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I voted. Did you?


I spent the afternoon with mom, including a lunch date at Panera.


Half Fuji Apple Chicken salad, half broccoli cheddar soup, and a diet Pepsi, because I was just in the mood for one.

I can’t even tell you the last time I had that soup, but it did not take long to remember just how good the stuff is. Wow.

Mom and I also talked about a potential upcoming mom & daughter night out, which I’m super excited about…especially since it involves THIS.


SQUEEEEL! I’ve already seen this show two (three?) times, and it never, ever gets old. I heard that this year it’s a brand new show though, which I’m super pumped about. I also love that it’s coming to our area before Christmas this year; for the past few years, they’ve come after Christmas, and it just isn’t the same.

Lunch was pretty filling, and I wasn’t in much of a mood to cook this evening, so it was a breakfast for dinner sort of night.


Egg and veggie scramble plus a pumpkin spice English muffin with half butter, half pumpkin butter.

Oh, and this afternoon also included a ton of good laughs and memories from my childhood bedroom…


But I’ll share those with you guys tomorrow. Winking smile


  1. says

    I didn’t vote, since I live in Canada;) Oh, that’s so exciting!! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those performances! The orchestra would be so festive right before Christmas!!

  2. says

    About a year ago when I was rummaging through my chidhood bedroom at my parents I found two of my teeth that had been pulled in a container shaped like a pumpkin. Holy pack rat batman!!

  3. says

    Tonight was a breakfast for dinner kind of evening for me as well… it actually seems to be happening more often lately, but breakfast is just too good to only eat once a day! And omigosh how much do I love going through the stuff I left at my parents’ place. Can’t wait to hear about some of your memories!
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted... taking a time out .

  4. says

    Please tell me that clear box I see with lots of different colored string was for friendship bracelets?! I used to have a box like that with tons of colors so I could make a million of them
    Megan S. recently posted..Hello world!

  5. Nicole says

    I love the fact that your breakfast for dinner resembles a smiley face! Maybe I’m just looking for something positive to add to my day, but regardless – I love it! Have a great day :)

  6. says

    You totally got me hooked on that Panera salad. I would always order the Fuji one, but then I saw the Apple one on here last year…and figured you knew your stuff, so since then I’ve been getting it & oh man, it’s SO GOOD!!
    Holly recently posted..8.5 Months

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