Shabby Apple Giveaway {CLOSED}

I’m sure by now, many of you have heard of the adorable and chic women’s clothing site, Shabby Apple.


I’ve always loved the vintage look but have never been quite confident enough in my abilities to pull it off. Those models always make it look so easy, don’t they?

But then again, you really don’t need to go all out to get that vintage look. A single article of clothing or chic accessory can be enough to do the trick, and Shabby Apple (affiliate link) has some adorable pieces to choose from.

Everything from dresses (some of the ones I’m loving below),

Golden Afternoon Pre-Order                        Headliner Dress


Summer Wind                                              Calooh! Callay!


To shoes…

A Sure Combo                                Glowing


To accessories…

Starfish Necklace                                     Bronze Organza


A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the folks at Shabby Apple asking if I’d be interested in hosting a giveaway…since you guys know I’m always up for sharing the wealth a bit, I said, “absolutely!”

SO, one lucky reader will win a – get this…

A $100.00 gift card to Shabby Apple!

**Giveaway is now closed – thank you to all who entered!**

The winner of the $100 gift card is entry #396…


Congratulations, Emily! Email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com so we can get you set up with your gift card.

*Don’t forget, Shabby Apple is also offering STSL readers an extra 10% off any purchases – just use the discount code sweettoothsweetlife10off at checkout.



  1. Jordyn says

    I would love to get a new summery dress–something for date night! I’m very much preppy in my style, but I think a funky piece would be nice to mix it up.

  2. Ashley says

    I Love that pink dress! I have a few weddings coming up the end of this summer/early fall and would love a new pretty dress to take with me!

  3. Erin says

    I would love to get some new summer clothes. I have been wearing tshirts and workout shorts everyday!

  4. Kate says

    I love comfortable, flow-y summer dresses. It’s so nice just to have one piece of clothing to worry about!

  5. says

    I absolutely love the Shabby Apple Style! I tweeted about the give away.

    Summer dresses would just be the start of my spending if I win the gift card.

  6. Veronica says

    Wow, their website is full of things that I want.. no..need!! I especially love the Pont Neuf dress. Stunning!

  7. Susanna says

    My style is very simple, but I love to dress my outfits up with accessories. I would love to spend the $100 on some new jewelry and shoes! Thanks for this!

  8. Rachelle says

    I would get either of the following dresses: El Captain or Belissima or Luck be a Lady

    I’m obsessed with anything pelplum these days.

  9. Kristin says

    I just discovered the Shabby Apple a couple months ago. I’m in love with their website… I especially adore their dresses.

  10. Eliza says

    I looove stripes and basically that “I own a boat” look (I do not own one, haha). So I already know I’d get that first outfit you showed, the navy+white skirt with the red shirt.

  11. says

    I don’t think I could resist buying the starfish necklace! Starfish was sort of the subtle theme of our wedding 8 years ago – it was on the invitations, placecards, etc and it holds a special place in my heart – Love starfish!
    Lauri recently posted..T-7 days!

  12. Lauren says

    I love really funky clothes and accent pieces. Dying to get some more vintage style dresses though!

  13. Barbara says

    I am entering my second year of weight loss/exercise/healthy life-style any money toward new clothes is awesome. As I transition from apple back to an athletic hour-glass retro styles are perfect.

  14. says

    Can we just talk about how gorgeous Calooh! Callay! is!? What a perfect summer dress – definitely my top pick :)

    I’m with you; I’ve always loved the idea of wearing vintage but don’t feel like I have the look to pull it off (probably because my younger sister pulls it off with such ease that I’d feel like an imposter around her!).
    Jennifer @ Healthy Wifestyles recently posted..{June} Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

  15. Jessica says

    I have a very classic feminine style. I love a lot if theses dresses and would love a gift card to get one!!

  16. Kristi says

    I’d probably chose a really cute wrap dress. It would be hard to choose though, they have such a nice selection of stuff!

  17. Antonia says

    I’d love to buy a cute vintage dress with the gift card! I have a bridal shower and wedding to attend this year so that gift card would be much appreciated!

  18. Holly says

    I need a new summery dress that’s good for shopping, a cookout, whatever I might be doing. Thanks!

  19. Iris Lee says

    My style is usually comfort-focused, but lately I’ve been trying to be more adventurous! I have my eye on a couple of the Shabby Apple dresses… :)

  20. Ayzada says

    I think of my style as comfortable and cute
    I would definitely buy the starfish necklace, as I am a sucker for coral and starfish and sea related goods! i love the navy style as well.

  21. Angela says

    I would love something summery – like a nice summer dress with summer colors since my wardrobe is black, grey, and white, ALL.THE.TIME! :)

  22. Riley says

    I would buy some summer wear like a dress or shirt!! Vintage pieces are the best way to vamp up an outfit!

  23. Ashley says

    My style is very casual and laid back. My husband always comments that I wear loose, flowy dresses and wants me to wear tighter things, but I don’t feel too comfortable in them… but I LOVE the CALOOH CALLAY!

  24. says

    I would totally branch out and buy some jewlery. I have always wanted to wear it, but stay minimal. I really love the two pictures you showed us and would love to get out of my comfort zone and get some!

  25. Annie says

    wow what a giveaway! I’d love to buy myself a gorgeous summer dress and maybe some shoes too 😀

  26. Julie says

    My style is eclectic…I love the vintage look, but like you am never confident that I can quite pull it off, but I do enjoy mixing in pieces here and there. Would love to win the gift card and buy a cute dress for summer!

  27. dee says

    I think my style is “comfy-casual.” Lately I’ve been gravitating toward big, loose, “flowy” type tops (even though it doesn’t flatter my body shape)! :)

  28. Nicole says

    I think my personal style is a mix of classic pieces with a few stand out accessories. I love the necklaces they have!

  29. says

    I would love the Lighthouse White Viole Dress from the Set Sail collection. Such a cute dress for a weekend brunch or for dressing up an everyday occasion :)

  30. Erin says

    Wow! I love love love the red dress.. so simple. Perfect day dress and you could wear it work too! Love this giveaway!

  31. Kristin says

    I would love a cute pair of shoes, a statement necklace or a gorgeous dress!! All of which they have :) Love it!!!

  32. Rebecca W. says

    I would get the “Red Queen” or the “I’m Late! I’m Late!” dress! Both are gorgeous, and I sure could use either one for a wedding I have coming up next month!

  33. says

    Oh my goodness, I love that website!! I drool over the clothes all the time. I have a very classic/vintage look. I shop at thrift stores a lot, lol. I would buy some cute dresses for school and work, with the right accessories to go along with it of course. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect white lace dress, as well. And I’m always in need of some cute workout/yoga clothes.
    It’s so awesome that they are doing this!

  34. Lizzie S. says

    My dream is own a high end consignment store while also offering wardrobe consultant services…as a lifelong fashionista, I also tell people that you should be able to classify your style in two words. Mine: Classic Glam. :)

  35. Katie says

    I’m in the market for some new tops! Summery, breezy tops that can help me get through this heat wave in the mid Atlantic! WHEW!

  36. Traci says

    They have such cute things. I’d probably end up with a dress or a cute pair of shoes. I love the heels you posted about!

  37. Rachel F says

    I would love to buy a summer dress :) I love wearing dresses in the summer–these are definitely my style!

  38. Kate says

    Any of those dresses match my simple/classic style — I like to be able to mix and match simple items to get tons of different uses out of a dress!

  39. Kate says

    I “like” Shabby Apple on Facebook and every day am tempted by their beautiful things scrolling through my newsfeed! Definitely a fan of their jewelry and dresses–anything that brings vintage inspiration to my day is an instant love!

  40. says

    oooh! I would buy either their “Off Campus” Purple Sheath Dress, their Black “Rosarita” Dress, their “Serenade” maxi dress, or the “Up and Away” dress made from crepe de chine silk.

  41. Kristy Doyle says

    My personal style….is non-existent, which is why it would be nice to win this giveaway! I’ve struggled in my adult life with putting outfits together and being fashionable. The only place fashion-wise that I have it together is at the gym!

  42. Julie says

    There is an orange ruffled dress that I have been eyeing that would be perfect for showers or the rehearsal and dinner for my wedding in October!

  43. Amanda says

    I NEEEEED some new dresses that I Can wear to work and go straight to “after work” – and these look PERFECT for that!!!

  44. Andrea says

    Ooo I have a wedding coming up and nothing to wear (aka a closet full of clothes but not the ‘perfect’ dress lol) … a Gift certificate would be pefect!

  45. Stephanie says

    I love this website! I got so excited when I saw you were doing a give away from here! Everything is so cute, I would probably go with a summery dress for one of the upcoming weddings I am attending.

  46. Michelle S. says

    I would probably buy accessories – I’m one of those that loves accessories but don’t tend to buy them, what a perfect way to add some colorful things to my wardrobe. :) Thanks!

  47. Samantha says

    I am always in the market for pretty dresses! My summer dress collection could definitely use an upgrade! :)

  48. Rebecca says

    I always go with conservative and classic things – I’d love to get a fun accessory to make my outfits more fun!

  49. Kim says

    I love the starfish necklace! I often buy inexpensive (but classy-looking) jewelry to give my classic wardrobe a fresh look! How awesome winning a $100 giftcard to Shabby Apple would be!

  50. Megan says

    I love the seven seas in seersucker dress. What a great shop! It would be great for inexpensive bridesmaid dresses.

  51. Claire Smith says

    I absolutely love vintage clothes and style! I would probably purchase a dress for my summer trip!

  52. Caitlin says

    I love mixing in feminine peices that are found on shabby apple into my wardrobe. I love being relaxed and casual but flirty and cute/sexy at the same time.

  53. Alex says

    What a cute site! I would probably get a summery sundress – I just looked and saw SO many that I loved!!

  54. says

    A year and a half ago, I embarked on a journey to lose weight and get super healthier. That was over 70 pounds ago. So if I won the $100 gift card, I’d want to buy something that helps me feel really good about my new look. Before, I was usually trying to hide, now I’m all about celebrating feeling good about the new me. I love vintage, out-of-the-ordinary items. Though black is still my favorite color to wear, I like to pair it with bright colors. I like feeling girlie, but as a mom of 7, I need stuff that is easy to care for.

    What is attracting me right now at the Shabby Apple are the cool dresses and summer-time shoes. I want things that say feminine, fun, and free to be and do all that God’s designed me to do in this world! I’m blowing away the barriers and doing things I never thought I’d do — like participate in an extreme run, zip line in the mountains of Africa, and move into an inner-city neighborhood.

  55. Jaclyn says

    I would definitely have to buy a new dress for work. They are all super cute! I’m not sure which one I would pick :-)

  56. Kate says

    My favorite go-to outfit right now is fitted jeans with a loose shirt and heels. However, the Florida heat is quickly changing that to dresses and tanks!

  57. Chelsea L. says

    I’d love to get some new shoes – I’m definitely in a shoe rut right now! My style is a mix of pretty and casual, and I’m looking for dual-purpose shoes (work + fun!).

  58. Lindsay says

    I have never heard of this site. I’m loving it already! I’d definitely buy a new dress. I love wearing dresses every single day.

  59. Jillian says

    I would love to win this, I am just starting to wear dresses after many years of thinking I couldn’t pull them off. Now I love them! And the ones offered on this site are so cute!

  60. kristin says

    Well at first I thought the giveaway was an actual shabby apple yikes, I have never heard of this store but glad you let us in on this one. Absolutely awesome clothes. I have about 30 things in my shopping cart (I love online window shopping)

    My style depends on my mood – some days bright color some day’s dark colors. I love trying new styles – Today is a black maxi dress tomorrow can be jeans and a t-shirt.

  61. Hannah MacLean says

    My personal style incorporates simple neutral clothing with any chosen accessory – big earrings, a scarf, floral shoes, etc.

  62. Nikki says

    I love love love fashion! I would be beyond thrilled to be able to purchase a cute vintage style dress for my cousin’s upcoming Wedding! :)

  63. Jordan K says

    Their dresses are so adorable! And since I practically live in dresses during the summer, I’d definitely use the gift card towards one of their dresses!

  64. Michelle says

    I love anything classic with a mix of preppy. I would definitely stock up on some of those adorable dresses…love all of them!

  65. Catherine says

    My personal style is lady-like, modern, and slightly trendy. I definitely don’t give into all “trends”, but some, like animal prints for example, are here to stay!

  66. Rachel S says

    My style always has a 1950s/1960s twist to it, so this website would be perfect! I also always tend to wear one item that’s extremely colorful. I’d love to win this giveaway!

  67. Jessie says

    I would definitely buy that red dress and the starfish necklace! I love those items!!! Just started wearing red!

  68. Daniella says

    My personal style is boho chic, very inspired by Latin American patterns and colors. For more dressy occasions, I love the pin-up/bombshell type look – big hair, cat eyes, and a simple dress that accents the right curves.

  69. says

    I’d love to think that I have style, and maybe sometimes I do! But I’m a huge fan of accessories. You could have a sorta plain outfit, but if you wear a fabulous necklace or a great cocktail ring and some fun earrings, you’re rockin’ it!
    Amanda recently posted..Happy Birthday, Nuts!

  70. Rose says

    Those turqoise flats are so cute. I would like to get those. I wear a lot of black so they would match a lot of my clothing.

  71. Katie says

    I’ve always loved a more vintage look and people tell me I remind them of Lucy (from I love Lucy) or other classic Hollywood stars (I feel so flattered!). Unfortunately, I’m a grad student and hardly ever shop because I’m on a strict budget, so it would be so fun to have a gift card and be able to splurge a little! Unlike extra cash at the end of the month, I won’t feel like I need to use it to pay off loans 😉

  72. Alana says

    My personal style is very form-fitting modern chic with a vintage twist. My trademark is my boots. I’m always wearing boots in the autumn/winter. I love earth tones and lace, as well.

  73. Lily says

    I would buy a dress – I would love to have a new one to wear to the weddings I’m attending this summer!! :)

  74. Christina says

    My mom has been into the “vintage” look for years and I have just started to get into it. I love looking at consignment shops or rummage sales! The dresses are adorable and would go great with some of the vintage jewelry passed down to me from my mother :)

  75. Whitney says

    I’d call my personal style girly with a little bit of edge, and I absolutely LOVE incorporating vintage pieces into my look!

  76. Kelsey Y. says

    My personal style is laidback/casual, with a little side of vintage, so Shabby Apple seems to be the perfect mix of both! I love sundresses right now, or fun, bright shorts with a white tee! And I love my TOMS and Minnetonka Moccasins!

  77. Stephanie Walter says

    I am loving all of their swimming suits!! We just put in a pool, and I’m always looking for different swimming suits, that have a bit more coverage, but still look classy and in style, to wear when we have company over!

    Love theirs!!!

  78. Whitney T. says

    I would probably get a new dress if I won the gift card… maybe I’ll get one anyways- they’re so cute. I would say that my style is a little bit comfy-casual, a lot of girly-cuteness, and a little bit punk 😉 I don’t know, somehow it works!

  79. Ilene says

    My personal style is fairly girly with tons of cute and bright colors :) I’d LOVE the Golden Afternoon Pre-Order dress!

  80. Jill says

    I love that Shabby Apple’s clothing is more modest and sophisticated. I’d love to add a couple of classy dresses to my wardrobe! :)

  81. Sri Devi says

    Oh so many cute and classy dresses to chose from! I have several weddings coming up and could definitely get something for those. :)

  82. Brynn says

    I think I’d buy the Beachcomber dress. It’s super cute but still very casual, which fits my style.

  83. Faith says

    I’d love to buy a summery dress for work – they are cool and professional and Shabby Apple has a bunch I’m lusting after!

  84. Rachelle says

    My style is very eclectic. I can’t pinpoint one style! But if it had to be near one area, I’d say urban!

  85. Kristin says

    I would love to get a new dress for the summer! Or for a labor day weekend wedding I’ll be attending! Super cute stuff!

  86. Hannah R. says

    I think I would buy something from their set sail collection. I love all the dresses and they would be perfect for summer:)

  87. Kelli says

    I would buy a classic dress that I could change or update depending on the season. I like to have some trendy pieces, but typically pair those with classic pieces that can be worn year after year!

  88. Ashley S says

    I always make sure I DON’T buy anything trendy. I’m the type that can wear the same clothes for years. I’m female, but HATE clothes shopping!

  89. Michele says

    I definitely have a very girly style. Bright colored dresses accessorized with cute belts or necklaces are my go-to in the summer!

  90. says

    My personal style is general nonexistent haha. In public, I tend to be a very tried-and-true classics type of person…plain or striped shirts, sweaters, etc. and a nice pair of jeans or khakis. If I’m not going out in public (or, sometimes, even if I am going out in public), I pretty much always rock an, eh-hem, “athletic” look. i.e.: I’m wearing running shorts and a t-shirt all day err day (or at least whenever possible) haha.
    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions recently posted..Runnin’ Runnin’

  91. sarah says

    if i were to win the shabby apple $100 giveaway I would buy some cute fall clothes …maybe a coat/ scarf/ sweat?? Im in need of some layers! :)

  92. Melissa says

    My personal style is pretty causal, so I would love something cute and different for my upcoming wedding events!

  93. Elizabeth says

    I would definitely get one the dresses – they are so beautiful and a little old fashioned, which I love. They’re perfect for the summer and fall :)

  94. Kristen says

    I would love a new dress…but shoes or accessories might be fun! I love how the site helps you shop for your shape by answer 3 questions. It’s a great way to help you know it will look fabulous when you try it on.

  95. Erin S. says

    I seriously lacking in the dress dept. as of lately… I definitely think I’d purchase a dress :)

  96. Susan says

    For some reason I’ve bought a few dresses lately so I might stay on that roll, or flats – I cannot have enough shoes.

  97. Kellie says

    My style is definately comfortable. I live by the beach in California so flip flops and a comfy skirt are my go to summer staples.

  98. says

    Ohhh I want it all!!!

    I love the The Red Queen dress (and according to the site, it’s great for my pear shape) :) I need a new dress for my upcoming engagement shoot and I was hoping to find a red one since that’s one of our wedding colors!
    Caitlin @ This Bride’s Joyride recently posted..Oh hey July

  99. Jenna U. says

    I’ve been eyeing this website for awhile now! I would love a new summer dress for an upcoming wedding or some cute new accessories =)

  100. Erin says

    So I’s never heard of the website before but the clothes are so so cute!! I would call my personal style classic mostly, but I love anything preppy-anything nautical or anything that looks like Audrey Hepburn would have worn it :)

  101. Julie says

    I hate to admit it (but not really 😉 ) but I end up wearing yoga clothes more often than not any chance I happen to not be at work.
    So, I would love to get some fancy adorable things I would want to wear to transition outside of the office!

  102. Amy says

    That is such a fun website with so many great options! I also like the CALOOH! CALLAY! dress you have listed above!

  103. alycia says

    My style is comfort casual. I would love a new dress for work that would keep me comfy and cool.

  104. Lindsay A says

    This time of year, my style is mostly all dresses!! When it’s this hot, I just like throwing on a sun dress and going. Definitely no pants for this gal! All of Shabby Apple’s dresses are adorable!

  105. Lindie says

    Love love the Golden Afternoon Dress! I would say my style is pretty Classic! Not into all the trendy stuff! Love me some Jcrew!

  106. Karleen says

    I LOVE their starfish jewelry! If I won a gift card, I would try to find a simple but elegant summer dress appropriate for attending a wedding and some cute jewelry for myself:)

  107. Lydia L. says

    I’d love the Summer Wind dress or the Glowing shoe!! Actually, I’d be interested in a bunch of dresses from that site as I have been concentrating on my new baby’s wardrobe more than my own so that’d be quite a nice prize to win :)

  108. Paula says

    I tend to dress more preppy/conservative, and LOVE anything that is flirty and feminine without being too showy!

  109. lindsey says

    I have eclectic taste, I wear whatever makes me feel great :) I would love the block party dress, so cute!

  110. Cassie says

    loving that red headliner dress!! would prob end up buying that!! every girl needs a bold, red, dress!!

  111. sherri says

    Totally go for classic with a hint of bohemian. Heading out on a couple of trips in the fall and would love something new and funky to wear! Great giveaway!

  112. Haley says

    I have never heard of this site before! I looked at all the stuff they had and I really like the dresses, accessories, and the fitness clothes! I need to look more, but chances are I’d buy a dress because that’s all I wear in the summer!

  113. says

    Ooooh man I love Shabby Apple!! I would definitely buy a cute new dress. I just finally got down to my pre-baby weight and wouldn’t mind celebrating! :) My style is…. messy mommy on the run? Is that something?
    Nicole recently posted..Motivation Monday

  114. Danielle D says

    My personal style is urban chic, so the Fifth Avenue dress in the Manhattan section has my name all over it!

  115. Stephanie says

    It was tough to decide what I would buy with the gift card because everything on the site was adorable! I think I would get the Alice dress- it’s beautiful!

  116. Emily H says

    I would love to use the gift card to buy a new dress or some fun accessories for my wedding rehearsal dinner!

  117. Amanda L says

    Oh my goodness, I love it all! I don’t even know if I should be allowed to win this, because there’s no way I’d be able to pick something to buy! I do need a fun new dress for a wedding this summer, this could be the perfect place!

  118. Lauryn V says

    I’m really trying to build a better work wardrobe and Shabby Apple has some great dresses to add to my closet!

  119. Elizabeth says

    My personal style is to dress trendy. I love that starfish necklace. I would probably get that if I won

  120. Kristen says

    Something about my personal style is that I love to accessorize but have a sporty feel at the same time!

  121. Cellabella says

    My style is a mixture of classic and streamlined, with a touch of flowy flair and splash of color!!

  122. Lara F. says

    I’ve learned to stay true to what I love, not just follow trends. I’m currently loving normal/color jeans and brightly colored shirts. When I wear neutral colors (like gray or all blue), I love adding a pop of color with accessories. :) My style is simple.

  123. Stephanie says

    This was the first time I have looked at the website and I found so many cute pieces! I would probably end up getting the Champs Elysees dress.

  124. Anje says

    I could use just about anything! But I would love a nice summer dress. Or, maybe something for back to school in the fall? Or maybe some pretty jewelry? So many options!

  125. Jen says

    Oh man. I love that site sooo much!! I would love to get a new outfit for my hubbys and my anniversary trip to Myrtle Beach! They have such cute stuff that I could definitely figure something out for our actual anniversary night!

  126. Lesley says

    I’ll be honestly, my style needs some work :) I wear business clothes (work), gym clothes and pjs…and that’s it! I’d love some date-night dresses!

  127. Sarah says

    I’d either have to go for a new summer dress or some accessories! i love their headbands and necklaces!

  128. Marilyn says

    My clothes are usually classics, items that don’t go out of style…the basics. Once in awhile I buy something that is out of my comfort zone, and I must admit, I love wearing it! I would look for something like that to buy if I won the give away.

  129. katy r. says

    I wish I had a little bit better style but I tend to thrown on jeans and a cardigan. Maybe some accessories would help ha

  130. says

    My style lately has been inspired by Zooey Deschanel. Very sweet and feminine with a little taste of quirky. I could buy some great pieces off of Shabby Apple.

  131. Lynn says

    OMG, over 400 comments!?! That’s awesome! I love the dresses that you posted above and I’ve been on quite a dress kick myself, so that’s probably the route I’d go. Who knows though, so much to choose from!

  132. kait says

    I love the vintage look! I think the pink dress is beautiful!…. but I also think the necklaces are lovely!

  133. Jenna says

    After having wearing a uniform nearly everyday for the last three years, my wardrobe has diminished to a sad state of its former self. Sadly, as a result my style as become nonexistent. I would love a new dress to wear to my grandparent’s birthday party at the end of the month.

  134. Tara Smith says

    I really want the Study Break dress, but it needs to get back in stock in size small before the fall! :)

    dandygiveaway at gmail dot com

  135. says

    I love a bit of boho or vintage style but really think I could rock the golden afternoon dress, it looks like it’d be so flattering for my tall curvy frame :)

  136. says

    I really like Classy Vintage looks…I LOVE everything that Shabby Apple sells. I really love the Heart of ME dress. Thanks SO much for the chance to win! I’m a new follower and look forward to following your blog!!
    Karrie Smith recently posted..Day 1, Self Portrait

  137. Katie says

    My style is non-existent. So much so, I’m not even sure I spelled it right! lol
    I am slowly, adding staple pieces into my wardrobe! Love this giveaway!:)

  138. Shelley says

    My style is all over the place – boho, preppy, casual, dressy – if I like it I wear it!
    I love shabby apple and the fact that they encompass all of my style personalities. I’d probably get the Roma dress to suit my casual style and the Canary dress for my daughter! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

    shelleygajus (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. Meghan says

    Everything is so cute! I would definitely buy a more professional-looking outfit, like a pencil skirt and blouse, for my internship! :)

  140. Kristin S. says

    I really like my style to be classic, comfortable, and pretty. Shabby Apple seems to have combined all 3 of those! I love their dresses — so versatile!

  141. Stacey says

    I love how many of the clothes have a cute eclectic look to them. I would love to try many of the dresses.

  142. Janelle H says

    My style incorporates a little vintage and classic finds! Shabby Apple definitely incorporates both!

  143. Erica says

    I am currently pg and I am excited that they have maternity clothes. Pg woman should be stylish too!

  144. Alexandra says

    My personal style always changes and depends on my mood. As I work in fashion, I clearly know a lot about trends, etc. but choose to dress based on my body type and my personality. One day I wake up feeling vintage-y and throw on a white crop top, high-waisted light-washed bell bottom jeans, and rose gold platform wedges, while the next day I’m in the mood for a floral sundress, spiked jewelry, and combat boots. I know that what I just described sounds totally weird, but you can see what I mean on my instagram @alexsilverfagan lol

  145. Molly says

    I’m a big fan of casual but classy/cute clothing. I love summer dresses, cute floral tops, colored jeans, etc. If won, I would definitely go with a cute dress and some flats…perfect for this summer weather :)

  146. Kara says

    For some reason I never seem to spend money on jewelry or shoes so this would be the perfect opportunity to get some new cute accessories!

  147. Rachel S. says

    I would either have to get the dorm room blouse or the Dreamer boots. Being from Texas I love a cute boot.

  148. jamie says

    my style is pretty beach casual– think orange shorts, lace crochet top and then i love to add a fun vintage accessory from my grandma- a hat, earrings, ring.

    but most of all i love to be comfy and i go for that” effortless” look

  149. Jess says

    I have a soft spot for cute dresses, so I’d definitely love to buy one. I’d also like to add some more accessories to my small collection.

  150. Jill says

    I’m a V-neck Tee and skirt/capri/jeans kind of girl. But I like to dress it up with scarfs, necklaces, blazers etc. I love Shabby Apple!

  151. kristina says

    I am in love with all of the dresses at Shabby Apple! I’m trying to start incorporating a little more cohesiveness into my personal style and I think a few classic pieces from Shabby Apple might do the trick.

  152. Christa says

    I’d love to get a new dress for the summer, and maybe a necklace to go with it. I’ve gained some weight recently and spend more than my fair share of time crying that i have nothing to wear. I feel bad for my boyfriend, because he wants to take me out and “show me off”, but i always feel like i am wearing the same frumpy things. I think something fresh and new could be just the boost of confidence i need :)

  153. Nicole says

    I absolutely LOVE that bronze organza necklace – those types of unique necklaces are my fave accessories!

  154. Laurel C says

    I love Shabby Apple’s things!! The Bellisima dress is soooooo pretty to me, but really you can’t go wrong with anything you choose!

  155. Leslie says

    My style is very casual and laid back but i’m starting to add in a little more fire into my wardrobe.

  156. says

    My husband and I were just commenting on my sense of style (or lack thereof), and that my wardrobe could use a face lift! My “summer style” usually consists of a pair of Nike Tempo shorts and a dri-fit race shirt–light and airy for these muggy summer days! I would love to buy a new summer dress, though!
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..The Start of Stay-cation

  157. Susan says

    I just moved to Virginia from Boston. It is much warmer here and my boring, conservative New England style is a bit out of place. I would love a colorful dress for the summer. I like the fresh green of “With Honors”.

  158. Chelsea says

    I recently received a promotion at work, and my wardrobe could use some updating! I would love to get some new accessories and perhaps a tasteful dress. I also love the vintage look, but have been hesitant to try it. Here’s a great excuse!

  159. says

    I LOVE their dresses. I also love that they seem to encompass so many different kinds of styles. My style tends to be pretty laid back (I’m a former jeans and tshirt kind of tomboy), but I love mixing it up with some cute girly dresses sometimes! Especially since I have a bunch of showers and events leading up to my wedding in November – I’m always looking for new cute dresses!
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted..My my, it’s July!

  160. Kelly says

    I love that first pink dress, the golden afternoon! I would have to get that if I got the giftcard :)

  161. Olivia says

    I have always wanted to attempt the shabby-chic vintage look. Definitely willing to give it a try if I win! :)

  162. says

    I’m in the process of of attempting to venture out of my comfort zone with clothes (basic solid colors). This summer one of my goals to to buy one “different” print item and a maxi dress, so either of those or maybe both 😉

  163. Julia says

    I would def order the Calooh! Callay! dress or Puca Pucana dress – very happy to find this web site!

  164. Emily S says

    I love taking something old (or something I forgot I had) and wearing it a different way (i.e., sweater dresses—- turn sweater with a belt)!!

  165. Laura D says

    I am dress-obsessed, so I would DEFINITELY buy one of their summer dresses that could make the transition into the chilly fall weather!

  166. christy says

    I would buy the headliner dress… so simple but you could dress up or down with accessories…. which I love to do!

  167. Katie R says

    I’m not a fashionista. Jeans and a T-shirt are my normal attire. However, every once in a while, I get a strange desire to “dress like a girl” and don a pretty skirt or dress and style my hair in something other than a pony tail. A Shabby Apples dress would be the perfect “I’m want to feel cute and girly” outfit!


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