Things Making Me Smile This Week {9/29}

I’ve got lots of ‘em today, so grab a drink, have a seat, and enjoy!

That English muffin from yesterday morning? Well, it wasn’t just any English muffin…

Lucky for me, the Thomas’ Pumpkin Fairy showed up at my door earlier this week. Now I can be even more obnoxious about my pumpkin obsession. Aren’t you excited?

So can I just say how much I LOVED reading all of your upbeat & positive comments from my Love Grown giveaway post? You guys are just great. Speaking of which, the three winners have been chosen! Check out the original post to see if you’ll be receiving some of this good stuff.

Again, any signs of a cold seem to be missing this morning…I seriously don’t know what is going on?! But last night I had a killer headache, so Jay and I enjoyed a nice, quiet evening in with some Chipotle.


Nothin’ like a chicken burrito bowl and insane amounts of guacamole to cure anything, am I right?

I’m blaming it on the pre-natal vitamins, but my nails? Seriously, growing like weeds.


(That’s good for me!) Now I just need to give those bad boys a little filing and some polish action…hopefully this weekend.

If we’re talkin’ about things making me smile this week, you know I most definitely need to include this guy.


This week, we tried a couple nights of him sleeping in our room (we usually keep the door closed because of my asthma) and it was kinda nice to feel him snuggled right between us (that is, when is wasn’t walking all over my shins and stomach). Winking smile

The amazing woman who I go to for massages, Lesley, of Essential Indulgences has started up a campaign on to try and raise money to offer coverage of treatments for those who have limited funding. She’s hoping to reach more people in need by making massage therapy and yoga more affordable and accessible.

This makes me smile because, well, if massage was more affordable then I would most definitely be one happy camper! Massages make me smile. Feel free to check it out. Smile


As for the rest of today’s smiles? Well, they’re comin’ atcha in the form of some funny photos that I happened to come across throughout the week. Enjoy!



Source: via Megan on Pinterest


This is so true…


And SO me.


And how true is this one? Probably explains the reason why I’m down to about three pairs of shorts that I own…and two of them are even longer than that pair from the 90’s.


Speaking of the 90’s…


Please tell me I’m not the only one who immediately thought "S"?

This right here explains me to a T…



And this one literally made me laugh out loud. My friends IRL most likely know that this is definitely my type of humor.

Source: via M.e. on Pinterest


Those of you who know me via the good ‘ol internet? Well, now you do too Winking smile

Happy Saturday, friends!!


  1. Cait says

    amusing post, thanks! :)

    btw what is the sugar in those 3 pumpkin thomas products? also, for the pumpkin waffles? I want to try 1 of those, but am not a fan of overly sweet products!!

  2. Nicole says

    Haha those pics at the end were too funny! I especially love the one of the German Shepherd puppy – looks just like my dog when she was little! She still makes that same face when she is naughty!

  3. says

    This is the third blog I have read that said they had a huge headache yesterday – and SO DID I. I barely ever get them so it was super weird. What was going on!

  4. says

    I remember being the queen of the snooze button. Now my alarm clock is my kids and their sweet chatter is much easier to wake up to than an annoying alarm. And I totally wanted to draw a stussy (spelling?) with those lines. I drew a big chain of them when i was coloring with my 4 year old and she was like what is that?
    Lindsay @ Fuel My Family recently posted..What I Baked Wednesday

  5. says

    I can’t even tell you how many of those “S’s” I’ve doodled in my gradeschool/high school notebooks!

    Considering my recent obsession with all things pumpkin, I’m not one to judge yours. =] Still haven’t tried thy holy PSL tho!
    Sarah B. recently posted..Weekend Reunions


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