Thursday, February 9, 2012

Full of Tangents, Take 7

by Courtney on February 9, 2012


You know what? I have so many different, random things to share with you guys about my day today, that there’s really no way that I’ll be able to make it all flow together and make any sort of sense. So you know what that means…it’s tangent time! It’s been a while, but we are […]


11 Random Things

by Courtney on February 9, 2012

When I was in high school, I was a total sucker for those HUGE email surveys that would end up in my inbox, which I would then, inevitably, spend wayyy too much time procrastinating with my homework and instead, fill them out to the best of my ability. Well, as it turns out, I’m still […]


Should We Eat Dessert For Breakfast?

by Courtney on February 9, 2012

Oh man, let me tell ya. I could not WAIT to dig into breakfast this morning… source Chocolate cake for breakfast? Yes, puh-lease! That’s a healthy breakfast option, right? Okay, okay, so I’m kidding about eating chocolate cake for breakfast. But I’m actually not kidding about the latest claims that eating dessert for breakfast can […]