The Most Amazing Pasta Fagioli

Mmmmm. Last night I had the most amazing pasta fagioli for dinner. Would you like to know the recipe? It’s really quite simple…


All you have to do is call up Testo’s and have them deliver it to you. Winking smile

Yes, Jay and I totally bailed on making dinner last night. I had sort of an annoying afternoon and by the time Jay got home from work, I really just wasn’t feeling the dinner thing. Being the awesome guy that he is, he suggested that we order some take-out and keep it easy, which is exactly what I needed.


I stuck with the appetizer size of the pasta fagioli this time, because the full dinner size is enormous and I totally would have been tempted to eat it all. This way, I had more room for my side of garlic bread…with extra sauce, of course.


And a couple bites that I managed to snag from Jay’s baked cavatelli. Holy.crap.


After dinner, I got to work on finishing up a special request from Jay’s co-workers…


I got word yesterday that it’s “been too long” since I last sent in some cupcakes for the boys (they sure do love their goodies) so I figured I’d whip up a quick batch.


The cupcakes themselves actually came from a box (Duncan Hines Apple Caramel) but the frosting was one of the best batches I’ve ever made.

(*If you want to know how I decorate my cupcakes, check out my “How To Frost Cupcakes” Vlog*)

I used my normal Vanilla Buttercream frosting recipe, but for the first time, I tried out some of the Mexican Vanilla I bought while in Mexico. That stuff took my frosting to a whole other level.

And lucky for us, there just so happened to be two extra cupcakes…


Perfect dessert. Smile



I had a couple of clients to train this morning and my usual Clif Z Bar did not hold me over so well, so as soon as I got back home I put together the quickest breakfast I could think of…


A cereal combo made with Special K Protein Plus (finally finished the box) Cascadian Farms Honey Nut O’s, strawberries, blueberries, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

I’ve got a few things to take care of this morning before heading out for a doctor’s appointment a little later, so I’ll be sure to announce the winner of the Naturalizer Shoe Giveaway this afternoon. Be on the lookout!

Question for the Morning: What do you like best?

  • Cupcakes: the cake or the frosting?
  • Pizza: the sauce, the crust, or the cheese?
  • Ice Cream/Fro-Yo: the ice cream or the toppings?


  1. says

    Jay and I were on the same wave length last night and since Quintessence is having their big sale until May 1st, we head down to Albany and treated ourselves.

    I was pretty happy and amazed that I kept it healthy AND I enjoyed it. (Love the body changing).

    Cupcakes – the frosting.
    Pizza – the cheese (cheese is like crack to me)
    Ice cream – the ice cream

    Utopia – Cheese Cupcakes with Ice Cream frosting…. which I do not eat.

  2. says

    Cupcakes – the cake, usually. I’m particular about frosting … too sweet is not my forte.

    Pizza – cheese, baby. I don’t even need the crust and sauce. Give me a platter of baked cheese 😉

    Fro-Yo – the topping. For suuuuuure. That’s the fun!

    That pasta dish looks phenomenal! I’m going for pasta tonight, I hope it can compete with that!
    Yellow Haired Girl recently posted..Nervous Nellie

  3. says

    I still can’t get my frosting to look that pretty. In time. 😉

    Cupcake – both!
    Pizza – the crust, I love bread.
    Ice Cream/Froyo – definitely the ice cream/froyo! Toppings are not required. I’ll eat it right out of the container if I have to. 😛
    Krissie J @ A Philly Nerd Girl recently posted..Tacos and Beer

  4. says

    oh boy, these are some tough questions today. :)
    cake or frosting? this is the only one i could answer easily… i’m all about the frosting!! in fact, i usually just eat the frosting with a little of the cake and leave most of the cake unless it’s super good.
    pizza – sauce, crust, or cheese? i think it definitely takes all three to make quality pizza, but the crust is certainly my favorite if it’s GOOD crust. i mean good by being doughy and and thick!
    ice cream – toppings or ice cream? tough tough call. i’d have to go with the ice cream though.
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Friday [Low Intensity Exercise] Favorites

  5. Haley says

    Cupcakes: Frosting for sure! I could eat so much of that stuff! I’ve never made my own though, so I’m going to try to do that soon!

    Pizza: It’s pizza so it has to be everything! I don’t even consider the crust, sauce, or cheese separate haha

    Ice Cream/Fro Yo: Definitely the Ice Cream/Fro Yo! This makes me want some haha I gotta get some frozen yogurt tonight!

  6. Erin says

    Frosting! The cake is just the base for it to rest on.

    Cheese on pizza…drool

    I love both the fro yo and toppings…but I like to eat them separately!

  7. Crystal C. says

    Yay! I am so glad you finally tried the mexican vanilla! I told you that stuff was awesome! My grandma is in Cabo right now and I have her bringing me back a liter bottle of the fantastic stuff. I easily go through a liter bottle a year. I use it in anything I can! It is fantastic! I am making some chocolate cupcake this weekend and I plan on using my finger to get every last bit of frosting out of the bowl. I LOVE good frosting. I have pizza last night for dinner and honestly I love it all. And I would say the ice cream/froyo part is my favorite!

  8. says

    I love frosting. I could seriously go without cake, just leave me the frosting and I’m good to go. Pizza the sauce is definitely my favourite and ice cream. Mm, now I’m super hungry. Your take out looks delicious too!
    Lisa recently posted..Fun Fitness Friday

  9. says

    Cupcakes: the frosting
    Pizza: the sauce or crust-it’s a tie. The cheese is OK, but not as good as the sauce.
    Ice Cream/Fro Yo: ice cream + toppings both; I can’t decide on that one! :)

    I want those cupcakes…the frosting looks deeeelicious.
    Shannon recently posted..Election nerves


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