So Darn Predictable

Once upon a time, two bloggers met up at the airport.

They immediately fell in love and realized that they had wayyyyy more in common than they ever could have imagined.

They grabbed lunch at the first airport restaurant they could find and even ordered the same meal.


And then they proceeded to take pictures of each other taking their food because, well, that’s what us folks tend to do.


For being an airport salad, it wasn’t too shabby…however that serving of goat cheese is not exactly what I’d call a serving.


After lunch, they followed up with the only logical thing…


Gosh, we’re so darn predictable, aren’t we?


FYI, honey Greek frozen yogurt swirled with strawberry and topped with Oreos and rainbow sprinkles is the bomb.

After fro yo, the two new friends headed outside to get their first views of Colorado.


Man, that sure was a sight to see.


Before they knew it, their ride came cruising down the road…


…and they were in for quite a treat, before the actual retreat even started!

Stay tuned for more details!! Winking smile


  1. says

    Yup – I’m officially jealous of you and everyone on the Blend Retreat. Wish I could be there! But instead I’ll just pretend I’m there via your posts and instagram 😉


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