NASM Mnemonics to Use While Studying

Good morning! Is it seriously already Wednesday? I don’t know about you, but I feel like this week is flying by!

So last night, my brain was sort of fried and I really just didn’t have a whole lot to chat about, hence the lack of postage. As soon as I got home from work, I ended up getting pretty engrossed in my studying again, so that’s where I had to put all my energy. Priorities, my friends!

Cody, on the other hand, did not seem to appreciate my studying and was in need of some major attention. Do you think he was purposely trying to lay all over my study materials or what?


A good portion of my study time yesterday was spent going over all of the different muscle groups again. This has been one of the toughest areas for me to remember, so thanks to one of the massage therapists at work, I’ve begun attempting to come up with mnemonic devices to try and help me through (what can I say, must be the former teacher in me). For example:

The Rotator Cuff Musculature = S.I.T.T.S

  • Supraspinatus
  • Infraspinatus
  • Teres Minor
  • Teres Major
  • Subscapularis

The Lower Leg Musculature = G.A.S.P.P

  • Gastrocnemius
  • Anterior Tibialis
  • Soleus
  • Posterior Tibialis
  • Peroneus Longus

If anyone else happens to have any other awesome mnemonic devices for me, please…I’m all ears!

Amongst studying last night, some dinner was involved. Yesterday was the day to clear out all of the Thanksgiving leftovers, so I threw some away (so sad) and Jay and I took care of eating some of the rest.


We both finished up the rest of the brown butter mashed potatoes and applesauce.


And I had another big bowl of Turkey & Veggie Soup.




I deemed today a rest day from exercise (I’m now aiming for 2 rest days per week), so I thoroughly enjoyed a little extra sleep this morning before getting up and getting ready for the long day ahead of me.

For the past couple of days, I’ve been making a valiant effort to not stuff my face with sweets immediately after dinner, so my hunger levels come breakfast time have been much higher. Makes sense, obviously, so today’s breakfast was more than welcomed.


It’s been a while since we’ve done the PB & B English muffin, hasn’t it? Wooo-weee did I miss it!


I whipped up a quick pumpkin + peanut butter topping and loaded it onto a honey wheat English muffin, along with some banana slices, cinnamon, and a drizzle of honey. I also had the rest of the ‘naner on the side.


A nice change of pace, indeed!


I’ve got a quick conference call this morning and then it’s off to a long day of work. I’ll catch ya’ll later!

Questions for the Morning:

Do you ever use mnemonic devices to remember certain things?

Do you still have any Thanksgiving leftovers left?

What’s the best breakfast you’ve had so far this week?


  1. says

    I totally love using mnemonics to study!! I definitely used those while studying Anatomy and Physiology classes in college-came in handy when you have to know every single muscle group in the body and be able to identify them on a cadaver!!! Hah.

    I agree–less food after dinner makes me WAY more excited for food in the a.m.! Yours looks awesome!

    • Courtney says

      Aww that makes me think of the cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches my grandma always used to make for me. So good…so many memories!

  2. Megan says

    Do you have to know the cranial nerves? I have an excellent mnenomic for that one. And cody is not alone, I think its just a cat thing, my cats alwaysss lay on papers, computers, anything that you are currently trying to work on.

  3. says

    Mnemonics have always helped me memorize stuff too! Great idea to do that! I rarely use them now, but when I was in school and studying all the time, they definitely came to good use.

    We don’t have any Thanksgiving leftovers because we went out of town for Thanksgiving. I WISH we did though! I’d die for a turkey & cranberry sandwich and some stuffing right now! 😉

    The best breakfast I’ve had this week… hmm it’s so hard to choose considering I love pretty much all breakfast foods! I had a bowl of peanut butter Puffins this morning with a sliced banana, vanilla soymilk, and a drizzle of more peanut butter. Talk about a delicious PB breakfast! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #10: New Food Faves

  4. says

    In school I used mnemonics all the time, they helped me a lot.
    I am having a pumpkin smoothie in a bowl right now, its so good. I had to use up pumpkin from making your pumpkin black bean soup the other night!
    Lindsey recently posted..Christmas Card Photos

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I know what you mean! HOWEVER – I did end up having to throw away half of my pumpkin pie. I went to have a piece yesterday and it had MOLD on it. Booooo :(

  5. says

    I have to say, I’m not always the hugest fan of cats, but I love the pictures you’re always posting of Cody ~ he’s so stinkin’ cute! Also, your breakfast choice is one of my very faves, but it’s usually a lunch selection over here!
    Katie recently posted..Christmas and Coffee Shops

  6. says

    Mnemonic devices are what’s going to get me through my Regulation and Legislation final because my professor wants us to remember the names of all the judges who wrote the majority and dissenting decisions. I seriously think he’s doing it just to torture us, but we are all making up mnemonics to try to remember!

    We threw out the last of our leftovers yesterday. At this point, they were just taking up room in the fridge because no one was going to eat them.

  7. says

    When I first learned to play the piano and learned to read music you use them like crazy (Every Good Boy Does Fine!) for the notes :) I still have to use them sometimes. I remember using them for the order of the planets when learning about the solar system in school! I think it is a good tool!
    Andrea @ Andrea Out Loud! recently posted..“I’m With Stupid”

  8. says

    When I was in middle school, we had to learn the major bones of the body. When we were learning the lower half, I made up a little story. Something along the lines of “Uncle, can you tell me Femur stories? Why don’t you have your Patella story? Well Tibia, I’m not going to Fibula, it’s a story about a Tarsal. I’ve never Metatarsal who didn’t like phalanges” Yeah, I was in 8th grade, but I still remember it to this day! Lol.

    Yesterday, I had the best breakfast all week. I had a Granny Smith apple dipped in some strawberry Cho. YUMMY!
    Kathryn recently posted..Christmas Elf

  9. says

    Mnemonic devices are a life saver at times! Unfortunately, I don’t have any for muscle groups, but good luck! I eat oatmeal with almond butter and chia seeds every single day at work, so that’s about as interesting as it got this week lol.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..25 Years Later

  10. Elizabeth says

    …. we had the exact same breakfast today. literally. well, mine didn’t have the chai seeds but apart from that, identical. weird huh? :)

  11. says

    We eat at other people’s houses for Thanksgiving, so sadly no leftovers. I cook a lot at my apartment, though, and as someone who lives alone I feel like I am always eating leftovers. Forces me to be creative, though, when I’m on the third day of the same food and think–how can I change this up?
    Liz @ Tip Top Shape recently posted..A Radish To Remember

  12. Lauren says

    I am in my first semester of physical therapy school- so we are learning a lot of the same things!

    All of our material has said the Teres Major isn’t part of the rotator cuff, though. It works on the GH joint, but isn’t part of the “cuff” itself. I know sometimes there are discrepancies between experts, but I just wanted to point it out in case!

    Internal Rotators of Humerus
    Lat. Dorsi
    Anterior Deltoid
    Teres Major (Majors are INcluded, Minors are EXcluded)

  13. Katie says

    I took a cadaver lab last semester and we learned this for the muscles that externally rotate the leg.
    P- piriformis
    G-gemellus superior
    O- obturator externus
    G- gemellus inferior
    O- obturator internus
    Q- quadratus femoris

  14. says

    I made myself a smoothie this morning for breakfast that literally made me want to cry it was so good. Into the mix went: 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 cup fresh strawberries, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, a splash of vanilla extract, 1 tbsp. flaxseed oil and some ice. It was so thick and creamy and just REALLY REALLY good!
    Kelly recently posted..a truth

  15. Brandi says

    Love cat pictures! My cat is also vocal when I don’t pay him any attention. He will reach his paw out to give me a pat when I walk by. :) My lil man…:)
    No leftovers here! Thank goodness. My family went somewhere so there was actually nothing to bring home.
    The best thing that works for me is to write it down. ALOT. :) The Seminary class that I am taking requires essay answers, which are not my favorite, but writing everything down a bunch gets it in my brain. :)
    The best breakfast this week?? Hmm, probably cooked oats with any kind of nut butter. With nut butters you can’t go wrong!

    Hope you have a great day! :)

  16. says

    I always use mnemonic devices with my first graders, and the kids often come back years later and still remember them!

    Tonight I’m actually using the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers (turkey breast) to make healthy fajitas. (I still have two free turkey breasts in the freezer to use though!)

    Best breakfast this week? Two Van’s Lite waffles topped with sugar free syrup and a banana with peanut butter on the side.

    Hope your day is going well!
    Angela @ Health Happiness & Harmony recently posted..Hot and Cold

  17. says

    I want that soup. I want THAT SOUP! :)

    1. Yes; I do use mnemonic devices occasionally when studying for a unit test or processes that I have to know. Sometimes, I’m successful and other times, I remember them without the mnemonic devices. Other times, I’m at a total loss. :(

    2. I think we have leftovers of dark turkey meat in the fridge but it’s for the dogs. They love people food.

    3. All I’ve had this week I’ve eaten Eggo Buttermilk waffles (plain) with a big ol’ glass of white milk.
    Shannon recently posted..Good, cheap gifts for the people you may know

  18. says

    You may have already talked about this but I was wondering what made you decide to take two rest days? I workout six days a week (even when I don’t feel like it) and was wondering what the health benefits of rest days are so that I can remind myself of them when I’m feeling guilty for skipping a workout!
    Shana recently posted..Here comes Santa Claus…..

    • Courtney says

      Honestly, I’m really just sticking with 2 rest days right now to keep me sane. :) Life is so busy that I just don’t want to over-do it, ya know?

  19. Michelle B. says

    I’m trying to go easy on the sweets after dinner too. I’m just so used to it! Immediately after dinner, no matter how full I am, I want something sweet (mainly just chocolate). I decided to make Mondays and Wednesdays “no dessert” days, and it worked on Monday… but today I wasn’t strong enough to resist the chocolate brownie cookies in my pantry :-)

  20. says

    Mnemonics are always a must for me to study-especially in bio-related classes. I remember using the ones you are using now when I was in Anatomy and Physiology in college. Good luck with the studying! Muscle groups ARE hard!

    I notice a huge difference in my hunger levels in the morning when I eat less at night (which, to me also usually means skipping dessert). I actually really like it-it actually makes it easier for me to get out of bed! :)
    Laura@mypurposefullife recently posted..Before 2012

  21. Rose says

    Random thought, but maybe if you spread out your treats throughout the day, you wouldn’t feel so tempted to have them all at once? 😛

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