WIAW: Not So Snacky

I swear, Wednesdays are coming around quicker and quicker all of a sudden. I seriously feel like I *just* wrote up last week’s WIAW post. Sheesh!

This week, I have the perfect opportunity to catch ya up on some missed eats; since I was so busy posting my recaps from my Reebok trip (here are Part 1 & Part 2) on Monday, I never got the opportunity to share anything from the day.

Hey, good thing we’ve got What I Ate Wednesday, right? Right!

8:00am – Breakfast

Egg white, provolone, & raspberry jam sandwich on a toasted bagel + grapes + coffee.


(FYI: I’ve had a few of you ask which kind of bagels I’ve been eating – they’re Weight Watchers brand, and come in at 150 calories with 9 grams of fiber. I love them because they’re not as big as a typical bagel but are more satisfying than a bagel thin.)


No Mid-Morning Snack

My stomach was a little whacky yesterday so I never wound up with much of an appetite for anything until lunch rolled around. No biggie.

1:30pm – Lunch

Leftover salad from Sunday + half a banana + an apple cinnamon Chobani.


There’s something just so amazing about being able to open a container and having the salad already prepared. If I had the extra money, I swear I would hire someone to do that for me.


I also ended up dipping my banana in some peanut butter because, well, I needed an excuse for some peanut butter. Winking smile


No Mid-Afternoon Snack

I guess Monday just wasn’t much of a snacky day? I didn’t feel the need for one, so I didn’t force it. Although I did end up snacking on a small handful of Love Grown granola before starting up dinner, so I guess we can call that my snack?

7:00pm – Dinner

Oh yeah, baby. Chicken Caesar Burgers + a side of unphotographed sugar snap peas & corn.

Chicken Caesar Burgers (7)

Gosh, that thing was good. I miss it already.

8:30pm – Dessert

Jay and I managed to finish off the rest of the strawberry angel food trifle that we had leftover from Sunday while watching HIMYM (<—anyone catch the end of the episode? Seriously, what’s going on?!?)


It wasn’t a huge portion (bummer) but it sure was yummy. I think I need an excuse to make this thing again!

So there ya have it, folks. That’s what I ate…Monday-style.

Question for the Morning:

What’s the BEST thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


  1. says

    I sometimes have not so snacky days too! hah – my iphone tried to correct “snacky” to “snarky”.. now that’s not true :p and I did watch HIMYM! I was so happy with the ending because I always thought/wanted barney to end up with robin! it’s finally gotten me excited for next season! now if they can finally make some progress on revealing the mother…
    Angela @ Sleep and Repeat recently posted..Tonight’s Clean Eating Failure (And Much-Needed Self-Reflection)

  2. Nicolette says

    K, HIMYM. I am also thinking “what the heck is going on!?”
    They keep dancing back and forth with Robin, and I’m not sure if I like it (I did/do like Barney with Quinn). And I just want Ted to really fall for the right girl (aka Mother) already, and I am not sure if Victoria is that girl…

    Though, as an aside, Robin looked great in that wedding dress.

  3. Khushboo says

    Have you tried roasted pumpkin/squash with almond or peanut butter? It’s a heavenly combo & I know you’d love it.

  4. says

    I did catch that and was confused too, so Barney and Robin are getting married?!
    The chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream sandwich I shared with my husband last night to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day :)
    Lindsey recently posted..Wishes Do Come True!

  5. says

    I’m so annoyed with HIMYM! I love barney and robin together so I’m good with that, but seriously, we waited a full year for ted to cross the hallway to reveal robin? I need this show to pick up the pace! and now we have to wait all summer… Sorry, I just really want all these mysteries solved :)
    Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie recently posted..Amazing Pie from Honeypie

  6. says

    Premade salads are one of my bigger food splurges – I LOVE them when I pick them up from a store or restaurant but it’s such a hassle getting all of the individual toppings, prepping them and all of that mess…it’s worth the $5 to me to get a custom made one once or twice a week. And I’m 2 episodes behind on HIMYM and the suspense is KILLING ME! Maybe I can try to catch up tonight.

  7. says

    I want to try those Chicken Caesar Burgers so badly, they look delicious! The best thing I have ate so far this week was my mom’s homemade cupcakes and we grilled out for the first time this season: chicken, hamburger’s, and mixed veggies. Yum!
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..WIAW: Cup-A-Cake

  8. says

    I also was able to catch HIMYM! If you watched the very first one, Ted was with Barney and the rest of the season was building up to Ted’s Robin moment at the end of the season finale. I knew it was going to be her!!

    I love your breakfast! I am doing this protein smoothie series for breakfasts, and I sure do miss my eggs!

  9. says

    In my WIAW I just posted my secret midnight yogurt bowl snack ! Well not a secret, but Ive been hoarding my combo from everyone out of laze. You eats look delicious and similar to what I like to feed myself with! BTW I read your blog on the daily, Im just too lazy to comment haha

  10. Kristin says

    I can’t wait to make the chick caesar salad burger. The chick parm. ones were delish!
    I never even knew ground chicken existing until I saw your recipe I guess I just never noticed it before but it’s my new favorite meat to cook with.

    Healthy food I ate this week would have to be a banana

  11. says

    That strawberry trifle looks so delicious right now. The best thing I’ve eaten so far this week is a Raspberry Jelly Jam cookie from the Lake George Baking Company (the owners of Vanilla Bean now have their own bakery on Amherst Street in Lake George Village).

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