Cheap DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Today’s lunch is pretty boring, so I’m going to spare you the picture of my canned vegetable soup. Instead, I’d much rather share a couple of fun little activities that I did yesterday.

I know everyone blames Pinterest as a total time suck. I will admit, there have been a few occasions where it has drawn me in and I am hooked for WAY longer than I need to be…

However, I will also say that it has come in quite handy for me with my planning for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

For example, I already know that I will be making this and this.

And somehow, Pinterest even got me to channel my crafty side and put together some fun little decorations. Actually, I think calling it my “crafty side” may even be pushing it because these ideas are downright simple. And wicked cheap, too!

Cheap DIY Decoration Idea #1

Printed & Framed Pictures

Folks, it doesn’t get much simpler than this! I found a couple prints that I really liked, printed them off on my regular printer, picked up a couple of cheap frames from Michael’s, and voila: new, festive artwork.


This one was quite possibly my favorite. I love all of the “Keep Calm” photos – especially the ones that say “Eat Cupcakes.” I may have to start to start stocking up on cheap frames.


I also found this one, which I thought was super cute. I have this one hanging on the wall, but I may end up moving it. We’ll see.


Next year, I’ll be sure to hang this one up by September 1st for sure!


Total Cost: $6.00 (for frames)

Cheap DIY Decorating Idea #2

Printed Thanksgiving Banner


Again, while on Pinterest, I ended up stumbling upon this blog, which not only provided the direct links to print the letters for the banner, but also gave a step-by-step tutorial. Definitely right up my alley.


All I needed for this project was up some light brown cardstock (6 sheets), and a roll of green ribbon I found on clearance. It took probably a half hour to do and now I have a nice, festive touch added to my kitchen for when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner.

Total Cost: $5.00 (cardstock and ribbon)

Now, after doing just these two little projects, I’m already itching to get going on some more for Christmas. At this point, I think I better sign up for a Michael’s rewards card or something.

Question for the Afternoon:

Do you consider yourself to be crafty? Do you like doing DIY decorating projects?

(If you have any DIY craft ideas to share for Christmas, feel free to link up!)


  1. Brandi R says

    Can you give me the link for the Thanksgiving collage poster? It is so, so cute. I would love to have it to decorate my classroom. I’m a high school teacher and struggle to find seasonal stuff that isn’t so “little kid” and this is perfect.

  2. says

    I love Pinterest too! I’m fairly crafty but I have two major flaws…. 1) My skills/patience don’t always equal my taste/eye for cute diy things and 2) I’m not able to find the time I need to execute all of the projects on my to-make list!
    Brigitt recently posted..In the Swing of Things

  3. Sue says

    Hi there. I love the second print. Where can I find it? Thanks. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope Cody behaves himself!! :)

  4. says

    I love those frames and the Thanksgiving banner as well as the Keep Calm sayings. They’re such cute decorations.

    I think I can be crafty and creative and can think outside of the box but my mom’s friend is the craftiest person I know!
    Shannon recently posted..Random Thoughts


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