No Equipment Needed Travel Workout

Who’s ready for a workout?!

Lately, I’ve been taking most of my weekends off from extra exercise. It’s been great, and it even makes Monday’s workouts that much more enjoyable. Anyone else with me on that one?

Today, I completed about 50 minutes of random walking intervals on the treadmill, followed by a quick upper body circuit, and it felt great.

My arms and inner thighs are actually still sore from Friday’s WOD, so I was feelin’ the burn pretty quickly today. Winking smile

Since I covered a good amount of cardio and upper body today, I’m actually looking forward to another fun workout that I have planned for later in the week…most likely tomorrow. Check it out!

No Equipment Needed Travel Workout

While I was at Reebok on Friday, I came across some travel workout cards and had to snag a couple. I looked for ones that I knew I’d be able to a) do at home, and b) modify if needed for myself.

Even though this particular workout is “for time,” I’m not planning on going crazy with it. In fact, I think it’ll just be a fun way to break up the usual workouts with something new.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the format, you will complete 10 rounds of the three exercises listed (push-ups and sit-ups are fairly well known, but if you’re unsure of an air squat, click here). Record your time, and then work on decreasing the amount of time it takes you to complete everything the next go ‘round.

As with any exercise, always check with a doc first, but also remember that just because you’re working “against the clock” in this type of workout, make sure that you’re not compromising form. Quality ALWAYS trumps quantity!

Good luck and have fun! Smile


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    This looks perfect for those days when you don’t want to leave the house because of the nasty weather:) Which is a lot lately. I’ve also been taking the weekends off, it’s nice to have that break and I’m less stressed about it in general.

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    That sounds fun! I never usually aim for time in workouts, but you’re right it would be something new to spice up the old workout routine 😉 I agree form and technique is still important to maintain!
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