Crunch Time!

It’s officially crunch time! The suitcases are out, the lists have been made…and I have yet to pack one stinkin’ thing. Oh boy.

Needless to say, today is definitely going to be another busy one, but thankfully I have the day off from work, so that gives me a little extra time in my day. Let’s see if I actually take advantage of it.

So I don’t know about you, but whenever there’s a vacation coming up, it is officially deemed “clean out the fridge and eat up all the produce” time in the house. We managed to get away with not grocery shopping this week, which was great, and we’re making pretty good job progress on clearing things out.

Last night’s dinner was a perfect example…


Jay and I each had side salads filled up with whatever veggies were in the drawer. For him, that meant lettuce and red peppers. BORING! For me, that meant lettuce, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, broccoli, red peppers, and Italian dressing. Still sort of boring, but better than nothin’.


To go along with my salad, I made another turkey and cheese omelet made with 2 slices deli turkey, 1 wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, and a generous helping of pineapple salsa.


For it being a “clean out the fridge” sort of dinner, this meal was actually pretty darn delicious. I followed up dinner with another dessert plate a couple of hours later before calling it a night.


Since I just had eggs for dinner last night, I really wasn’t in the mood for them this morning, so I went with my other go-to option: French Toast Oatmeal.


Today’s batch included 1/2 a mashed banana mixed in the oats, fresh strawberries (finished those up!), and a drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup.


The syrup was a seriously awesome addition…why did I not think of this before? French toast = syrup, duh! Winking smile


My coffee, however, was sort of on the ‘meh’ side. I used up the rest of the skim milk yesterday, which meant I had to use almond milk in my coffee which is really not my favorite. I love almond milk in anything and everything else…except for coffee.


Oh yeah, and Jell-o pudding mix, too. Don’t try it…it doesn’t set very well.

Alright, it’s about time to get down to business! LOTS to do today. Smile


Want some extra reading?

Question for the Morning:

Are there any foods/liquids that you like one way but can’t stand another way?


  1. says

    I usually drink my coffee black but I tried regular almond milk in my coffee once and I wasn’t a fan but putting TJ’s chocolate almond milk in my coffee was one of the best ideas I have ever had, it is soo yummy!

  2. says

    Loved your asthma post on FitFluential. As someone with almost exact symptoms growing up and dealing with asthma all my life but also playing sports and keeping active my whole life, those are great tips. I have emergency inhalers stashed in a million different bags and places so I always have one on hand just in case. I had an asthma attack once when I was 7 that required an epi-pen and that scared me enough to hopefully never have it happen again!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Goat cheese & spinach mashed sweet potatoes

  3. says

    Great post on asthma and fitness! It was very informative.

    I like chocolate and I like peanut butter but I prefer to have them separate in food- except for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I can’t even eat a sundae with peanut butter and chocolate in it without feeling a tad weird.
    Shannon recently posted..The good and bad of Super Bowl ads

  4. says

    I love coconut milk in my oatmeal, but not on cereal–it’s gotta be skim with my Special K! I’m also a huge apple fan and love apple pie, but for some reason, cooking them in my oatmeal just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong!
    Melissa recently posted..Good Form Running

  5. Meg says

    Well it’s not a liquid but I love bananas in everything – my cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, fro yo …. I almost can’t eat any of those things without one but I HATE a banana just on it’s own! I almost dry heave trying to swallow a bite of it by itself, I have no idea why.

  6. says

    ha! when you said mixing almond milk with pudding mix I had to laugh because i tried that and put the little cups in the freezer for a nice frozen treat. um, they were the worst things ever. the consistency is NOT at all like it is with skim milk and i ended up throwing them all away! like you i HATE wasting food so i was not a happy girl!
    good luck packing hun!!!!
    CJ @ recently posted..The List

  7. says

    There are some soy milk products that make my coffee cloudy (instead of creamy). My mom says that she noticed it, too, with some of the organic ones. I’m just wondering if it’s something with the temperature of the liquids clashing.
    I just use creamer or milk now.
    michelle kim recently posted..Good Eats and Bone Density

  8. Traci says

    I’m with you on the almond milk – I love it in smoothies and cereal, but I seriously cannot get behind drinking it in coffee. Ick. It reminds me of muddy water for some reason and so does the taste. I also can’t do skim milk in iced coffee but think it tastes fine in hot coffee or a latte.

  9. says

    hey courtney! just wanted to stop in and say hi.. i LOVE your blog.i’ve been reading it for about a month now.. i’m 19 and it wasn’t until this past october that i changed my lifestyle and made exercise and healthy eating a part of my daily life. thank you for writing your blog! it inspires me.. the first thing i do in the morning is eat my breakfast,drink coffee, and catch up on fitness/healthy living blogs!

  10. says

    i can do almond milk in smoothies, but not on its own…
    i like most styles of eggs but not sunny side up. lol.

    and i know it’s not the same “food” but i like real cherries, but i HATE cherry flavored things like candy/popsicles/etc.
    erica recently posted..surprise, surprise

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