BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband Review + Giveaway

Have you ever wondered exactly just what is going on inside of that body of yours?

“How many calories am I burning?”

“How many calories have I consumed today?”

“How many steps have I taken?”

“How good was my sleep last night?”

Well a couple of weeks ago, I was sent quite an amazing product to try out that actually answers all of those questions you see above. Pretty awesome, right? So check this out…

This is the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband.


According to the website,

BodyMedia FIT is an on-body monitoring system that consists of the BodyMedia FIT Armband monitor, online Activity Manager, an optional Display and free downloadable apps for mobile device users. BodyMedia FIT Armbands automatically track the calories burned during your daily activities — from pumping iron to using an iron — and monitor the quality of your sleep, an important factor in weight loss. The information tracked can easily be managed with BodyMedia’s online Activity Manager. Add in the easy-to-use food log and you have the right information to improve your weight loss.

That description ALONE had me intrigued, so I was quite excited to try it out.


The armband comes with a simple instruction manual, a quick start guide, and a USB cable that allows you to input all of your data into your computer.


The USB cable actually plugs right into the armband itself. All you do is pop out the white center of the armband,


and plug it into the side. Once you have the USB connected to the device and your computer’s USB drive, you’re then able to upload your data and see your stats.


As far as wearing the armband goes, it was really very easy. You place the armband on your upper left arm, snug but comfortable, and once you hear a series of beeps, you know that it has started tracking your information for the day. Honestly, on the days that I’ve worn it, I totally forget that it’s even there.

Set up for the armband was very easy, too. Once I had it connected to my computer, I was prompted to set up my account profile while it charged, which consisted of some fairly basic information.


Once my profile was completed and the SYNC software was installed on the computer, I was then ready to start using and tracking my data on the Activity Manager.

SYNC software

When you receive the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband, you are given a 3-month trial subscription to the online Activity Manager. After the first 3 months, a subscription will cost you $6.95/month, and is required in order to continue using and tracking your information from the armband. So, what exactly does the Activity Manager do?

The BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager helps you learn about your individual calorie and sleep information, analyze that data, and manage and track fitness and weight loss progress. The system allows you to enter your personal body parameters, provides you with FIT coach feedback, and guides you to your goals. Then you will have a running report on progress toward goals, including calorie burn, steps taken, time spent in moderate and vigorous activity, nutritional analysis and sleep efficiency – all while tracking your personal bests.

activity summary

The Activity Manager also allows you to track and input your meals for the day, so you can see approximately how many calories you are consuming. I took the time to scroll through quite a few food items, and most of them were already there, which was nice.

food log

Overall Thoughts?

The BodyMedia FIT Core Armband is very user-friendly, comfortable to wear, and offers a wide variety of data that can be tracked. For someone who is interested in weight loss and/or just interested in monitoring their activity levels, this is a great tool to have. The cost of the armband itself is not cheap, retailing at $179.00, in addition to the monthly subscription fee of $6.95. For someone on a tight budget, this tool may not be at the top of the priority list; however, for someone willing to pay the price, you will definitely get a big bang for your buck.

But you know what? I have really, REALLY awesome news. BECAUSE…

I have a BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband to GIVE AWAY to one very lucky reader (A $179.00 value!).

***Giveaway is now CLOSED and a winner has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered!***

To enter to win your very own BodyMedia FIT Core Armband:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling my why you need a CORE Armband of your own.
  2. (Optional) Share the giveaway on Twitter and/or Facebook, and leave an additional comment letting me know that you did. “I want to win a @BodyMediaFIT CORE Armband from @SweetToothCourt! –″

I will randomly choose a winner on Friday, February 24th. Good Luck!! Smile

Disclaimer: I received the BodyMedia Fit CORE Armband in exchange for a review of the product. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.


  1. says

    WOW I’ve heard and read about these but couldn’t bring myself to make the purchase. They look AWESOME. For me, I’d use this to track my activity levels and calorie burn to help me tailor my diet, so I can lose just a little bit of weight I’ve put on this year. It’s hard to track calories in and out without precise data like the Fit Core Armband would provide!
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Make Overnight Oats

  2. Holly says

    I could really use this. I have NO idea how many calories I burn in my day, and during exercise. And it would be great to be accountable to track meals, too, and see how I am doing as a whole.

  3. Jennie says

    I’d love to own a CORE armband to see how many calories I am burning in my group exercise classes. I take a lot of yoga and bar classes and while I know I’m getting a great workout in these classes, I’d love to see the specifics. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway, Courtney!

  4. Nan says

    This would be perfect for me! As a full-time college student also working 20 hours a week, my eats and exercise routine are really sporadic and this would help me become more consistent, which is especially important since I’m graduating soon and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

  5. says

    This looks great! I recently started doing the Insanity workout and I’m sooo interested in finding out how many calories I’m burning during my workouts. I am always guessing (and I’m sure not accurately!). This would be fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
    Farrah recently posted..White Wine Sangria

  6. Kinzie says

    It would be very useful for me to track all the information that this tool enables you to. Though I’m not trying to lose any weight, I am trying to maintain and begin a healthier relationship with food and fitness. I believe this tool would be very effective in helping me reach my personal goals.

  7. Kayla says

    I have always been wanting to try one of these. I am a personal trainer/group fitness instructor, and also do my own workouts. So it would be great to figure out my calorie expenditure with this!

  8. Makenna says

    I’d really like to know my stats for the day. I’m thinking of signing up for my first half marathon, and I know how important proper fueling will be!

  9. Meghan says

    I have definitely had moments of over and under fueling because I don’t have a good grasp on my body’s burn. This would definitely be helpful! Plus I would love to know how much sleep I’m actually getting.

  10. Kellie says

    Since I’ve been trying to lose weight, I’ve recently hit a plateau. I’ve been looking into getting a Body media FIT for awhile just so I could know what’s going on and why I’m still plateauing.

  11. Leslie says

    I am interested in how many calories I burn at my job. I am constantly running around and hardly ever sit (except for lunch if I am lucky!).

  12. Amanda says

    I would love this! I would love to know exactly how many calories my body burns, so I can fuel properly. I am really bad about undereating and over-exercising. This would be a great tool for me!

  13. Kelly says

    The FIT CORE armband would be great for me. I feel like there is no better way to calculate calories burned in a workout, because intensity is so hard to measure according to an arbitrary scale (such as RPE for example). This would help me measure my caloric burn more precisely so I know when I should kick it up!

  14. alex p says

    It seems like a great way to stay accountable and I’m interested in how much my exercises really do for me! This is a great product

  15. Lindsey F says

    What an INCREDIBLE giveaway! I could totally use this. I love to work out and while most people are going to hate me for saying this, it would be really helpful to ensure I am replenishing my body with enough calories because I am not looking to lose weight and muscle mass but also not looking to gain. Maintenance is a hard balance to achieve.

  16. says

    I would love this tool to help me keep my weight in check, to make sure it doesn’t go downhill or start to climb. More than that though, once I tried it out and got a good idea of how much food I need to consume, I’d give it to my dad who has been trying to lose weight for years but is having a really hard time.

  17. Jamie says

    I need this because I’m training for a fitness competition and would love to be able to closely and accurately monitor my activity levels!

  18. Susan says

    I would love to know how many calories I actually burn rather than relying on the unreliable monitors on treadmills and ellipticals (and outside, and in classes…).

  19. Marie says

    I would love to have one of these to help with my weight loss goals. I’m a high school senior trying to lose those last ten pounds or so (I’ve already lost a little more than 30 :]) and I don’t have a job so I couldn’t afford buying one. It would definitely be helpful to be able to get more accurate calorie counts and to know exactly how much I’m burning during group exercise classes. Good luck to everyone :)!

  20. Katie says

    Never heard of this, but it sounds like something my BF talked about when he moonlighted as a personal trainer. I would love something like this because I’ve hit sort of a plateau in my weight loss (for like, 6 months lol) and I think this would help me see where I’m at. Especially with calories burned–I don’t even partially believe what the treadmill tells me!

  21. Caroline says

    Wow, that looks amazing!! I would love to have it because I’m trying to lose some weight but havent been successful because I think I miscount calories and overestimate my workouts! I’m in college.. so saving money for it would be a real challenge!

  22. Katie Stevens says

    I have wanted one of these for so long! I’ve hit a weightloss plateau, this would definitely help me push through it.

  23. Kim Lee says

    I would love to win this!! It would be a great motivator at the end of the day when I usually feel like snacking to see if I should have more calories. I would also love to see just how much I’m burning in group exercise classes.

  24. Jennifer says

    I’ve been tracking my calories and exercise on an app on my phone in an effort to tone up for my wedding, but this seems like a much more accurate way to track everything necessary to be successful! I’m curious to see how my sleep affects my results!!

  25. Amanda D says

    I would LOVE this! I know the machines are no where near correct and would love to know how many calories I actually burn during a workout! I have been in the market for a monitor like this but just can’t get myself to spend that much money.

  26. Allie says

    This sort of thing would be awesome for me. After eating a few too many sugary treats over the last few months I am looking to loose a little bit of weight. Although I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I’m putting in to my body I really have no idea how many I’m burning doing different activities. I think it would also be useful to see what times of day I need more calories as I often eat a large proportion of my daily intake in the evenings.

  27. Nicole S says

    I really want to win the arm band because I do all sorts of ‘extras’ throughout the day like walking during lunch and during my commute in addition to my gym time…so it would be interesting to see how much I am doing in total. I think it would be especially interesting on days when I don’t hit the gym and am just doing errands, leisurely biking, doing yardwork, etc.

  28. Katie Stevens says

    I would love the arm band to see how many calories I burn throughout the day to have a more accurate idea of how many calories I need to eat on a daily basis!

  29. says

    I would LOVE to win the body media armband to help shed those last few stubborn inches and to really examine intake and output throughput my day!

    I tweeted! @karupp

  30. Laura says

    I am starting to work out at home while balancing a job & my two little ones — I would love ANY extra motivation I can get!!

  31. Linda says

    OMG I need this in my life! It sounds amazing! I have lost about 30 lbs over the past year, but I want to lose another 10-20 lbs and seem to be stuck at a plateau. This would totally help me to see how many calories I am actually burning.

  32. judy says

    This looks awesome! Ithink this would be great for helping me track my exercise and food intake to lose those last few pounds!

  33. Melissa says

    I would love to win because I’ve put on a couple of extra winter pounds so it would be great to have a tool to help keep me accountable.

  34. says

    I used to have one of these that I borrowed from a friend and it was so cool to see all the info. I would honestly love one to see how much I burn these days chasing around TWO kids iinstead of one and in my marathon training runs. Would be interesting.
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Take A Deep Breath

  35. Marci says

    I have somewhat hit a brick wall as far as fitness so this would help me get to exactly where I want to be! This looks like an amazing product!

  36. Erin says

    I would really love this because I have been in a regular fitness routine for the last 7 months that includes cycling, weight training and other cardio. It would be great to track my activity level and see how many calories I am burning in my workouts!

  37. Ashley says

    I NEED the armband because I am just starting to get back into shape and on the right track for eating and can not afford a nutritionist. I feel like this is the next best thing! Going through law school and working-this would definitely be a huge help towards my fitness goals!

  38. SARAH says

    Hey Courtney!

    This armband would be so beneficial for me training for my 1/2 marathon! fuelling my body dependent on the calories I am burning is so important and this would be so helpful!


  39. Allison says

    I need the Fit Core armband to help me gain a little weight. I’ve started running more regularly and I’m always hungry. The armband would help me figure out how many more calories I need to take in to fuel my workouts.

  40. Lorrie says

    I love this! What a great device. I would use this to help lose those last few inches and to track my output vs. intake.

  41. Emily says

    What an awesome giveaway! I need one of the armbands because I just started a new job where I am at a desk all day, and this would be great for helping me figure out how I need to adjust the number of calories I consume and my activity levels to fit my new lifestyle!

  42. Jessica W. says

    I am a grad student, which means I do a lot of sitting (and can’t afford any luxuries like this 😉 ) ! This armband would help me create, motivate and be accountable to my fitness goals! I would LOVE to have one!

  43. jenna says

    I would use this to get back in shape after some time off due to a surgery. Between working, embarking on a big move, and helping my husband finish residency, it would be awesome to have one less thing to manually keep track of!

  44. Meghan says

    I need this armband! I tend to lose track of that handful of almonds here or that one piece of candy after lunch… it would be great to be able to track it so easily!!

  45. Lindsey says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to have this so that I can see how many calories that I am burning throughout the day and specifically when I am running. I am running not to lose weight, but to stay in shape, so I would love to see how many calories I need afterward in order to properly refuel my body.

  46. says

    I need the Core Armband to help me lose that last 10 pounds for good! I exercise and eat right every day, but I just need that extra little help that the Core Armband would give to me! :)
    Sammy Jo recently posted..Weekly Recap

  47. says

    I would love this! I’m in a high stress, busy graduate program, and when I’m feeling the stress, my diet and exercise seem to be the first things to go out the window. I’d love to have this reminder to take better care of my body.
    Sarah Griffis recently posted..New Theme: Retro-fitted

  48. Lauren says

    This looks like the body bugg, something I’ve been dying to try but never was able to put money towards. I’d love to win this!!

  49. Minda says

    What a great giveaway! I recently joined my Y about 3 months ago and started taking spinning classes. I am hooked and I would love to track my progress since I am a fitness newbie :)

  50. Kaelin says

    OH, these things are soooo cool!! My mom has had her eye on one for months now, so I would love to win one and give it to her! I have a garmin that tracks my heart rate and gives me calories out and I track meals online, but just wearing an arm band to do that all day would be awesome!

  51. Rachel says

    WOW this looks amazing! I’m the maid of honor in two weddings this summer and this would be a great way to track progress as I try to get in shape! Great giveaway!

  52. Amanda says

    I would love to try this product so much! What really intrigues me is how it can analyze how good or bad your sleep was.

  53. Megan says

    I have wanted one of these gadgets for so long! I’m finding that keeping up with healthy eating, exercise, and sleep in college is difficult – this would be a huge help :]

  54. Nicole says

    Awesome! This is something that I’d never be able to purchase for myself – I’d feel guilty spending the money! But what an awesome tool – this would really provide a ton of insight that you really can’t get elsewhere!

  55. Hilary says

    I work 60+ hours a week at a desk job and would love to have an idea of how many calories I am burning so I could finally lose those last 10 pounds!

  56. Hillary says

    I NEED the BodyMedia FIT CORE because I am trying to lose weight the healthy way in 2012, and I sometimes struggle to see where my balance is off between diet and exercise. This would give me a great way to measure where I am missing the bar at.

  57. Kari says

    I would actually give this as a gift to my mother who has been wanting this exact armband! She has been mentioning something about it for the past couple months!

  58. Emily says

    I would love to win this because I would really like to know exactly what I’m burning. I actually was just looking at this at costco over the weekend.

  59. Chrissy says

    What a wonderful giveway. I have seen this many times and have always wanted to try it out but never wanted to pay that much money. I have about 25 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I struggle with knowing the amount of calories i should be consuming ( as all sites tell you something differet) and to better account for the calories burned while working out.

  60. says

    This is such a neat tool! I think that I need the arm band because I tend to get out-of-tune with my body in terms of knowing how many calories I need one day opposed to another. When I exercise, I know I need more, but it would be nice to know how much!
    Cindy recently posted..Bullfighting in Spain

  61. Bethany says

    I need the core armband because it would help me know how many calories I am consuming and help me get the nutrition I need for as much as I run. My nutritionist wants me eating 2200 calories a day and with trying to calculate on my own is impossible-I never get enough! This would make it easier!

  62. Lindsey says

    I would love the Core Armband because I want to make sure that I’m consuming enough calories to sustain my exercise and get pregnant! I think this tool would be great!

  63. Deena H. says

    I would LOVE a CORE armband because I’m getting married in less than 4 months and need a little friend to help me track my workouts and motivate me even more to reach my fitness goals!

  64. Lisa says

    Ahh! I have been wanting one of these for so long–I have no idea how many calories I actually burn in a day (or how many I should eat), and I would love to stop guesstimating! :)

  65. Stacey says

    I would love to give the Core Armband a try to help me see how many calories a day I am burning in order to help me land on a nutrition plan that works for me. I work in retail so am on my feet 7-9 hours a day and I work out on top of that, I try to eat right but at the end of the day I find sometimes I have no energy. I think i am not getting enough calories, but then I end up snacking at night and over compensating. This sounds like a tool that could really help me find a happy medium!

  66. Niki says

    Sounds like a great product. I am actually mostly interested in the sleep functions. I often wake up tired and don’t remember waking up during the night. I would love to see my sleep patterns with this.

  67. amy marantino says

    i think that this would help motivate me since i would have a record of what i am doing.. watching the results would be a way to feel that i have accomplished something each day.

  68. Jordan K says

    Wow, awesome giveaway! Hope you are having fun on vacation!

    The BodyMedia Fit Core product looks like it would be useful in many ways, but I think for myself keeping track of calories burned versus calories consumed would really help me to keep me on track with healthy eating better!

  69. Zoey says

    Ok I may be a big dork but I would love to know the quality of my sleep… I have struggled with insomnia forever and always wonder what the quality of my sleep is when I get it.. I’d be really curious to find out more about that feature. The other stuff sounds very useful too!

  70. Marie says

    I really need the armband! Recently I have been diagnosed with some health issues and one of the most important things the doctor told me to do was exercise! But I usually get nervous about exercising because I tend to loose too many calories (I am underweight) This will be awesome on tracking the amount of calories I need!!!!

  71. Natalie says

    I would love this arm band because I do a lot of workouts at home and never really know how many calories I am burning.

  72. kylee says

    I would love this because it has everything in one tiny band! instead of me having a million little things telling me what is going on!

  73. says

    I always have trouble over or under estimating how many calories I eat in a day. Plus I always wonder how many calories I’ve burned after a workout – knowing the number on the cardio machines is usually incorrect…the BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband would help me out so much! Sounds like a great product.
    Ellen recently posted..The Most Magical Place on Earth?

  74. Olivia Hill says

    I would love, love, love to win a CORE armband! I’ve been fighting with these last 10 pounds for too long and an armband like this would really help me accomplish my goal!!

  75. ashley says

    i NEED this lil’ gadget bc i work out a lot and i’m not sure how many calories i’m burning, therefore, how much to eat to refuel my body.

  76. marci says

    I need this for two reasons one I didn’t get it for christmas and really wanted it,
    and 2 i can’t afford to buy this on my own but I know it would help me in many way.

  77. Michelle S. says

    It would be great to see how many calories my body is burning vs. the amount of calories that I’m eating and burning during workouts. What a great gadget that I need for keeping me motivated while I work on this healthy lifestyle change. :)

  78. Alex says

    These things look awesome!! I’ve seen people using them like on the biggest loser and I would love to try myself. It would be great to get an accurate reading of the calories i burn throughout the day since I am trying to lose a little bit of weight.

  79. Maggie says

    I would love to see where I am at as compared to where I think I’m at when it comes to calorie intake and calorie burning :)

  80. says

    I NEED one of this because I have trouble keeping up with calories burned/counted. If I could keep a journal, that would be one thing – but I don’t have the time or patience to write that stuff down all day! Looks like such a fun tool to use! Hope you’re having a BLAST in Mexico!

  81. says

    I NEED this because I’ve just started intensely working out and have quickly realized that machines do not give accurate calories burned. I would love to know how many I am really burning and getting the most out of my workouts
    Elle recently posted..WILW: Guest & Jewelry

  82. Emily says

    I would love this system as I am very active and would like to see exactly how many calories I actually am burning. I’m sure I way overestimate so it’d be nice to see actual numbers.

  83. says

    I’m very active (and on a strict budget) and would love to have an accurate tool for measuring how many calories I’m burning…I’m currently keeping a food journal/counting calories and it’s hard to know sometimes how much extra I should eat to “make up” for the calories I spent working out–this band would be SO helpful for that!
    Danica @ It’s Progression Not Perfection recently posted..Appreciate Their Sacrifices: Embrace Our Blessings

  84. says

    I’ve been using a Fitbit and calorie counting program for almost 2 years now and I think I’ve hit a wall. I just can’t seem to get back into the weight loss groove I had last year. I’m about 16 lbs from my goal and it seems impossible right now. I’m hoping a new gadget will inspire me to get moving again!
    Lauren recently posted..Cruising the Bahamas – Monday

  85. Sue says

    I recently lost 90 pounds and am getting just a little too “comfortable.” I think this would be great to get me back on track with activity, etc. It would be great to see how many calories I’m burning, etc.


  86. Diana says

    I estimate the number of calories i burn a day by using an app on my ipad, but always wanted to know my actualy calorie burn! This would be very helpful!

  87. Kelly says

    I am dyinggg to try this CORE Armband so that it can help me recommit to my fitness goals and (accurately) track my progress!

  88. Sarah Elizabeth says

    I would love to know how accurate my own calculations are, in regards to exercise. The sleep component is fascinating to me!

  89. Erin G says

    I am fairly clueless when it comes to how many calories I need to consume, how many I’ve actually consumed, etc., so this would be fantastic!

  90. Courtney says

    This woul dbe awesome to get a closer look at my daily activity and consumption since I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with my weighloss!

  91. Katie says

    Would love this simply to see how many calories I’m really burning in a day. It would be a great tool to help keep on top of my goals!

  92. Ashleigh says

    I’ve sort of reached a plateau with my health and fitness goals, and I would love something to hold me accountable and be a useful tool.

  93. Ellie says

    I am a college student and I work part time. I am always finding ways to stream line my life. BodyMedia would be perfect for that.

  94. says

    It really would be interesting to see just how many calories you actually burn in a day! I wouldn’t use it every day because for me, that seems a little compulsive, but I have often wondered about how many calories I actually do burn! Recently someone told me they eat 1,700 calories and work out vigorously 6 days a week…..and that that works for them. If they eat more, they feel stuffed, as if they ate too much. I was SHOCKED! I think I eat at least 1,700 calories on days I DON’T work out! When I was thinking about this, I was really curious just how many I’m burning! It’d be interesting…

  95. Erin says

    I need this armband, because I do many different exercises and want to see which ones burn the most calories! Also, I want to compare non-active days with highly-active ones in terms of how much I walk…it all adds up!

  96. Stephanie says

    With summer right around the corner I’d love to know how many calories I’m burning so I can get back into swim suit shape!

  97. Jenn S. says

    I would love to have one to these. I don’t own a garmin or have no idea how many calories i burn when i exercise. This is awesome!

  98. Kathy says

    I would really really love to try one of these! lately, my jeans have just become uncomfortably tight and it would be great to have something get me back on track by letting me know how much i’m burning every day vs. consuming :)

  99. Kate says

    Wow, this is awesome! I would love to have one to help me finally shed this extra 20lbs I’ve gained in the past few years!

  100. April Miller-Rose says

    I would love to have one to keep a more accurate journal of my progress and daily totals. I love writing in my journal all my accomplishments for the day and how i felt. This would be an excellent extra to have just to see HOW much is actually going on in your body! 😀

  101. Stephanie Walter says

    I need one of these because I am currently pregnant with my 2nd kiddo, and after my first, I worked my butt off to get back into shape. Now round two! After this pregnancy is over, it most likely will be my last, I will want to work my butt off, AGAIN, to get myself back in shape. Using the Fit Core Armband to do this will definitely help in this department!!!

  102. Jenna @ A Fit Girl's Martini says

    I need a Core Armband because I am a personal trainer, and I would love to keep track of how many calories I actually burn during different types of workouts. That way, I can give a better estimation to my clients!

  103. stacey says

    Have been interested in getting something similar to this, but i can’t make myself spend the money on one. I would use it to track my input/output and make adjustments to my food intake.

  104. says

    I love that it incorporates food tracking with more accurate daily activity logging. So many websites just estimate how much you’ve burned! This would be perfect for me since I’m currently on a running hiatus and still trying to maintain my weight with just cycling and strength training.

  105. Amanda Z says

    I would love to know how many calories I burn a day and how much I sleep! I have heard good things about this product and would love to try it to make sure I stay on track with my weight loss and maintenance goals!

  106. says

    Wow – that’s quite an armband! I am on week 3 of the Couch to 5K plan and also counting WW points – I would love to see how many calories I am burning with my new exercise plan!

  107. sherri says

    I would love to have the CORE armband because I am working hard to get back in shape after a few years off taking care of a sick family member. It’s been tough but I know it will be worth it!

  108. Kelly says

    i would love the CORE armband so i can accurately track the number of calories i burn. i am trying to better track my workouts and this would lead me a step in the right direction!!

  109. Lisa Meyer says

    OMG, I soooooo need this! I am 47-years old and am finally getting serious about getting in shape and losing weight as I am a Type 2 Diabetic. I also love gadgets and tracking things. This would so help me out. Thanks!!

  110. Nicole N says

    agh I neeeed one of these!! It would be amazing to keep track of all these staticstics so I can know how much I am eating in comparison to what my body is burning daily with excercise!

  111. says

    I would LOVE a BodyMedia FIT CORE armband to help me learn more about my overall workouts (calories burned would help understanding how to better fuel my body. I’ve also never had anything like this before! What an AWESOME giveaway! :)

  112. Laurel C says

    I’m notoriously horrible for either consuming TOO many or TOO little calories each day, and it’d be amazing if I could have a way that I could accurately see how many I SHOULD be consuming!

  113. Amy says

    A Core Armband would help me to achieve my fitness and weightless goals by making me more accountable. It will show me the areas that I am lacking and can improve upon. It would also be interesting to see how much sleep I am actually getting vs what I think I am getting!

  114. Alana says

    I’m also Tweeting this!!

    I need the Body Media FITCORE arm band because I don’t think I realize how many calories I burn in a day. I honestly think I’m short changing myself necessarily!

    Also I’ve been having trouble sleeping because of the curvature of my lower back and I think if I have something that can track how well I sleep, I can see what positions, pillows, etc. will work better for me to get a good night sleep!

  115. Kathleen says

    How cool is this fitness tool. I would love to have one. Having access to the daily data would be handy. Monitoring not only calories burned and taken in but hours of sleep as well. Because getting enough sleep seems to be a big challenge for all of us busy ladies. Would be a great tool to keep me on track ! :) It isn’t going to do the work for me–but it will encourage me to.

  116. Alexa says

    I have been looking for something like this that is worthwhile and accurate. This loos so neat and I would love to use ot daily to lose about 10 lbs!

  117. Cassie says

    I NEED this. I’ve been doing some high intensity workout classes and would love to know how many calories I’m burning!!

  118. Amy Glockner says

    I just had twins and I am starting my get back in shape journey. This will make keeping track of my progress ALOT easier. Thanks Courtney!!!!

  119. Mary says

    Oh my gosh, I would LOVE THIS! I have been trying to control my eating and finally lose the last 5 pounds. This would make everything SO much easier!

  120. Erin says

    I would love to use this for exercise and calories but mainly for sleeping — I wake up several times in the night so I wonder how “quality” my sleep is.

  121. Katie says

    I would LOVE LOVE to win the Body Media FITCORE arm band!! I am finding it really difficult to manage my calorie intake v increase in activity!

  122. Laurie says

    I need one because I’m about to have surgery and want to know how much food I will need to eat while in recovery. Also, when better, I need it to really know how much activity I am doing/cals I am burning and need to intake. It looks awesome.

  123. Gabby says

    i NEED one of these because knowing information about MY body (as opposed to the generic body what I read information about all the time) would help me eat and workout in a more balanced way!

  124. Stacy says

    I could definitely use this! Working in healthcare always has me running around and I always wonder how many calories I have burned that day.

  125. Nicole says

    I would love to own one of these! I think it would be really helpful in not only trying to lose weight but to make sure I am eating enough. I tend to struggle with knowing how much I should eat for my activity level each day.

  126. Brooke Lemmons says

    Who doesn’t need one? These seem much easier to use than imputing everything in to an iphone app. I’ve wanted one for a long time to help get these pesky 10 pounds off and this would be a great help to achieve that.

  127. hannah says

    I need this because, it would be amazing to get the break down on calories in and calories out! it would be a great experience to have one!

  128. Kait says

    Ah! i have heard about these bands and always been intrigued— although as a graduate student, the price has always deterred me from purchasing one! I would love to use one of these as I (recover from a running injury and HOPEFULLY) start my marathon training again.

    Great give away! Hope Mexico is awesome!

  129. Tori says

    That product sounds great! I’d love to win it and give it to my fiance actually, he is doing his best to take better care of himself and this could really help him along!

  130. susan says

    Anything that will help me get more excited and motivated to push myself during workouts is a big plus for me. This sounds great but more than I could afford to buy myself.

  131. says

    I NEED this armband. Most of my exercise takes place away from machines with the calorie counters that you can at least use for guesstimating (apparently that is a real word – who knew?). As a result, 90% of the time when I work out I have no clue how much I have burned. This armband would be so helpful! But with a price tag like that, this college girl can’t afford to just go buy one : (

  132. Molly says

    As a nursing student and desk job employee I would love the armband to compare my stats from day to day to see where/when I’m slacking!!

  133. Tina M says

    This is great! I would LOVE to win one of these. I am pregnant and due in July and this would be a huge help in hopes of getting my pre baby body back!

  134. says

    I need one of these because I always feel the cardio equipment gives terrible read outs on calories burned. I really need to make sure I am replacing all my calories burned right now since I am breastfeeding and have to make sure I am eating enough!

  135. Nicole D says

    I have always been very strict with how I eat and careful to stay healthy and in shape but as a college student it is very hard to always stay aware of the calories I’m consuming. I think this product would be an amazing boost to my diet plans and to help me lose the extras pounds I’ve been trying to fight off. Also what a better way to stick to my college budget than to be able to win it for free!

  136. Kristina says

    This sounds like a great tool to use and seems user friendly. I have been trying to count my calorie consumed and burned off so this would be a great help. I have about 8lbs of baby weight I’m still trying to get off I can use anything that will help.

  137. Kara says

    I’ve been looking for something just like this! I’m a college student and I walk all over campus and I’m alway curious how many steps I take per day! This would awesome to have!

  138. Lara F. says

    I’d love one of these because I’m interested in my workout stats, but also my ever day stats. I walk a lot in a day, just going to classes and stuff, so it’d be great to know my stats for those every day things. :)

  139. Laura says

    Wow, this looks fantastic! I’m trying to reach my goal weight and would use this to help me achieve it since I’d have a better sense of my calorie burn. I’m also not the best sleeper and would love to see what this tells me.

  140. Jen N says

    I have looked at these online buaven’t wanted to pay that price for one. I still have 55lbs to lose and think one of these would help.

  141. Annie says

    I would love this! I’m getting married in July and somehow since last summer I have put on ten pounds, and my eating habits haven’t changed and I still workout regularly. Using this maybe I could get rid of those ten pounds before I walk down the aisle.

  142. says

    Wow look at all these comment! Its great. I do better and stay much more motivated with a coach I have found. After going to cross fit this summer, he pushes me a lot harder than I would ever push myself. One of these bands would provide me with the motivation and coaching and tracking I really need to stay on track. Especially at school. I am actually really interested in how I sleep too, some days I wake up feeling exhausted and others I don’t, its weird! XOX enjoy your trip!

  143. Emily says

    I just started trying to get back in shape and have been considering buying something like this! I think it would be a great way to stay motivated!

  144. Staci says

    This would be so awesome to have. I have a very sedentary job and I always struggle with wondering how many calories I am actually using during the day while at work. I think this may be just the tool that I need to really manage a healthy lifestyle given my sedentary job and active weekend lifestyle.

  145. Susan says

    I would love one of these! I’m a bean counter so I’m all about tangible numbers to measure my accomplishements. I think it would help spur me on to do more.

  146. Donna says

    I need this because I think I am doing more in terms of burning calories but if I had this I would know exactly how much I am burning and where adjustments need to be made. I could then adjust the amount of calories I consume or increase my exercise.

  147. Karleen says

    This armband is amazing! I demo-ed the “bodybugg” version that 24hour fitness gyms sell and it seemed pretty accurate. Unfortunately, I had to give it back to the owner after a couple weeks. It is very easy to use and I would be very excited to be able to have one of my own! Ideally, I would like to lose the 10-15 I have gained since being at my prime weight and body about 1yr ago. I feel like this would help keep me motivated and actually follow through with my goals.

  148. Lisa says

    Oh my, I need this because I’m currently trying to gain weight and its so hard trying to figure out how much I burn vs. how much I need to eat!

  149. Bre says

    I just feel so confused about how my body works. Sometimes one thing works, and a few weeks later it doesn’t anymore. I want to see how sleeping and movement can affect my well being. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  150. emily jo says

    i work out every day and i always wonder how much i have burned, like really? some days i would need something like that to push me to do a good full workout instead of a halfass workout– it would also be nice to know so i could indulge some fro yos! ;P

  151. Kelsey says

    I’d love to win the armband–I keep track of my calories in a “general” range but it would be awesome to win this and see how close I am!

  152. Megan says

    With all the exercise I do, I’d love to know how many calories I REALLY need for optimal performance!!!! This would be PERFECT!!!!

  153. Karen says

    Wow what a great giveaway Courtney! I have always wanted to purchase one of these, but have not been able to afford it on a students budget:). I have been trying to lose the same 10 lbs for years and have not figured out the magic number of calories in and out. This tool would be a great way to track everything.

  154. Erica says

    I would LOVE to try the FIT CORE armband. I have a hard time figuring out exactly how much to eat based on what I am burning through exercise and I think this would be tremendously helpful!

  155. says

    I have lost 15 pounds so far and have about 9 to go. I would love this armband to help me figure out who I’m plateauing and to finally reach my goal weight!

  156. Anna says

    I would like to win the Core Armband because I usually go for runs outside and this would be a terrific way of tracking how many calories I’m actually burning! :)

  157. Andrea says

    I need one of these bad boys to help me control what I eat vs. what I burn during the day! I am not very active and would love to know where I am at! :-)

  158. karla says

    I would use this to help me on my jouney to a healthier lifestyle. I just started exercising regularly but I never know if I am balancing calories in vs. calories out. this would be awesome!

  159. Blair B says

    It would be awesome to see how many calories I burn in a day and how many I consume so I can have a healthy balance between the two!

  160. Amanda says

    I need the armband because I’m trying to lose some baby weight that I gained. I would love to look hawt for my trip to Vegas in April!!

  161. says

    I really have been dying to get one of these! To be honest, I am such a frugal person that I never want to dish out the money for these things, LOL. I would use it to compare a lot of things, like how HIIT burns more than steady-state! I would do a lot of fun little experiments like that. :)

  162. Danielle says

    This looks great.. i’ve found it hard to have motivation to go to the gym during the winter months. this could help me get back in the swing of things with something new (:

  163. elaina says

    This is AMAZING!! I’ve always wanted something like this but the price had always been a high factor. Would LOVE to have one!!

  164. says

    How awesome! I would love a core band because I am so anal with calories and I need help. I lost weight and now I am starting to gain it back! A device like this will help me to strive at being better. It’s a great incentive!! if I don’t win, I think I’m going to buy one. I always wanted one and you presented it well!
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers recently posted..Cinnamon Apple Pancakes

  165. Tami says

    I would use this for tracking activity and calories. I have put on weight and I cannot seem to lose it! I would love one of these!!! :)

  166. Elizabeth says

    I don’t trust the calorie counters at the gym … I’d love to be able to track the calories burned at workouts, so interesting! :)

  167. Nicki says

    Holy cow! I want to win this so bad! :) I have a wedding in September and would love to track everything…I’m feeling a little motivation boost would help. With moving to a new city, starting a new job, renting now and looking for a new home, and planning a wedding….I think I’ve covered 75% of the ‘Life Stressors’ in the past 3 months. And still going strong, ha!
    Thanks for hosting Courtney!

  168. says

    I’ve been looking at these for a little while now. It was either this or the Body Bugg. But it seems like a pretty good gadget! I could use this to keep myself in check as the wedding gets closer. It seems more fun than WW! :)

  169. Rachel B says

    I’ve been dying for one of these after seeing them on BL. I feel like the treadmill/etc aren’t accurate calorie counters and I’m never sure how much I’m really burning. Which means I don’t know how many cookies I can eat :)

  170. Jordan P says

    Even though I have a HRM, I think this looks like a more complete package. I’d love to have one of these to track ALL the things all the time, not just when I’m being a workout Barbie.

  171. Lauren R says

    i would love this! i am in grad school right now and trying to lose the 15 or so elle-bees- it’s so hard to counteract the sedentary nature of sitting in class all day and studying at night- this would be great!

  172. says

    I need one of these! I’ve become a lot more active and packed on so much more lean muscle than I’ve ever had and I don’t have a clue as to how much I need to be eating! Also really curious to find out my sleeping patterns.
    Ellen @ Undercover Runner Eats recently posted..2.20.12

  173. Rachelle says

    As a college student, sorority sister, student government senator, with two jobs who is striving to stay healthy and incorporate workouts into my schedule, it can be very stressful and hard to keep track of my fitness progress. This arm band would DEFINITELY help me in my health and fitness goals!!

  174. Laura says

    I need one of these !! I’m a nurse, and its so hard to track how many calories I need per day, because everyday is so different for me ! Some days I’m sitting, other days I dont stop moving–Such a great giveaway!

  175. Lindsay says

    I’m having foot surgery next month and won’t be able to exercise for awhile. This would help me track my steps and other activities to make sure I am getting in enough movement everyday!

  176. rachel s says

    I never seem to trust the machine, and always try to avoid it. Plus it be cool to see the inner workings of the daily grind, and what happens throughout the day.

  177. Michelle Binkley says

    I could REALLY use this thing. Especially since I did an HOUR-LONG Bob Harper workout today, then checked my “cheapo” HR moniter and read that it thinks I burned ZERO calories…Really? zero? tell THAT to my muscles!

  178. Laura Kaufman says

    I would love to have a CORE armband becauce it would keep my physical activity in check so that I would know how to eat for my activity level.

  179. Haley says

    I would love something like this to help me lose those stubborn last 10 lbs.! I feel healthy and strong and would love to knock this last part out of the park!

  180. Jody says

    Wow, what an awesome device this is. I would certainly love a BodyMedia Fit Core arm band to help me with actually being able to track my data. I have went back and forth with the idea of doing a show, and I think a device like this could absolutely be a vital tool in prepping for a show!

    Love your blog…have a great time in Mexico!

  181. Taylor says

    I always used to rely on the machines for calories burned until I recently figured out how inaccurate they are! One of these would be perfect for my workouts!

  182. Kelly says

    I would definitely use this to help keep me on track with my weight loss and exercise goal because it is the ultimate test of accountability! I have always wanted something like this since seeing what they use on the Biggest Loser!

    I also tweeted about this giveaway!

  183. Jackie says

    i would LOVE to have this awesome armband!! i think the stats it tracks daily is awesome! i’d love to know my actual stats from workouts, calories burned & calories consumed, that way i can find a healthy balance (especially since i want to start training for my first 1/2 marathon)! awesome giveaway!

  184. Crystal says

    This would be amazing to use since I am trying to lose weight and so far I am having a really hard time… I am just stuck in the same place I have been for the month or two.

  185. Carsen says

    I’ve wanted this very band for the last three years. I have obsessed over it but could never justify the cost. I want to be able to track the amount of calories, especially right now – I have a broken foot and should be reducing calories, but I’m not sure to what! This would help immensely.

  186. Lisa says

    This looks like a great way to help me lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained since starting college. It would especially help since I could never afford one on my own (college student budget :/ ). Such a great giveaway!

  187. Molly says

    I’m looking to get more steps in around my campus, and keep track of my overall health. Lately, college has been very stressful and my healthy habits have been slipping a little. I’m looking to get back into gear, and something like this would really help. :)

  188. Cathy says

    I’ve recently been counting my calories and this would make it much easier in terms of tracking! Paying. Attention to the numbers has been really effective an this tool seems so accurate and easy to use!

  189. Sammy says

    I would use this everyday! It is the perfect thing to help keep me on track while in my first year of law school. To say I am stressed and at a loss for time is an understatement. This armband would help me stay on track and avoid the bad late night habits I’ve started while studying.

  190. Emily says

    That CORE arm band sounds awesome! I’m one of those people that tries to track my calorie intake and burn very very closely, but it’s really tricky to figure out how many calories you’ve burned without something like that! I’m always looking for ways to keep myself healthy, and this sounds great for that :)

  191. Sarah says

    I really need this!!! I have been at a plateau now for at least 6 months. I know it is partly what I eat and I exercise 2+ hours 5 days a week. My body is changing but my weight isn’t. I would love to be able to see stats on activity and meals.

  192. Liz says

    Omg, I need a FIT CORE Armband because I have always been curious about tracking calories in and out, and my activity levels. but I can’t afford something like this at the moment. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. says

    Wow, this product sounds right up my alley! For months, I’ve been trying to keep track of my fitness progress, eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, etc. in an attempt to get back into fitness shape. But I’m just having a lot of difficulty following my own progress, and why, most of the time, I find myself not getting the results I think I should be getting. Asking, “What am I doing wrong?” most of the time. This product seems like it would help track that information for me so I truly understand how I’m living each day.

    Also, I really hope to promote healthy living habits through my work as an occupational therapist. This would be a great tool to recommend to patients who are interested in making changes in their daily habits, as well.

  194. melanie says

    This would be a great overall way to monitor my health. I am especially interested in seeing if my sleep is adequate for the amount of activity I do!

  195. Rose Finley says

    honestly I really feel like I need the bodymedia fit armband because I am obese and really trying hard to lose weight and I’m having a hard time. I feel like this will at least give me a idea of what I am doing and what more I need to do. I really been eyeing this for monthes but we really can’t afford it so winning one would be great

  196. Dana says

    I need a Fit Core Armband to give myself some knowledge of how many calories my body is burning so I can make sure I am giving it enough nutrients!

  197. says

    I need a core armband because I have gained a few pounds that I am now trying to lose! I am eating healthy and exercising but for some reason they just aren’t coming off! I think this product would enable me to visually see where I am going wrong! Thanks for the opportunity!!!
    Stellina @ My Yogurt Addiction recently posted..And The Winner is…

  198. Josie says

    Wow, what a great giveaway-this product seems to have it all! I’ve been making an effort to engage in a variety of activities, so it would be really helpful and encouraging to see my motion from 3 different axes!

  199. Danielle says

    I would LOVE to give the bodymedia armband to my father. He has been working hard to lose weight, stop smoking, cut down on caffeine, and increase his activity level since he underwent heart surgery in late November. He has a ways to go, but has been putting in the effort. I think this would be a great reward and really help him see his progress. I have actually been researching them for a while, so I was psyched to see the give away.

  200. Michelle says

    I couldn’t afford this so I bought a FITBIT for $99.95 with free shipping. If you don’t win the giveaway this might be an option. Best part FITBIT does all this does and tracks for free. Oh and it sync’s with and several other apps. The sleep tracker was amazing to see how many times you woke up, what time, your sleep efficiency. Just another option.

  201. says

    As a college student balancing a life of academics and healthy living I need the BodyMedia FIT CORE in order to help me figure out the best way to attain my fitness goals. I am completely clueless if I am eating enough or too many calories for the amount I am working out, and think this device will be useful to help me figure out that balance, in addition to helping me track my progress
    Kayla recently posted..Valentine’s Day

  202. Kim says

    First–thank YOU Courtney for a great review of what looks to be a great product. That being said, if I won this; I would give it to a client I currently train. Having some great feedback through the use of this device would benefit her immensely. She has really struggled with losing weight these last six months, although she is dedicated and works very very hard. She is a single mother of 4 children–2 of them have cystic fibrosis. She is working so hard to provide a regular income for them through a home cosmetics business. Her husband was killed unexpectedly in a car accident just a little over 3 years ago. It would be great and so meaningful if I could give her something like this.

    Thanks again!

  203. Rachael G @RationalRachael says

    Loved your review! I’ve been struggling with gaining and losing the same 25lbs for the past 8 yrs. I’m currently back to trying to lose it, and this is the hardest I’ve worked to lose weight, and it’s not working! Recently, I invested in some personal training sessions to get more out of my gym time, and my trainer let me borrow his Body Media FIT armband and I was impressed! I even got over a plateau! Sadly, the training sessions depleted my budget so I haven’t purchased one yet. I need to win this product so that this will be the LAST time I lose this weight!

  204. says

    I would love to win this! As someone new to working out, I’d love to know how many calories i’m burning, etc. I typically have no idea how many calories I should be eating when I work out and I’d love to use it to help in my weight loss. Thank you!

  205. Stephanie says

    This item sounds amazing! I am currently focused on losing 15-20 pounds and this product would really help aid in my attempt. I also love the fact that it monitors the quality of your sleep.

  206. Carly says

    I would love to have this band to keep track of things like my heart rate so that I can see what type of workout works best for me!

  207. Caitlin F. says

    Ahh! I’ve been wanting one of these. Although I eat well, I struggle with balancing calories consumed with calories burned. I think it’d really help keep me in line. Great giveaway.

  208. Tammy says

    I would love to win this. I have a new baby and have been having a hard time dropping this last 20 lbs. I know it could really help me!

  209. Karen says

    I was just looking into this, and I would love one! For me it’d be great as I’m trying to lose weight, to know how many calories I burn throughout the day. But the sleep tracking aspect of it also intrigues me…maybe it’ll help me figure out why I’m often tired. What a cool product!

  210. Sam says

    Would love to win one of these! I’m trying to put on a few pounds of muscle and this would help me make sure I’m taking in enough calories.

  211. Taryn says

    I have been having a hard time losing/maintaining my weight lately and am frustrated almost to the point of giving up. My clothes aren’t fitting and I want to know that I’m on the right track with calories, which is hard to know when I’m only 4’9″. I eat healthy, exercise when possible and make conscious efforts in my everyday choices. This would help me so much!

  212. Leah says

    I have been very dedicated to working out and a healthy lifestyle for about a year and a half now. I basically started over when it comes to my thoughts in food and exercise and the importance of both. I think it would be great to have the arm band because it would help me on my journey to a greater fitness and health level. With a
    Very precocious five year old I don’t always have the time to sit down and analyze everything and see how many calories I am burning. This product would be extremely useful to me.

  213. Keri says

    I NEED this because I am trying to gain weight. I am having a hard time getting in enough calories to gain while working out and doing nursing clinicals! This would give me clear and definite numbers to make sure I am getting in the fuel I need!

  214. Allison F. says

    This sounds like a very useful exercise tool. I am on my feet a lot during the day at my job and I never know how many calories I am actually burning. I always guesstimate how many calories I am eating but it would be nice to actually see how accurate it is.

  215. Karina says

    It would be so awesome to know how many calories I’m burning during normal activities during the day!! Really cool product!:)

  216. Erin says

    I could really use this because I sometimes pretend the calories in cereal and cookies “don’t count”. In all honestly I would love a better idea of how much I am burning during my workouts.

  217. Kelly says

    I’m still trying to lose baby weight and learning how to balance exercise, healthy eating, and sleeping with a baby. Work and raising a child doesn’t leave much time for exercise so it would be great to have this device to help!

  218. Stephany says

    I’ve seen this before and have always wanted to try it. I need it because I have a 13-hour desk job and need to remind myself to get more active!

  219. says

    Being able to track your health and fitness is the ultimate way to stay accountable for your diet efforts. I would love to have this easy and accurate way of tracking myself…especially with Lent coming up and all the resolutions that come around this time of year. :)
    Nicole recently posted..Regularity….

  220. Marjorie says

    I need one of these to help me realize how many calories I am burning on a daily basis versus estimates! Plus I think it would help me revamp my workout goals!

  221. Kathleen says

    What a great tool to keep you HONEST in our workouts and nutrition. And because it tracks sleep– it may just be the thing to get us to bed at a decent time :)

  222. Angie says

    I have been suffering from extreme leg pain for several months. After trying various things, I figured out the leg pain is caused by wheat/gluten! I have cut out both, but am still struggling with finding a balance of nutrients in other foods. The BodyMedia Fit would help with that as well as keeping me on track with exercise. What a great giveaway! Thanks so much!

  223. says

    My wedding is just two and a half months away and I’ve got a few pounds to lose! It’s crunch time and Id love the help of the CORE armband! Awesome giveaway, Courtney :-)
    Merrie recently posted..A Shih Tzu

  224. Kate says

    I’ve been looking for a heart-rate/activity monitor to up my fitness goals….but I’m not sure I love the chest-band idea. I’ve had my eye on this one instead!

  225. Brittany V says

    This is pretty cool! We have been doing a “biggest loser” competition at work – and I’ve been working at it pretty hard – this would be a great help! Plus, I’m all about data, so this is right up my alley!

  226. Cassandra P says

    I would use it to help me with the plateau i have reached in my fitness. It would be interesting to see the accurate calorie count. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and great motivator :)

  227. Kristen says

    What an awesome device! I would really benefit from something like this because it’s so easy to fall victim to the calorie burns on the gym machines, even though I know they’re greatly over-estimated.

  228. Jessica says

    This intrigues me!! i would love one to make sure I’m fueling proper after a workout and to see how many calories I am buring during a workout because I am sure the treadmill/elliptical calorie counters are off!

  229. tracy pennebaker says

    I have a terrible problem with weight fluctuations and am trying to get back down to my happy body weight. I think this product would really help me achieve success.

  230. Arimey says

    I have heard so much about these and have considered purchasing one, but the cost always keeps me from just going for it. I have such a hard time losing weight, even though I track my food daily online. I feel like this would be a HUGE help in figuring out how many calories I’m actually burning on a daily basis, which would assist in my.meal planning. I really, really hope I win!

  231. Megan H says

    I would love to be able to accurately know how many calories I’m taking in vs how many I’m burning during exercise! I love tracking data but I know I often over or underestimate values. This would be a great tool to help me stay on track!

  232. Samantha Simon says

    I’ve been looking at the body media band, but can’t work it into my budget right now. The past few months have been tough, and the pounds have piled on. I’m hoping to lose all my newly gained weight, but measuring how many calories I burn has proven tough. I think the body media band would be a great asset to my weight loss.

  233. Courtney says

    I have been wanting one of these forever! I think they are so cool – and I definitely need one. I try very hard to lead a balanced & healthy lifestyle, but sometimes get bogged down in all of the details. I think this will help me keep track of everything and achieve my health and fitness goals.

  234. carole says

    My weight is stuck at 142 (I used to weight 213 pounds). I am exercising like a champ and eating so well, but not losing any weight. I would really like to know how many calories I am burning daily and really need help with the jumpstart to my program. This armband could help me so much.

  235. Naomi says

    What an awesome tool! I would love to be able to track all that valuable information and see if my efforts are paying off!

  236. Christine says

    I never know how much I’m burning when I exercise – I’ve always wanted one of these!! This would be so useful next time I take Zumba, go running, etc!

  237. Kristin says

    I would like one of these to basically do what it says it does. I am trying to become healthier and bringing my family on the journey with me.

    My fiancé, daughter and I have just started the P90x if you have ever tried this you know you have to keep track of basically everything you do. This tool is something that could definitely be handy on keeping us on track.

    Love your site it have been nothing but helpful in keeping a healthier lifestyle! Thank you

  238. says

    This is an awesome giveaway!!
    Why do I need one of these armbands?? I would love to know how much I am actually consuming vs. how much I am working out. Sometimes I think I overestimate the calories I am consuming…so it would be nice to know how much is actually going into my body.
    Holly recently posted..Triple Berry Muffins

  239. LibraryLynn says

    I just got taken off Thyroid meds and it would be great to really know how much I am using/taking in/burning off since the Endo told me to expect to gain 6-15 lbs.

  240. Lily says

    I would love this so I could track my calories better! I’ve always counted my calories because it works for me, but its always a challenge to track what I’ve burned – this would help solve that problem!

  241. Laura says

    how cool! i’ve been plateauing lately in terms of weight loss, and I think this would be an cool way to help me break out of it!

  242. Cassie D. says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to be able to track how many calories I’m burning – I just started a new workout routine. Also, the sleep tracking part of this is intriguing.

  243. Allison Yarrow says

    I would love this for a number of reasons. To name a few…accountability, motivation, and simply out of curiosity- to answer questions such as how many calories I burn!

  244. fallon says

    i would LOVE to win this because i could use the help to track how many calories ive burned as well as consumed. I also would love to know my sleep patterns and if i am getting enough quality zzzzz’s.

  245. Megan says

    This looks like an absolutely amazing tool to have!after reading all of your review but before I got to the price I was about to click on it to
    Hopefully buy haha the price however is out of my budget now. I am
    Struggling with a bad knee and have been for the past 3 months and have finally been ordered not to run. Running is basically my soul outlet and my only cardio. I have been starting the strength train more to
    Keep active to loose weight, this tool would be Great to help me track
    Calories burned!

  246. says

    I’ve been really wanting to see how intense some of my fav workouts really are. This arm band would be great for me to measure their efficiency. Plus I really want to keep track of my steps and sleep. Love that this is all in one.
    Ashley @ Freckles & Spice recently posted..Karaoke Queen

  247. says

    This is exactly what I need! I have been stalking the BodyBugg for months (off and on)! This would give me a better idea of what my caloric needs are when focusing on weight loss.

    I work in the service industry and on my feet a lot, and whenever I go balls to the wall to lose weight I find that how many calories “they” say I should eat are never enough. Because once I have worked a full day running around, and then exercised I am always starving (after I have eaten all my calories for the day). This would give me a better understanding of how many calories I am burning (on average), so that I can plan my meals accordingly!
    Hannah (Hannah Lives) recently posted..Smashburger Hits the Twin Cities

  248. Jackie S says

    I would love to use the FIT CORE Armband to track calories I burn while at the gym! Your post a while back about the inaccuracy of calorie displays on cardio machines really opened my eyes, and after some research, I discovered you were completely right! The FIT CORE Armband seems like a great alternative to those (often incorrect) calorie displays!

  249. Beth says

    I would love to see how ‘well’ I’m sleeping – and also to track how many calories I’m actually burning at the gym!

  250. Ashley says

    Hi Courtney! I typed in ‘spaghetti squash’ on Pinterest this morning while my daughter (almost 7mo.) was sleeping to get some idea of what to make for dinner tonight and I came across your blog. I am new to the whole food blog world, but it has been very helpful for me on my weight loss journey. So far I am at a 21 lb loss, however last week I worked harder than I have before and ate better than ever and lost 0 so that was a bit discouraging. I have been counting calories by keeping a food journal and going for long walks with the baby every day, and I bought a Biggest Loser dvd to help facilitate the process. While all of this is indeed working, when I saw your giveaway I couldn’t not at least put my name in. Thank you for the opportunity! Tonight I am making your stuffed spaghetti squash and tomorrow I’m going to try your blueberry muffins. Thank you for the recipes!

  251. Courtney says

    I’m following WW and know that this armband would help keep me motivated to not just eat healthy, but be active as well!

  252. Katie R says

    I’ve been struggling with fueling myself appropriately for my activities, and I think this Armband would give me the information that I need to make good decisions about my intake.

  253. Abby F says

    I need this!! Trying to lose weight and firm up for my wedding(which is in 3 months)- and this is just what the Dr…(er. Courtney) ordered!

  254. Beckie says

    I need a BodyMedia FIT CORE Armband because I would love to know what my body is up to. I am really struggling to find the right balance between in and out and I think this machine would really help put my mind at rest and help me finally achieve my goal weight which I have been working towards since I was 14. Also i’m a med student and we just like to know how and what things in our body are doing xP

  255. says

    Oh, and I need one of these because I find it hard to keep track of the calories I consume/burn… even though I really do want to have a healthier lifestyle. Now, I’ve just got to eat healthy and exercise, hopefully I’ll shed some pounds with a calorie deficit (although i wouldn’t know) 😛

  256. Jill says

    I would love this because I’m trying to lose a few lbs and tracking the calories I burn would help me know how many calories I should be eating.

  257. says

    I absolutely NEED one of these armbands! I’m re-starting my healthy lifestyle after being sidetracked my last few months of wedding planning and early newlywed status. That armband will help me learn more about my body and find my nitch for living healthy. Also, while we won’t be having babies for a few years, my big goal is to be as healthy and fit as I can be before we get pregnant. :)
    Kristina recently posted..Slacking and Vacations

  258. Elisabeth says

    I’ve wanted one of these for a loooooong time, but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on buying one, or making that my only Christmas/birthday gift, even though I know it would really help me meet my fitness goals! So fingers crossed my name comes up!

  259. christy says

    I would love to be able to track calories and habbits as I am currently on a diet and it would help a lot! Also, I’m very intrigued as to what it would say about my sleep habbits.

  260. Courtney says

    This armband sounds awesome!!! I’ve recently gotten back on my healthy kick and this would be a great tool to help me out!

  261. Monique Gagnon says

    this looks awesome!! i just got a garmin forerunner 210, but it’s a pain to wear the heart rate band– this looks much more comfortable!! i need this because I walk a ton and workout daily, so I’d like to see more details on what the numbers look like behind the scenes!

  262. says

    I am wondering how these compare to the fitbit. I have always wanted to try something like this, especially to see how much sleep I am really getting. I know I wake up multiple times a night, but I also think I toss and turn a lot. Plus I would love to REALLY know how many calories I’m burning during a workout.

  263. Courtney says

    I never have any idea how many calories I should be eating compared to how many I’m burning so this would be AWESOME! I’m really trying to maintain my weight so I would love this!!!

  264. Jen M. says

    Eeks, I could REALLY use something like this! I’m having a really difficult time losing weight, and something along these lines would be helpful in letting me get a better picture of what’s going on during my day that I might be missing…

  265. Bri says

    I think the CORE armband would be great in helping me determine the amount of calories I’m burning every day. I’m not sure if I eat enough to make up for it. It’d be great to have some sort of tracking device!

  266. says

    AWESOME!!! i would LOVE one of these. i have always wanted one but will never splurge on one for myself haha. i would love to see how many calories i’m torching running or spinning!

  267. Cassie says

    I have always wanted to try one of these! I can’t afford to buy it on my own but I would love to be able to keep track of all my stats!

  268. Keeley says

    I would love to know how many calories I truly burn in an average day and also during workouts. I am trying to lose a little weight to this would help tremedously. Great giveaway!

  269. says

    I’ve been saving up for one of these babies! I am pretty much at a loss as to how many calories I actually burn during my workouts, and would love to start tracking my progress (numerically) and not just by how I’m feelin! Wannnnnt! Neeeeeed!

  270. Nikki says

    I need the Fit Core Armband because I can’t believe calories on any treadmill or elliptical! It sounds like this is legit!

  271. Merritt says

    Wow! I never knew anything like this existed! I definitely think a product like CORE would help me most with trying to refuel after my workouts. I have trouble maintaining weight for a number of reasons, but this would certainly help to replenish the calories I burn after a workout. The sleep function is also super cool, and could benefit anyone!

  272. CJDR says

    I want to loose weight in a healthy way, without starving myself. For that I need to know my TDEE and so bodynedia is a must have for me!

  273. j. says

    That’s awesome! I work at a pediatric mental health hospital so it would be awesome to be able to easily track if I’m eating enough throughout my shifts and how many calories I’ve burned from walking all over the place.

  274. Jamie says

    Wow, this sounds amazing!! I have tried to track calories in / calories out without success because I’m so inconsistent, something like this would be so useful. Also, I’d be interested to know how much sitting at a desk all day affects my body. I’m running my first half marathon in April too so I have tons of reasons I could use this!

  275. KQD says

    It would be amazing to know how many calories I burn! I often work out with Kettle Bells or doing Zumba which are usually not a choice on FitnessPal or similar aps! Thanks!

  276. KQD says

    Shared on Facebook too!
    “Check out Sweet Tooth Sweet Life! She’s a Capital Region blogger with great fitness tips AND give aways!”

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