Review: Core Fusion Power Sculpt

This morning, I told you all that I tried out a new workout video:

Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt


The workout consists of five 10-minute segments, which you can obviously use to focus on those certain areas. Or, you can do the complete 55-minute program, which also includes a 5 minute bonus stretch workout.

First, I’ll give you guys a quick rundown on each of the 10-minute segments.

Power Fusion

This flow starts with a standing forward bend with twist, cat cow variations (adding in some twists to stretch the upper body), child’s pose, single leg downward dog, and some low runner’s lunge variations. The stretches felt great and none of the moves were too difficult. This segment ends with a series of planks, adding in weights during the side planks, which I had never done before…but I liked it!

Strength Flow & Power Flow (segments 2 & 3)

These two segments involve quite a few static poses – Warrior I, chair pose, standing balance with heel of one foot resting against calf of other foot, standing side body stretch, Warrior II, reverse Warrior, Triangle – adding in upper body weight work or twists. The static poses are all connected by a vinyasa of high plank, one or four pushups, up dog, and down dog, but the emphasis is on the static poses with weights.

Strength & Balance

This segment was probably my favorite of them all. It focuses on wide leg squats, balance, and hip stretches. The squat movements using weights really had me feeling it in my upper body, much more than my lower. There is also an extended tree pose while doing upper body weights, which was a great balance move. The segments ends with some hip stretches that felt absolutely phenomenal on my tight hip flexors.

Abs & Glutes

This segment begins with the abs portion, which is only about 4 minutes long. The ab moves were challenging, thanks to some balance elements and leg movements but not the most difficult I’ve ever come across. The rest of the segment focuses on the glutes, which had mine screaming so bad that I actually had to take a quick break. Some of the moves utilize a weight behind the raised knee, which brings the moves to a whole other level. I really liked this segment and felt like I got a lot out of it for my backside.

Stretch with Weights (5 minutes)

I didn’t really care too much for the use of weights in this segment. Many familiar stretches were used – bridge, plow, spinal twist, child’s pose, seated side bend – but they add weights throughout which made the moves seem a bit uncomfortable.


My Thoughts…

  • I needed lighter weights. I was using 5-lb dumbbells, while the other four women in the video were using either 2- or 3-lbs. The 5-lbs was a little much for me to handle with many of the shoulder exercises.
  • I felt like my upper body got much more of a workout than my lower body. Perhaps this was because my weights were heavy, making everything a lot more challenging for my upper body, but nonetheless, my lower body did not seem fatigued. Except, however, for the glutes segment. Yowsahs!
  • The video wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure I’d do the full 55-minute workout again. I’d probably incorporate the Strength & Balance or Abs & Glutes videos into a mish-mash workout day.

Hopefully this was helpful for anyone who may have considered trying it out! Smile


  1. says

    regardless, looks like something I would do in the dormy dorm! 5-pounders are definitely heavy when you’re doing cardio stuff with it, especially when I haven’t done bodypump in a solid six months. mwah! have a good day chica.

  2. Yaara says

    Hey Courtney!
    Thanks for the review. Core Fusion is great. I’ve been curious about this new Power Sculpt one–I have the Core Fusion Cardio DVD. I also do actual classes at Exhale SPA in Chicago–but the DVDs are great too–it’s like having a class in your own living room. Actually–if you go to–you can download real-live classes on your computer that they have taped. You should try Core Fusion Cardio–it’s such a good workout. It incorporates much of the same strength and balance Yoga-type flow postures–i.e. warrior I, II, and III with weights plus cardio–i.e–lots of sets of mountain climbers and kickbox type punching moves–it’s really a great workout.
    Have a great rest of your weekend.
    PS: I forgot to mention–Congrats on passing your PT exam!!!! That’s so cool. You can do so much with it!

  3. says

    I just got my CorePower Yoga Sculpt certification and this looks extremely similar! The class is held in a 95 degree studio with the humidity jacked up. It is definitely one of my favorite workouts. Makes yah sweat like Cray-zay.

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