternoon waiting for 3 hours for my mom to pick me up after tennis practice. She had been in a car accident (she was fine) but had no way to reach me because the school office was closed. I have two little ones and I think I agree with the phones when they start driving rule. Prior to that, I would maybe do one of the phones that can only call a couple of numbers. I see no reason why a 10 year-old needs to be able to text and email during school!

  15. says

    I had the same last 3 cell phones before my iphone too! loved that pink razr, it was the coolest phone on the block back then! 😉 I didn’t get my first cell phone until 2001, when I was a junior in HS. Phones were new back then, not all my friends had them, and I had just gotten my license so my parents got one for me when they got their first cell phones. However, times are so different now! All the kids get them. I would love to say I’d wait until my child drives, but I know that’s not realistic! I have a cousin in 7th grade who drove her parents mad begging until she finally got one because “she was the last person without one.” So I think I will have to see with the times and cross that bridge when I get there… definitely not elementary school though, that sounds crazy!
    I also just bought the same center piece you have in the photo by your breakfast, that bowl with the potpourri and the candle! I thought I was being all crafty putting all those things together at Michael’s but I guess it’s a sandard concoction! Or great minds, think a like! I love the smell of those pine cones, yum.
    Mila @ loftyappetite recently posted..25 things you don’t know about me

  16. says

    My nephew just got a cell phone for his 9th birthday. NINE! I’m not a parent either, but like you, I got a cell phone when I was a freshman in high school because I was starting to stay after school/do things without some kind of parent supervision. I think it’s crazy for little kids to have cell phones – and an iPhone?! That’s just ca-razy.
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..[I’m Not] A Team Player

  17. says

    It boggles my mind when I see a kid with a cell phone. My husband and I actually saw a 3rd grader with one recently. I also had one in high school, but I think that is an appropriate age. Not to sound like my grandma, but kids grow up too fast these days!

  18. amy says

    Totally agree. I didn’t get my first phone until I was a freshman in high school as well, however, I understand parents reasons for getting their child a phone for safety reasons. HOWEVER, I just don’t understand why they have iPhones and blackberrys if you give your 10 year old these fancy over the top things what do they ever have to work for? Also, I do not believe a 10 year old needs unlimited access to the internet, that cancels out the safety reasons for getting them the phone!

  19. Rachel says

    I agree, this is crazy!! What does that kid need an iPhone for? I see the need for a cheap phone for emergency contact, etc., but I would never get a nice phone with an expensive data plan for my future kids. I didn’t get a cell phone til I was 16 and driving, and my husband and I only recently got iPhones for ourselves, our first smartphones. I feel kind of indulgent having one myself, so there’s just no way I would get one for my child! And I agree with another commentor, if they want a smartphone or a texting plan, etc. they can get a job when they’re old enough and pay for it themselves!

  20. says

    Love this topic! As a high school teacher, it is obvious that kids are WAY too attached to their cell phones. It’s a constant struggle to prevent kids from texting during the day! I had a cell phone in high school, but I would NEVER think to try to use it during the school day.

    PS – I’ve had both of your 2 older phones too! :-)
    Erica @ For the Sake of Cake recently posted..When do you Rest?

  21. says

    I still have a “dumb” phone with no data plan and feel like a data plan would be a big splurge even for me, let alone a kid. I didn’t have a cell phone till I was a junior and didn’t have texting till I was a sophomore in college.
    The only reason a kid needs a cell phone is for an emergency. They can talk to their friends at school or call them from the home phone. I remember calling all my friends from the landline and telling them to meet me in the park. And to get a ride home after practice I would call my home on the payphone and hang up when she answered (so we never had to pay) and she knew to come get me.
    Alyssa @ Don’t Look Down recently posted..I won! I won!

  22. says

    Hi Courtney! I’m a relatively new reader here, and wanted to start off by saying how much I love your blog :)

    I feel the same way you do about giving my future children access to higher end items such as an iPhone. I can 100% understand getting a cell phone for children, for security reasons, but like you – my first was a Nokia when I was 17 :) And I still don’t even have an iPhone!

    I must say, though, I am constantly amazed at how natural technology has become to young kids. I work with children, and several of my 4 and 5 year old clients have taught me a thing or two about my iPad functionality!

  23. Sue says

    I still don’t have a “cool” cell phone. LOL. It doesn’t have any bells and whistles. I use it to call people and that’s it. That’s all I really need too. My 15 year old daughter has a TracFone and she doesn’t even take it to school because she’s afraid someone will steal it. Besides that, I guess if you are caught with a cell phone at her high school during class, it will be taken away for the rest of the school year. She doesn’t want to take the chance I guess. Just like everything else, moderation. I can’t stand trying to take a walk during lunch (I work on a college campus) and being run into because people are busy texting and not paying attention to where they are going.

  24. says

    I totally agree with you on the cell phone thing. I had a pink razar too! I believe that children should have a cell phone but not a fancy smartphone. There is no need for that. I would like when I have kids for them to have a phone in case of emergencies. I like that some companys have come out with phone specifically for kids. I think you can only program a few phone numbers or something like that. I remember seeing a Disney phone. I don’t think I would let my child have a smartphone until they are high school aged.
    Hope recently posted..A Ruby Kind Of Thursday…

  25. says

    Makenzie isn’t even 3 yet and knows fully how to use my iphone. Not even exaggerating. LOL

    I think they are useful and a good thing for kids to have once they have activities or are going to hang out with friends a lot where it is harder to reach them. I would say 10 or 11 sounds reasonable, especially now that most people don’t have house lines and pay phones aren’t exactly accessible. However, you better believe my kids won’t be getting the top of the line gadgets. it will be the bare minimum to be able to reach ME.
    Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun recently posted..The Key Is In The Sculpted Shoulders

  26. Kelly says

    I have seen worse! I am a supply teacher as well and I kid you not, I was working in a class one time and a grade 1 student (aka probably 5 years old, maybe 6) had an iPod touch! I was shocked. I couldn’t believe her parents thought first of all, it was a good idea to buy her one and second of all, to bring it to school!

  27. says

    I agree with you on the cell phones, I am not a parent, but I have three younger siblings and I don’t think something like an Iphone is even necessary for someone who is that age. I got a pre-paid phone when I went into freshman year in high school and had it until I graduated high school. My siblings each got their cell phones in middle school for security reasons, but all still have pre-paid phones that didn’t cost much at all. My 13 year old brother has already lost 2 phones and I couldn’t imagine what my parents would do if he had a real phone.
    Katherine @ The Kats Meow recently posted..Fajita Night

  28. Alexa says

    I don’t think kids should be allowed cell phones either, unless for emergencies. My first phone was in 6th grade for emergencies only. I got a blackberry curve in 8th grade and kept that until last year when I got a blackberry torch as a sophomore. I never complained :)

  29. says

    Well my son is 13 and he does have a cell phone, but it’s a 10 dollar phone. With that said I do feel that cell phones are nothing but trouble for these kids. I have had a few times where I saw things that were inappropriate and have had to talk to him and even take his phone away. It’s just the times we live in, everything revolves around technology. When we were growing up it wasn’t the same. So now it’s like they are the odd one out if they don’t have a cell phone or a computer. I”m not saying that is a reason to get them one but that’s just how it is. I also monitor my son’s text’s and calls the best I can. It’s not easy being a parent in these times. I think that sometimes If I never got him one it might have been a better decision.

    • Courtney says

      I think that’s great that you monitor his cell phone. With everything that’s out there, I think it’s so important to keep track of those things!

  30. says

    I may be totally old saying this, but I think it’s nuts that kids this young have phones. I know parents see it as a way to keep track of their kids, but it seems like an easy way out and the kid can really get into trouble with a phone (not to mention rack up some crazy bills).

    I lived in the boonies (and I’m 33), so no one had a cell phone until after high school. But I reserve the right to change my tune when my stepson (four now) gets to that age. Who knows what the society standard will be then.

    By the way, love love love your centerpiece withe candle and pine cones!
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Sad Face Dinner + Granola Recipe

  31. says

    I was a freshman in high school when I got my first cell phone and only got it because of 9/11. I commuted to high school via bus and subway and my parents wanted to be able to contact me in case of emergencies. It wasn’t prepaid, but I knew that if I ever went over my minutes I would be in huge trouble.

    I have a 21 month old son and he knows how to use my iPhone better than my mother knows how to use hers. Even though he loves technology and steals my phone whenever he can, he won’t have his own cell phone until he’s a teen. If he wants to play games, he can always borrow my phone.

    I’ve seen first hand what giving kids too much freedom with technology does. My friend’s little cousin was caught sending sexually explicit texts to boys at age 12.
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Occupy Wall Street : An Observation

  32. says

    I personally think that there is no need for a child to have a cellphone if their parents are driving them everywhere and know where they are at all times.I’d say around 7th or 8th grade is reasonable …when kids begin going places for long periods of time without their parents.
    Heather recently posted..Tempeh Tacos & 50/50

  33. says

    I think the only reason a child needs a cell phone is for safety reasons. I think middle school would be a good age since they are becoming involved in more activities and possibly traveling for those activities. I would not buy my kid an iPhone or a fancy smart phone at that age though. I think 16 would be okay for one of those. I think the technology exposure depends on what it is being used for. Sometimes I think everyone needs a day to unplug and just be old fashioned again.

  34. says

    I got my first phone when I started driving at 16. It was more as a safety precaution; heaven forbid should something have happened to me as a new driver!
    I think it’s really sad that I never see any kids outside playing anymore! I will make my future kids turn off the tv, video games, computer etc, go outside and be a KID!
    Danielle recently posted..Slow & Steady

  35. says

    I agree with you, I’m shocked by the technological stuff kids have today. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was a senior in high school and I had to “share” it with my brother. Cell phones in elementary school just seems ridiculous. If I had a kid, I’d give them one of those pay as you go types to only be used in emergenceis or when they needed to call me (or dad). The texting, computer”ing”, handheld game playing…all of it makes kids so anti-social. It drives me nuts. When I see kids in restaurants attached to phones & psp’s (or whatever they’re called) it just angers me that parents allow it. No one knows how to be social anymore. It’s scary…
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Apple & lentil stuffed acorn squash

  36. says

    Love this topic and great post! I am absolutely terrified of the amount of technology children have access to right now. Especially since we want to become parents very soon and will have a ten year old running around in ten years…think about how much technology will have grown more by then! I think a basic cell phone is good for security reasons, but an iPhone?! I don’t even have one of those yet, ha! I agree with you in that I think that is just way too young…and don’t even get my husband started on that…he’s all about raising our children to play outside, engage in sports and stay far far away from technology, i.e. Facebook, video games, cell phones, etc.

    I too had that same Motorola pink phone, I loved it! And I also had my first cell phone in high school (Nokia with the cool covers – whoot whoot! ;)), and before that a pager…I thought I was so cool with that thing clipped on my jeans pocket, ha!
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Friday Lovin’

  37. says

    Good topic! I’m not sure what age is right for a cell phone these days. I have heard a lot of schools don’t let students use the school’s phone to call their parents if needed. Parents in my area have said they give their kids a cell to call them when they need picked up from after school activities or when they drop them off at the mall. Those situations I can completely understand. But I don’t think any kid needs an iPhone unless he/she also has a job to pay for said iPhone. That only seems to spell trouble! More playing on apps than school work for sure!
    Shelly @ Cake is a Food Group recently posted..Weight Watchers Meeting #3

  38. marci says

    Really random question, but does your mom/dad anyone in your family have Raynaud’s , other than you? My mom has it and my sister and i both have the symptoms – although we havent been to the doctors about it.

    For awhile i thought the blue-ish tint to my hands were from new jeans!!

  39. says

    we truly live in a different world. i think my first cel phone was a big clunker that i got only after i started driving and i was told (repeatedly) that it was ONLY for emergencies {of course i used it for non-emergencies, and got reprimanded once the bill came, lol}

    i think it’s nice for kids to have for emergencies, but really…those prepaid ones would probably be best. new iphones for kiddos?!?! wow.
    Erica recently posted..condo progress: blinds!

  40. says

    10 years old with a brand new iphone is complete overkill IMO.

    If I were a parent, I’d wait until the child was at least in high school. I figure, once a child is in high school he/she is more involved in stuff, whether it be band, drama club, sports, etc. I know you do these things when you’re younger too, but I noticed there seemed to be more after school programs in high school.

    And then of course once you start driving. I had a pager when I was 16 LOL I didnt get my first cell phone until I was 18 and could sign for it by myself. And I too had that pink razor!
    Samantha recently posted..The Marathon: Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned (Part 1: Race Week)

  41. says

    A lot of my students have cell phones- and nice ones too! I’m sure it has to do with the area that I work in. They also come in with IPads, Kindles, etc- I’m afraid to use/break those items so I’m not sure I’d send my 10 year old in with them!
    maria@la_piattini recently posted..Creamy Chicken Pesto Penne

  42. says

    I have always said it is uncessecary for kids to have cell phones, but I think I”m rethinking it lately. I thin that it’s good for kids to have them ONLY if they will be somewhere like the mall, the movies, etc. If they are going over to a friend’s house or somewhere iwth an adult, absolutely no way. However, this also means that they won’t need it until like middle school when they go somewhere by themselves. But a new iPhone? umm yeah, not so much. Access to FB and email? Absolutely not. I think it says a lot about that kid’s parents with him walking around utilizing so much social media at a young age – but hey, that’s just me.
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently facts friday – 3 day weekend style

  43. says

    I’m only 22 but I still don’t even have a fancy phone with internet (mostly because I just finished college and have an unpaid dietetic internship) but my kids will not have a cell phone until high school. I didn’t get one until I got my license and before that if I was out with friends my mom had a cell phone I took along to call if i needed anything which I think was a good strategy!

  44. says

    I think kids should have to be in at least high school to get a cell phone. That’s when life starts to get really busy, they have to become more responsible with their time, possessions, and jobs, so it makes sense to me that for safety (or just plain convenience) reasons, that’s when kids should first ever “need” a phone.
    Danica @ It’s Progression Not Perfection recently’s a beautiful fall day

  45. Sherri says

    I’m sorry but I think it’s completely ridiculous for any kid to have a cell phone before they can get a job and pay for it themselves! That’s what I did with my kids and it’s taught them financial responsibility. We didn’t have cell phones when we were kids (they didn’t exist) and we survived just fine. Honestly I think a lot of it is the parents trying to “keep up with the Jonses”. And a laptop….no possible way! They had to wait for college for that, I’ve seen kids get into some serious trouble when they have their own laptop.

  46. Vanessa N says

    i’m late to this discussion… but here’s my two cents: a kid in grade school with an iphone is downright silly. the biggest issue i see is that parents can’t screen the calls. (sure you can check their phone – but kids are smart enough to delete their history/texts). if a boy called me, my parents knew it b/c they answered the phone. there’s none of that anymore. it also leads to restless kids because there’s never any down time. they’re always searching, viewing, texting – they’re way over stimulated at all times.

    i’m 27 and i don’t have an iphone – not because i can’t afford it or b/c i couldn’t figure out how to use it – but b/c i think it’s unhealthy (in many ways) to have a constant connection to the internet at your fingertips. i flipped on my husband once when we went for a hike and he pulled out his iphone to track our altitude… dude, we’re on a hike – put the technology away!

    anyways, i didn’t get a cell phone until i moved out of my parents’ house at 18. why would i need one? none of us (over 25) had them in grade school and we were just fine.


  47. Liza says

    Another one can say that I don’t have an Iphone! In fact, I just left behind my pink Razor phone last year when I got my first SmartPhone with Verizon and it always makes me laugh when I see someone else get the same phone, 3 months later for less and with more features. Kids with better phones drive me crazy and its funny because my brother is going through the whole “I want a cell phone” phase with his son who just got into middle school. Personally, I think giving anyone under the age of 16 a phone for no other reason than I want it is silly, but I’m not a parent yet. Apparently, he came to a compromise with his son when he got him a prepaid phone from Tracfone and an aircard – I think the thing total was like $50 but the phone is super stripped down and really for the basic calling and texting. I told him that he copped out, but he feels that the phone/aircard is really a responsibilty test for him. I still think its a cop out…

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