My Challenges with Personal Training

Well good afternoon everyone! How’s your Wednesday treating ya so far?

I’m glad you guys enjoyed my first WIAW post. I’m actually thinking that this may end up being a regular thing; not only was it fun, but I was also able to type it up ahead of time which is super convenient when I have to be to work at 6am on Wednesday mornings!

Luckily, it was a short shift, so as soon as I came home I got right to work on making some breakfast.


This mess of a scramble was supposed to be an exact replica of yesterday, but apparently my omelet skills were not with me today. Hey, at least it still tasted just as good, right?

I enjoyed another orange today (after stopping to buy more after work last night) but I waited until after I was done with my coffee to dig in. I’ve decided that coffee and oranges just don’t go very well together, so I squeezed in a little foam rolling while sipping on my coffee before snacking on the citrus.


Can ya see my foam roller back there? Yeah, I basically want to foam roll my entire body, all day long day, thanks to Monday’s workout. Ooof.

Breakfast had to be enjoyed from the living room today, because the amount of beautiful sunlight that was coming through our front window was just too nice to pass up. It almost made the eighteen degree weather seem tolerable. Yeah, almost.


After breakfast, I got to work on a few things around the house, showered up, and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I’m actually planning on breaking “lunch” more into two mini meals today, so here’s what meal #1 looked like:


A mini veggie snack place with roasted red pepper hommus


A vanilla Chobani with strawberries, cinnamon, and a spoonful of my reflection Winking smile


I’m thinking that meal #2 is going to be a whole wheat tortilla filled with peanut butter and banana, since that will be easy to eat while at work this afternoon.

Speaking of which, this morning’s work session was pretty low-key, but this afternoon I have an actual PT session as well as another group session, so I’m really looking forward to those.

I’ve had many of you asking how the new job is going, and I must say that overall, it is going very well. I am learning a lot of valuable information, I work with some really nice people, and I’m doing something I absolutely love. With all of that, however, there have been some challenges because, as we know, it’s not always glamorous and glorious.

So what are my challenges I’ve faced so far? Well…

  • I need to learn how to “sell” myself. I consider myself a fairly personable, approachable person. I have no problem holding a conversation with someone, or even being a total goofball, for that matter.

IMG_7178 (640x480)

However, when it comes to the whole, “Hi, my name is Courtney. I’m really fun. Would you like to come pay money to work out with me?,”  well, that’s where things get a little shaky. Even though we do have someone else at my gym who takes care of assigning trainers to certain clients, we are still expected to get some clients on our own, which makes me slightly nervous at times. I’m sure it’ll get better with time, but it’s definitely something that I have to work on. Anyone else have any tips on this one??

  • Being “low man woman on the totem pole.” I am working amongst some amazing trainers who have been at this for wayyyy longer than I have, which can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. I’ve caught myself wondering if they’re critiquing or judging me if they’re watching what I’m doing.
  • There’s always something new to learn. This is not a bad thing by any means, as I think it’s super important – no matter what kind of job you have – to continue to educate yourself in order to be the best you can be. Right now, I am basically like a big sponge and have been absorbing so many new things while on the job. It’s definitely a great thing, but it can get a bit overwhelming at times too, you know? I’m working on trying to figure out a way to mentally organize it all. Either that, or I need to hire a personal organizer for my brain.

  • It’s a totally different (and challenging) schedule. Typically, any job I’ve had has provided me with a fairly common schedule, and I knew what to expect from one day to the next. Training, however, is a totally different world. I knew this going into it, so it’s not like I’m being thrown a huge curveball or anything, but it’s definitely something to adjust to. Even when I was working at the salon for those few short months, I had myself set in a pretty good routine that worked. As always, I know this one will work itself out too, but I’m thinking it just might take a bit longer.

All that being said, I still absolutely love what I’m doing, but just trying to keep it real with ya’ll. Since that’s how we do up in here. Winking smile

Alrighty – off to work I go!

Questions for the Afternoon:

What sort of challenges do you face in your current position (work or school)?

What do you do to try to work past them?


  1. says

    As a fellow personal trainer, I know how this is! Not easy to start building your own client base and being confident in who you are and what you do…it’s tough not to compare yourself to other trainers. I started in a gym setting and now train on my own house to house, which comes with its own pros and cons, but the selling yourself part never really goes away – you just have to be secure in what you’re offering – motivation and knowledge to help others change their lives for the better! The confidence and security will come, although I agree with what you said above – there is ALWAYS so much (more) to be learned in this job specifically! 😀

    Keep it up and way to transition into the new role and job. :)
    Bonnie recently posted..Renewal

  2. Lauren says

    I don’t know anything about personal training. At your location, is it cheaper to hire you as a personal trainer than someone else where who has been doing it for ages?

  3. says

    I bet it is hard to transition from being fun/friendly to “closing the sale” aspect. I would have a really hard time with that. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it and soon someone else will be thinking “man, I work with this amazing trainer” and probably wonder if you’re critiquing them! Just keep truckin!
    Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted..Valentines Giveaway

  4. says

    I am a 911 dispatcher on a “swing” shift. I work (1) midnight – 8a shift, (2) 8-4p shifts, & (2) 4-midnight shifts. I mark the calendar in the kitchen and my planner with my schedule 2-3 months ahead of time, this keeps me and the hubby up to date on what I am working. It can get a little hectic, but it really does help to love your job :)

  5. says

    Me? Well…I’m a woman in a field with almost no other woman. I hate sticking out for that reason (read: me and 49 dudes in a meeting. awkward.). So I just focus on doing my job really well so that I stick out for kicking ass.

    For your personal training challenges – see if their is a niche you can use to pitch yourself. Women? Older people? Runners looking to avoid injury? Sports-specific training? Moms? Dads? Shift workers?

  6. says

    Hi Courtney-
    I’m new to your blog but I stumbled upon this post and can definitely relate to some of your thoughts! I’m a Pilates trainer so I understand the adjustment to a crazy schedule. It can be a perk and it can also be a challenge. I often have most of my teaching done by the time most people are just getting started with their day! It’s nice to have the flexibility but it can be tiring if you’re not careful. My #1 recommendation: set your schedule boundaries with your hours and stick to them. If you aren’t willing to work past 6:00pm then be strong and stick to it. I’ve learned that if I don’t respect my boundaries then I can’t expect anyone else to. For example, I don’t work weekends and although it was hard at first, now it’s just a given and no one asks, they make it work M-F. From what I can tell, you’re going to be a great trainer, I would work with you! :)

    • Courtney says

      Thanks so much for weighing in, Robin!
      I love your recommendation about setting boundaries…that’s so true. I definitely do not want to be a slave to my own schedule.

      Welcome to the blog, and hopefully we’ll continue to see ya around! :)

  7. says

    Love this insight! As someone who finds it hard to find a personal trainer I love, I say be yourself! Be open about being a new trainer, introduce people (especially other woman) to your blog, share personal stories and have fun. Honestly if you lived in my city I would want you as a trainer because you come across so nice and approachable in your blog and someone I can relate to as a woman.
    Gillian recently posted..Macaron Battle

  8. Sue says

    Just remember – the other trainers were the newbies once, too! Over time, you’ll gain confidence. It’s like that in any job – mine included. Working in a communications field, I try not to come in with any kind of sense of entitlement. I turn to my more senior peers for feedback, but it is tough to do so without wondering if they look at that as a weakness. On the other hand, I find that it’s also difficult not to seem like I know it all to some of our younger staffers and our interns! Such a difficult balance!

  9. says

    Thanks for this post Courtney! I have actually been wondering how your job has been going as well. As far as “selling yourself”, have you thought about making business cards and pinning them to a bulletin board at your work, or handing them to friends of your to give out? Just a thought!

    I’d say the biggest challenge I face at my current job is the fact that I sit in an office at my desk for 9hrs per day, and do pretty much the EXACT SAME thing all day long. As you can imagine, it gets very monotonous, and it is hard to motivate and challenge myself while continuously performing the same tasks, I am more of a people person, I perform at my best when I am talking with people, standing up and constantly doing something different.
    I try to work through this by always trying to find something to keep me occupied, even if its filing (ugh!), and by telling myself that I will not be doing this forever, it’s just something I need to get through :) And oh ya it does may money so that helps too!
    Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..How to Go Greek

    • marci blumenfeld says


      I am in the same exact position as you – so many days at my desk i just want to go back to school to be a teacher or personal trainer so that i am up moving around, and doing new things each day! It is certainly a challange to try to keep your self motivated in much a monotonous job, but like you said its not going to last forever – this is my entry level job so i am just fewing it as more of a “stepping stone” that i need to get past!!!

      • says

        I’m so glad that there is somebody else out there who feels like this! A lot of my friends are happy at their jobs and love what they do, me on the other hand not so much! I don’t know about you but I decided to major in business because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do (at 18 years old how am I supposed to know that?!) It was broad, and I “thought” I would have a lot of options. Fast forward for years and the economy isn’t where it should be and companies aren’t hiring for things that I potentially “could” see myself doing, sigh. I try not to get down about it because like we said, we’ll get through it! I have been dabbling at the idea of a few totally different careers that I may try. I’ll probably mention it on the blog at some point!
        Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..How to Go Greek

        • says

          I am in the exact same boat. Picked marketing at 18 and now i sit in a cube everyday from 9-5. i dream of becoming a personal trainer or P.E teacher some days. The grass is always greener they say.
          Allison recently posted..ashamed

          • marci blumenfeld says

            I picked Marketing too – i thought about finding some cool/fun company to market for when i was 18 – now i am doing pointless banking all day in an office building – yuck!

          • Courtney says

            When you think about it, isn’t it crazy that, at 18, we’re supposed to have an idea of what we want to do for the rest of our lives?

          • says

            YES! It is so crazy! But at the same time back in the day, most people did (somewhat) know what they wanted to do since a lot of people did not go to college, and if they did go to college it was for something very specific like a doctor or a lawyer etc… What can I say, times are different!
            Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..How to Go Greek

        • says

          Oh, it’s not just you! I’m in my early 30s and still feel this way. It’s like, how did I end up here???

          Actually, Courtney’s post is very timely because I’ve also been thinking about getting my personal training certification but I honestly have no idea what life would be like as a person trainer.
          Erin recently posted..Monday Strength Mania

          • says

            I think it’s something that a lot of people go through but just don’t admit to it. You feel as though you MUST continue on with this career because you have already invested so much, time, money, etc… on it but now that you got there, you realize that you hate it! It’s not ideal, but I think that we just need to stop being scared to take a leap and try something new. If we are unhappy with our current jobs, lives, bodies etc… WE are the only ones who can change that! Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sounds. I mean we need to make money, and we need to at least TRY out what we went to school for, but at the same time if we don’t ever try something new, then we’ll never know what we are missing! I think Courtney is clearly a great example of this. She went all the way and got her master’s and then realized she didn’t want to be a teacher. She took a leap, changed her career and is now doing what she loves! I know that all three of us will make this change when we are ready, and then everything will play out how it is supposed to! At least that’s what I keep telling myself :)
            Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..How to Go Greek

          • Courtney says

            Ahhh, thank you, Stellina!
            You’re right…I did take a chance. I put a LOT of hard work behind me, but I knew that if I kept going in the direction I was going that I’d only end up miserable. Life is TOO SHORT to be stuck something you don’t love doing. If you work hard enough and put your mind to it, you can make it happen! :)

  10. says

    I have never hired a personal trainer nor am I sure I ever would (maybe, if I’d be super-rich, just for motivation/company ;-)). I can imagine it is hard and intimidating at the beginning with little experience, but I guess you have to ‘find’ and ‘define’ your style of being a PT. Are you a Jillian Michaels kind of PT or something else?

    If I could wish for a perfect PT for me, I would want her to be authentic, to not come off as an expert who knows everything better and wants to shove new theories down my throat. I rather have a knowledgeable resource who I can ask for information and who supports me and motivates me (but authentic please, now faux stuff) and exercises with me, and is fun — confident, but not overbearing. How kind of is real and tells me what she thinks works based on her own experience, not based on books. 😉
    silvia@ skinny jeans food recently posted..Finally

  11. says

    I’ve always been one to hate the selling aspect of things. It’s a small challenge I face in my job because I deal mainly with contracts, but there’s a “sale” at the end. Best of luck with building your client base. That part is always the toughest, but you’ll be in your groove soon enough!
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..A Fooding I Will Go (Part 1)

  12. says

    In my current job, I mostly work by myself and I find that very challenging as I am someone who definitely gets energy from others. What makes it more challenging is that I actually love the content of my job. So, I am not exactly sure what I will do about it yet…
    Carolyn @HealthierGirl recently posted..Is it too early?

  13. says

    oh girl, i can totally relate to all of your challenges that come with your new personal training job. in all honesty, the sales aspect and the crazy schedule is what eventually caused me to quit my p.t. job. it just got to be too overwhelming for me. BUT if you can get the hang of it (which i’m SURE you will!), then the job is awesome. and if you’re loving what you’re doing, that’s even better! i just encourage you to be yourself & be assertive (not something i’m great at!) when it comes to the sales part. as for your schedule, like you said, it’ll come with time. it takes awhile to establish a steady clientele, but once you do, it’s easier. i learned that a p.t. job will never be a “normal” schedule since you’re trying to fit everyone in around THEIR “normal” schedule. keep it up – it sounds like you’re doing awesome so far! let me know if i can give you anymore advice on anything. 😉
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #20: In Honor Of “LOVE Your VEGGIES Month”

  14. says

    I can relate to the sales part all too well. After working on the “operational” side of my company for 7 years, I’m now on the other half…sales. The funny thing is, I hate selling. Ha! The only reason I’m doing it is because I actually know the service from having been on the other side doing it for 7 years, but the “cold call” parts and the initial conversations literally leave me shaking. Hope it gets easier for you, it hasn’t too much for me! haha
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Cookie dough dip & the day I forgot to take a picture of my dinner (gasp!)

  15. says

    Some of the same challenges come with my job (teaching… and I know you’re familiar with them!). I think one of the hardest parts is feeling like others are more experiences and are critiquing you. Honestly, I haven’t ever gotten over this feeling, but I at least don’t worry about it so much anymore.
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..My Favorite Guacamole

  16. says

    Hi Courtney! Glad you’re still loving it:) It really is so rewarding.
    As someone who’s been training for a couple years, here’s my experience:

    -selling yourself – I find that I get the most clients while I’m training someone else. They see me, we get eye contact, and I smile or wave or something, and then they ask for my card after my training session of pick up one in the front. I’m horrible at walking up to members and selling myself, too!

    -others’ judging – they may train in a completely different style than you, but that’s awesome because it gives the members options. Based on what I know from meeting you, I think your personality would be great for a lot of clients! I know I’m not a yeller, but I am firm, and hey, some people want a yeller. Ya know?

    -as far as the schedule goes, I’m still trying to work it out, LOL. I have a super hard time taking clients before 6:00 a.m or after 7:00 p.m. I have before, but if I can I try to steer away from it.

    Just my 2 cents :)

  17. Casey says

    Your job will definitely get easier as you continue doing it each day. I face the challenge of sitting at work ALL STINKING DAY staring at the computer. Oh yah… I went to the 311 store online and found baby 311 onesies!! 😀

  18. says

    Court- I agree and was going to say the same thing as Paige.
    But to add. Don’t be afraid to be different. By that I mean don’t be a NASM parrot. Don’t follow NASM program. You have knowledge from it yes, but don’t forget YOUR OWN knowledge and experience. I find that my clients want to hear what MY opinion is other then, facts and points from a text book. You are fun and spunky and if you start pounding out different workouts @ the gym people will notice. You may not realize it now but people are watching you. when you workout yourself at the gym or when your training other people. You will get more clients as time goes by through word of mouth just be patient and be different. Check out some of the workouts I do here. Fast, effective and will have people wondering how they can get into that.
    Candice recently posted....4 years..

  19. says

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours..not only because you are so real, but it is very relatable. I just graduated college (well…in May of 2011) and I have been at my first “big girl” job for about 5 months now. I am a research assistant in a public health/epidemiology setting. It is FASCINATING, thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating work…But sometimes I feel like I still am on week 1. I am constantly learning, constantly being asked to do a million things, and I am not the most organized person…so I quickly have to improve there! Sometimes I feel like things move a million miles an hour but my number one piece of advice to you that can apply to any new job is ASK QUESTIONS! I struggle to do this sometimes because I am so quiet, and I don’t want to seem stupid, but seriously ask! Maybe even ask your coworkers or supervisors what exactly you can do to get more clients/improve.

    This quote sums up how I feel about new jobs: “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
    Mallory @ Have Your Cake and Eat it recently posted..Why I love the Treadmill + Some Workouts

  20. says

    I work as a personal trainer too, and totally get the difficulty with selling yourself. My strategy has been to take it slow. Focus on building relationships with the clients I do have and over time word of mouth has expanded my business.

    I have business cards, which I always carry with me. I will happily pull them out and offer them to anyone who asks about my training. I also include my website info so they can go to it and see what I’m all about.

    I teach group fitness and indoor cycling and that’s been a great way to get new clients. They are already comfortable with me in a group setting and seek me out in the gym.

    You will be great! Just have confidence in yourself and don’t try to get too fancy in your programming!
    Tamara recently posted..Tuesday thanks: broccoli, Swiss chard and Vega Sport

  21. says

    Great points about your new job!! I’m a school psychologist, and I struggle with the fact that I usually only hear the “bad” stuff about a student. Rarely do I get to see their accomplishments or good days. I just hear from parents/staff how much the child is struggling academically, the behavior problems, the home life issues, etc. So sometimes it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive. I really have to work to remove myself emotionally from the situation, and put my mind on other things at the end of the day!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Pinterest freaks me out and Orange Peel Shrimp.

  22. says

    I love this post, Courtney! It’s so true…you can really start to feel kind of intimidated…especially when there are others that have been in the business a bit longer. You’ll definitely establish yourself and get that ball rolling, though! I love what you said about making sure that you’re always staying up-to-date on info and constantly educating yourself too.

    As a nutrition major, I definitely feel that way. The world of nutrition is always changing, you know? In school, I feel SO intimidated because it is very clinically-based and I am more of a holistic yuppie. Haha. I keep my veganism at bay because the RDs that are my professors look down on that sort of thing. So, I know how you feel, girl! It can be really hard. It all comes back to doing your own thing and being confident in that. Easier said than done sometimes but I know we can do it!
    Heather recently posted..How Matty Makes Me Fab!

  23. says

    My struggle with work is to find a challenge! When I got the job I thought it would be much more difficult and busy but after a year I am still waiting for something to happen.

    Luckily, a very negative work colleague has resigned and this has allowed our team to redevelop (and promote) our positions. I never imagined that one person can bring down a whole team.
    Emilie recently posted..February Photo-A-Day – Day 8 – Sun

  24. says

    As a Disney travel agent I constantly have to do research on new disney activities, ride closures, resorts, etc. Every single day i look for new discounts for my clients, etc. Good thing I am a nerd and love to learn! As a running skirts sales rep I like to be on top of the latest fashion/running trends to sell better to my stores.
    Heather recently posted..Beach Vacation part 2

  25. says

    some of those things that make you scared can also work to your advantage! since you’re new, i bet you have a totally different perspective and you aren’t bored or jaded at all with your job. you’re probably way more excited than veteran trainers about your new position AND your enthusiasm is a special quality you can bring to your clients. i guarantee you want to prove yourself and that’ll drive you to work that much harder than anyone else at the gym :-)
    elizabeth | notes, quotes & anecdotes recently obsessed with my merino cool (by essie) polish!

  26. says

    1. I think it’s the amount of work that I’m getting that is stressing me out. It’s second semester and in just 4 short months, it will be summer.
    2. I just push myself through it and do the best that I can do. :)
    Shannon recently posted..Books vs. Movies

  27. Julie says

    I think it’s awesome that you are loving your new job and, not only loving it, but also taking time to reflect on the aspects that you are maybe not loving so much. Every job has its pluses and minuses, and I think realizing them is half the battle. Now that you’ve identified what you want to improve on, or continue adjusting to, you will be able to only continue growing! I’m looking forward to hearing more about this new and exciting adventure. :)

  28. says

    As much as I love the steady schedule of my job, it is hard sometimes when I realize I am settling and not following my dreams! Although your schedule is not perfect and you are still trying to get the hang of it, it is so inspiring that you are going after what you want. In the long run, the reward will outweigh the risk.. :-)
    jana @ newly wife healthy life recently posted..No Occasion Needed

  29. says

    Hey! Congrats on all the exciting job stuff you got going on. I’m a trainer and I teach group exercise as well at my gym and I can TOTAL relate to what you said about information overload. I’m sort of struggling with that too right now – I have my degree, I have 2 going on 3 fitness certifications, and yet I feel like I’m not retaining as much as I want to! It’s so frustrating because I’m soaking new information in as well and I want to remember it all – I usually write it all down but I can’t remember it and I get annoyed when I can’t remember what I want to say or talk myself into circles with a member. If you can find the magic pill to remember/organize all the things we need to know, please let me know, haha!
    Faith recently posted..Just Your Regular Old Wednesday

  30. Emily says

    Hey Courtney!

    I really enjoy your blog. When I started out as a hair stylist we had to spend a decent amount of time finding new business. At first it was so awkward, but got much more comfortable as time went on. I always tried to take advantage of the local chamber of commerce or community networking organizations. People are eager to support each other. We had to go into businesses and hand out cards and coupons. It felt awkward at first, but if you stick to places you frequently visit anyways, where they know you, you will be surprised how people are willing to give you a shot! Glad that you are following your passion and best of luck!

  31. says

    I was actually just talking with a friend who started a new job, and I told her that I have found no matter how prepared you think you are, and no matter how qualified you are for the job, it still takes a few months to settle in. Things like work place atmosphere, unplanned work tasks, and new colleagues will always throw you for a loop. Add in that you’re starting a brand new field and it just makes it even more challenging- in a good way, of course. Keep up the positive attitude!

    I’m glad I found your blog!
    Emily B. recently posted..Even the best laid plans…

  32. Cassie says

    I’m a kindergarten teacher and I feel like we just keep getting more demands and tasks thrown on our plates. Most people assume teaching is easy and fun…and it’s definitely enjoyable at times but also stressful. There’s so much behind the scene stuff that is stressful and not fun. The actual teaching and being around kids is enjoyable…most of the time… haha… I’m sure you can relate from when you were teaching. I have 23 students and I feel like some days classroom management takes up a lot of my time when I should be teaching….

    To cope with stress I try to just take one day at a time. Any new job is stressful. Last year was my first year teaching and I’d go home in tears some days. I was sooo tired and am a perfectionist at heart and needed to learn to let go and realize it’s okay not to be perfect and have a perfect looking classroom. I try to find balance in everything. This year I’m hitting up some of my fave workout classes 4 times a week…. happy hour once a week…. dinner with my mom and or sis and nephews as well… I’m just trying to enjoy life right now and focus on positives and not negatives. You’ll be fine!! Like you said any new job is stressful and every day will get a lil easier. As for the selling yourself part….fake it till you make it! Seriously…even if you don’t feel 100% confident yet….fake it….no one will know….and eventually you’ll get that confidence!!!

  33. says

    I don’t have a PT right now but I do approach them every so often for advice and to just check whether my form is okay! I would suggest just approaching people who are working out alone and offer advice but in a non-condescending way. Some people will rather work out without your help but others will probably really appreciate it and hopefully see the benefit in signing up for a few sessions!
    Khushboo recently posted..Say whaaat

  34. says

    Hey girl! You are right on with the challenges of personal training. For me “selling” anything is hard, but with personal training I am so passionate about health and why it’s important that I don’t feel like I’m selling. I’m giving someone a chance to be healthier and change their lives. They have to make the choice to do the work and I’m just the catalyst.

    Also don’t compare yourself or worry about the other trainers…because…they can’t and won’t change what you do! Keep learning and training and in time you will have your own “niche” style and that will draw clients to you. People like Kyle because he pushes you until you vomit or cry…and then in a few months you look amazing. I push less, talk more, and am about keeping the heart rate up.

    Just my thoughts…..but keep up the good work! You are now another beacon of light in the fitness world!
    Carissa recently posted..Fueled by Vega Sport

  35. says

    I think the challenges you’re going through are seen with a LOT of new jobs! I work a desk job and I have felt the same way you do in a lot of instances. People are constantly telling us to “network, network, network!” But I’m horrible at networking. I don’t like seeming “fake” and I feel like trying to force a convorsation with someone just because they work a certain place or are a certain rank is artificial. I’ve learned though you can network and “sell yourself” without being phoney. You just have to go for it.

    I think the longer you train the more comfortable and confident you will be and all of these “new job” jitters will fade :)
    Katy @ HaveYouHurd recently posted..Super…bowl?

  36. says

    I went to a class at my gym once, and the instructor told us before the class started that she’s just become a PT and was offering free sessions to assess your body and talk about your training plans. A few people did sign up… Some people may not know you’re a trainer so be sure you announce it. If I like an instructor, I’d be more likely to get PT from them than a random PT at the gym.

  37. says

    Hey Court!
    Just poppin by for your PT site….and though we’ve only done one session together, you’re awesome to train with. Why? Because you GET it. And though we really didn’t get into the nitty-gritty of “me” yet, I dig that you don’t care if I use language only appropriate at truck stops, that you DID some of the exercises WITH me, and that you pushed me, even though you probably don’t think you did! :) This is gonna be a first-time journey for BOTH of us….but in the end, WHEN we WIN the GOLDS GYM CHALLENGE, we’ll have so many bragging rights, no one will even like us. That’s my plan, at least. Looking forward to you kicking my ass Wednesday. And you’ve got my FULL permission to discuss it on your blog! 😉 LETS DO THIS!!!! <3


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