Full of Tangents, Take 6

Hey, guess what?

After work tonight, I’m headed out with some of my best girls to take care of some bridesmaid duties, and I think it’s been way too long since I last gave you guys a tangents post. I actually forgot that the last one there was right before those major changes that were about to take place. Either way, I like to have fun with my tangents posts, so I think it’s about time for the sixth installment. So, here we go…

Full of Tangents, Take 6!

-I’m still trying to decide if I want to go out shopping early on Black Friday. Jay and I have gone in the past, but only when there was a specific item we had in mind. Personally, I think anyone that goes out on Black Friday just to “browse” is out of their mind. If that’s you, I’d love to hear all about your Black Friday experiences.


Usually, we figure it out once we start scanning the fliers on Thanksgiving day, but I do know that there’s a certain little TV that we both have our eye on somewhere. I’m not telling you where though… Winking smile

-Okay seriously, how funny is the Crazy Target lady??

Her commercials crack me up every.single.time I see them. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

-If I hear “Moves Like Jagger” or “Stereo Hearts” on the radio one more time, I think my head is going to explode.


I don’t know about where you live, but around here, the “Hit radio stations” overplay the latest songs like nobody’s business, and these two songs have been playing on all three channels – at the same time – on more than one occasion. It’s a little ridiculous, people. Bring back some early 2000 hits already!

-I recently came across this photo while going through some junk stuff in our office. Can you tell that that’s me?


Kinda creepy, right? This was actually from probably about 5-6 years ago(?), for a photo shoot that I did for a paper company (oddly enough) that wanted the look of an American geisha girl. That white face paint took forever to put on, they dyed my hair dark, and those butterflies? They were real (but preserved) and were super glued into my hair. I actually had almost forgotten about that day until I came across the photo. Oh, memories!

-I’m pretty excited about Thanksgiving Eve. I know it’s just a super hyped-up day to give people the excuse to go out and booze it up (hey, I did it last year) but it’s still fun to go out and hang out with friends. This year should be no exception.


(Dear Family: Don’t worry, I’m only kidding here. You gotta admit, it is funny though, right? I know you’ll all be able to find the humor in it somewhere, even if it’s at my own expense.)

-While I was searching to see if I posted anything on Thanksgiving Eve last year (which I realized I did not…probably a good thing, right Kate?) I did happen to come across this awesome workout that I posted that day which I really need to incorporate again soon. I’m surprised I forgot about that one.

-Remember when I got really excited about this email last year? Well, I just got it again a couple of days ago…


Let the cookie baking begin!

Speaking of cookies, I’ve had a few requests to put together a post with some of my favorite cookie recipes for those of you looking to “get your bake on” this year.

I’ve still got to get an updated one together, but for now, feel free to check out last year’s favorite Christmas cookie recipe roundup.

Aaaaand that about wraps it up folks. In case you’re super bored and feel like checking back, feel free to check out Tangents Take 1, Take 2, and Take 3, and Take 4.

If not, I’ll just catch ya in the morning. Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

What tangents do you have to share tonight? Any you can relate to from this post?


  1. says

    I think worse than hearing the same song over and over is the rare occasion that either every single radio station is on commercial break AT THE SAME TIME or playing the same exact song AT THE SAME TIME. Doubly bad if it’s a song you don’t like.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..Table for One

  2. Amanda says

    There are 4 radio stations where I live that can play the same song at the same time (Someone Like You, Moves Like Jagger) I pick up 3 stations from NYC and one from CT. My iPod broke and I am loosing my mind driving w/o it
    I love the Target lady I laugh out loud when the commercials come on especially the one where she is on the elliptical

  3. says

    I went out on Black Friday the last couple years. I had a few things in mind but after I got those things I did browse. I think it is fine as long as you go into it knowing that you will wait in line and you will have to park miles away.
    I do not think I am going out this year. Most of the stores I go to are opening at midnight and I do not want to leave that early or late really.
    I loev that Target lady too. Have you followed her on Twitter? She is pretty funny :)
    Ashlee recently posted..Pantry Challenge

  4. says

    I absolutely love Crazy Target Lady- I blogged about it on my Black Friday post. I also think I have that same picture with all of those people in Target in my BF post too. Do you know that she’s on Twitter? I always see on the corner of her ads @ChristmasChamp, so I’m assuming that’s her Twitter handle, right? You should follow her!

    “Moves Like Jagger” is very catchy; it makes me want to get up and dance as well as “Party Rock Anthem”. If you don’t dance to those songs, you’re not human. I’ve never heard of “Stereo Hearts”- is that a good thing?

    I love that Geisha poster- you look so pretty. :)

    P.S. can you send me that cookie email??? I’ve never gotten that before and I love cookies.
    Shannon recently posted..Random Thoughts

  5. says

    That geisha pic is amazing!!! I cannot believe that has been hiding from tangent posts for so long, that would be perfect for some sort of 2 truths and a lie, picture style!

    I can’t get enough of the Target lady either – I would’ve loved to have sat in on those ad campaign planning sessions!
    Diana recently posted..Living together: romantic, or frugal?

  6. says

    YES!!! Crazy Target Lady!!! One of my friends has a Cheesy Christmas party every year and you’re supposed to dress up in Christmas gear. One of my friends came as the Target Lady and acted like her the entire night. It was HILARIOUS!!!

    And yes….Every “current hits” station, in every city is like that!
    Anna Crouch recently posted..Numbers Aren’t Everything

  7. says

    I browse on Black Friday :) Mostly because I always have all of my gift shopping done before Thanksgiving and I want to take advantage of the deals on clothes! It actually isnt tooooo bad if you go right when the store/mall opens. I’m always back home by 10 AM.

    Love the crazy Target lady. She’s running pretty fast in those heels!!
    Brandi @ The Vitamin Bee recently posted..Ten Things Tuesday

  8. Vishwa says

    Omg! I hate when the radio stations repeat the same songs over and over again it almost becomes a torture no kidding. I like going to malls on black friday just to browse and hang out with friends I guess it’s a tradition if you are someone like me who’s still in college. Believe it or not you can actually find cheap clothes I guess you just have to have the patience to dig into it and be patient. It’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t been shopping during BF. :)

  9. says

    I am with you on the radio station thing! UGH. I like the song at first and then they overplay it and I can’t stand it. I’ve been listening to the 90’s channel on Sirius and it’s pretty awesome to hear songs I haven’t heard in awhile! Also the Holiday channel on Sirius that plays non-stop Christmas music….never get sick of that! haha
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  10. Sherry says

    I actually love that picture of you, it’s really unique and beautiful. So neat to have.

    I love that target commercial too, they are all so hilarious!

    I went grocery shopping last night and picked up some adult beverages that I’ll be consuming tonight as well. I love the holidays!

  11. says

    Those two songs are SO played out. I swear if I ear Adele’s “Someone Like You” again I’m going to flip. Enough already! She has another single out but they never play it!

    I’m going out on Black Friday and I cannot wait! :) So crazy that the picture is you! It’s very unique and pretty!
    Hope recently posted..Wedding Talk Wednesday: The Registry….

  12. says

    dear courtney – when you are sick of hits-radio-stations, please give The Crush a try! i know you are familiar, but I just had to remind you: THEY PLAY 90s MUSIC ALL DAY LONG.

    you are welcome.
    Heather recently posted..Date Night Jars

  13. JN says

    I hardly move the dial from Crush now because I got so tired of hearing the same songs over and over again on the other stations. And for some reason, Crush has gotten rid of their DJs, so it’s just music and commercials right now.

    I do head out on Black Friday to kind of browse. Mostly, I end up buying stuff for myself, but I wait to hit the stores at 8am when most of the lines have died down and the crazy people have left. I love going to Bed, Bath & Beyond because they will give you 20% off your entire purchase between 6am-10am. That’s where I do a lot of browsing. :)

    I LOVE the crazy Target lady.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. says

    Me and my sister go shopping on black friday just to browse around! it’s tradition. we get our Starbucks lattes and we stroll around watching people act like animals and run each other over with shopping carts. we end up getting good deals and stocking up on items for ourselves (home items especially and clothes too 😉 Nov is too early to buy Christmas gifts because i’m terrible at keeping them a secret for long!
    I kind of think the Target lady is funny but also kind of sad because it shows what is happening to our society and people turning crazy and thinking Thanksgiving is only about shopping!
    Mila @ loftyappetite recently posted..Final book of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Review


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