Zucchini Latkes

Soooo, are you sick of hearing about zucchini yet??


I promise, I’m going to try to keep the zucchini talk at a minimum from here on out, but for now, I just have to share these zucchini latkes with you.


I’ve never had any sort of latke before, so I’m not quite sure how to even compare these to the regular potato variety. But I have had potato pancakes before, and I’d be willing to say that these are pretty similar.

Gosh, I used to love potato pancakes. Growing up, it was our favorite way to eat leftover mashed potatoes – toss ‘em in a skillet with some oil, top ‘em with lots of ketchup, and I was one happy girl.

Now, I’m still one happy girl, only my latkes are just a tid bit more nutritious. Winking smile


If you take away the time that it took to shred the zucchini and yellow squash (which, really, was not that long anyways) these things were a piece of cake to make. Seriously.


Can you imagine how good they’d be if you stacked them up with maybe some hummus, or cheese, or sauce, or…umm, anything?!?

zucchini latkes


So would I be crazy for my lunch today to be made up entirely of leftover zucchini casserole, zucchini latkes, and zucchini muffins? Winking smile


  1. Jessica Locke says


    I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now and I thought it was HIGH-TIME I told you how very much I enjoy it. I look forward to reading what you have to say each and every day -and your happiness and positive outlook really provide a spark to me as well. Furthermore, as a Registered Dietitian I am always pleased to see someone with a healthy attitude and approach to eating. And you are such a good cook/baker too! You really are a delight and I just wanted to you know!
    Have a great day – Jessica Locke, R.D.

  2. says

    I LOVE potato pancakes or any version of them. Latkes are the Jewish version of them, I believe. But they are the exact same thing (except I’ve never seen a recipe for latkes that uses mashed potatoes). Yours looks perfect!
    Alysha @Shesontherun recently posted..The Sunshine Award

  3. Lindsay A says

    If you aren’t totally sick of zucchini yet, we made this tonight. It’s so easy and delicious!


    Sometimes we make it with a marinara base! So good.

    Also, I work at Ruby Tuesday and they make something similar to your latkes. We have zucchini cakes which are made with our crabcake base and have zucchini, feta cheese, red pepper etc. in them. They are soo good!

  4. says

    No need to apologize about the excess zucchini!! It is seriously one of my favorite vegetables, and I remember in the summers growing up my mom would bring home GIANT zucchini’s from her friend’s gardens and we would eat zucchini with every meal…literally!! So good, and versatile!
    Tara Deal recently posted..I’m Not a Runner


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