Tangents: Mexico Style!

Gosh, it really is hard to return back to normalcy after an amazing vacation, isn’t it? Today has been pretty much a wash of a day…Jay and I slept in pretty late, took care of emptying out our suitcases, started some laundry, and well…that’s about it.

We finally decided to shower around 4:00, just so we felt slightly human. It helped…barely. But I am being super selfish and wanting to be back in that beautiful Mexican sunshine.


Are you sick of hearing me talk about it yet? Winking smile

I’m actually still trying to figure out how I want to go about putting together all of my thoughts and pictures from the rest of our trip. I know that I want to share as much information about our resort as I can, and I know I want to fill you all in on some of my favorite moments. However, I’m thinking I’m going to hold off until next week when I have some more pictures from the rest of our friends. We all took SO many fun photos, and I really don’t want to miss out on any that can help tell our stories.

In the meantime, I’ll fill you in with a few other random thoughts…call them tangents, if you will!

Our resort offered nightly entertainment, including shows in their theater. One evening, they had a circus show, which had entertainers that completely blew my mind.


The strength that these two people had was like nothing I had ever seen. Unreal.


Even though our resort was located right on the water, there were actually only about three or four times where I went down to the beach.


We spent our first evening there watching the fire show, we went on our last day to watch the sun rise,


and Jay and I took a couple beach walks.




Other than that, we spent most of our time at the pool, which was totally fine by me.


When we were at the pool, many drinks were enjoyed…duh, they were “free.” Winking smile

My favorite fruity frozen pool drink for the week was the Beach Comber. I don’t know exactly how it was made, but I do know that I would order mine with coconut rum and it was similar to a maraschino & coconut-flavored daiquiri.


If I had enough of frozen drinks, the “Imperial Punch” was my next favorite. It reminded me a whole lot of Hawaiian Punch, but ya know, adult style.


And if I had enough fruity drinks all together, then I rolled with a Tecate Light. Apparently, it’s one of the more popular beers in Mexico, and when you pair it with a lime, it’s quite tasty.


And despite the fact that I know sound like a huge booze-a-holic, there were actually no days/nights where I got “drunk” and probably only two evenings where I felt a slight buzz…this night happened to be one of ‘em.


I really cannot wait to share that evening with you guys.

Jay on the other hand? Well, let’s just say he and the boys had a good time making friends with someone you may know…his name is Tequila. Winking smile


Yes, there was always something to keep us laughing.


  1. Courtney says

    Sounds amazing!! I love that last pic of Jay LOL!! Reminds me of the last trip the hubs and I took to Aruba and we went with friends.. let’s just say the guys took full advantage of “ALL inclusive”!! There’s really nothing better than going on vaca with friends, I don’t know if it would be as fun going alone now!

  2. Julie says

    So fun! My family enjoys taking trips to Mexico and it’s funny, we are the complete opposites in terms of the pool-beach ratio. We are definately beach people…I usually only swim in the pool once each time. For some reason, I love the ocean water so much more and parking myself on the beach. I’m glad you had a great trip and can’t wait to read more of your adventures!!!!

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