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Well here we are…already in to the last week in August. It’s definitely been a great month so far, and I have a feeling it’s going to end on a super positive note, with Kathryn & Paul’s wedding this Friday. Ohhhh, I’m so excited! I’ve got a busy week leading up to it, so I have a feeling it’s going to fly by pretty quickly.

Kinda like this past weekend did…here’s what ya may have missed:

So I totally forgot to set an alarm last night, and didn’t end up waking up until I heard Jay shuffling around the room at about 7:30am. This gave me just about 9 hours of sleep last night and I am ecstatic. I need more sleep in my life. I need to get my butt to bed earlier!

My later than usual wake up time also put me in that awkward time frame of “should I work out first or should I eat breakfast first?” Well, breakfast won.


I cooked up a delicious egg sandwich today, made with one fried egg, provolone cheese, turkey bacon, and strawberry preserves (courtesy of Kelly from HLS last weekend – the stuff is SO good, and special from Wisconsin!).

Everything got sandwiched between a whole wheat Bagel Thin, which I was actually sent last week, along with a few packages of The Laughing Cow cream cheese spread. Two of my favorites – gotta love that.


I had to chuckle to myself this morning because I think this is one of the first times in a LONG time where I’ve actually used matching dishes from our dinnerware set.


I’m almost always switching it up with other odds and ends I’ve bought along the way. Winking smile

Time to get going on a few things and then get my yoga on!

Things To Read on Monday:


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    Lovely to hear you are taking it easy! I could eat one of those sandwiches right now… some sort of amazing study snack. My energy levels are flagging, not long to go now just 12 more days til I finish all my coursework for my masters. Ever! Thanks for giving me some happy reading material in between. My husband doesn’t entertain the sweet savoury thing of the jam and eggs but I’m right with you there. Delicious 😀
    Sarah @ Practice Princess recently posted..Marshmallow Brownies

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    Thank you for the great workout from FitSugar TV. Half the stuff I didn’t do because the basement floor isn’t the cleanest, but I did some of the workout. It brought me to a sweat. I also noticed on the side, a video that was a Zumba workout, so I clicked on it and did the whole 14 minutes of the workout. It incorporated salsa movements while working on the shoulders. It felt great and now I’m sweating up a storm. :)

    I always thought fitness was a bore, but after today, I’m really excited to search YouTube for more Zumba workouts! Thank you for the inspiration.

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    I wish I got some good sleep last night. I worked until midnight and even though I work late, I can’t stop from waking up at an unreasonable hour! Not fun!
    What is it about eggs and jam that makes such a great combo! And goat cheese too, yum!
    Lisa recently posted..Coconut Flour Cookie


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