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Gooooood morning! And happy Wednesday to you all. How’s everyone doing on this lovely, chilly day (umm, yeah, it’s 2 degrees here this morning). Since it’s Wednesday and all, you guys know what that means…

Let’s take a little look at What Courtney Ate Wednesday Tuesday. 😉

Breakfast – 8:15am

I already mentioned this one to you guys yesterday. Unfortunately, it did not wind up tasting as good as it usually does.


I think there was too much apple, not enough chia seeds, and a little bit too much liquid so it wasn’t quite as creamy as I usually like. Luckily, the banana bread made up for it. Winking smile

Mid-morning, I snacked on a clementine just for the heck of it because it was sitting on my desk. No photo of that little guy.

Lunch – 1:00pm

I’m telling you…yogurt bowls are where it’s at lately. Can’t get enough of ‘em!


I had some vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with strawberries, blueberries, Special K Protein Plus, and Cheerios, which was super delicious.

For a little veggie action, I also finished up the rest of my roasted brussels sprouts from last week (along with a few chunks of butternut squash, in case you were curious). I had planned on heating them up but actually just wound up eating them cold.


I think it’s safe to say that they’re growing on me. I’m excited to try them out again.

Shortly after lunch, I was craving something sweet. Enter, a delicious, pink lemonade lollipop.


Couldn’t tell ya the last time I had a lollipop, but man, was it good.

Mid-Afternoon Snack – 3:45

Hunger struck once again around 3ish, so a little while later, I found a few minutes to make a little snack.


I had this tortilla in my desk for “emergency purposes” (seriously, who stashes tortillas?) and filled it up with some peanut butter (also in my desk) and pumpkin cream cheese (which I keep in the fridge).


That was one heck of a snack. Gotta love the pb & pumpkin cream cheese combo!

Dinner – 7:00

We had company over for dinner last night (our wonderful pals Sarah and Jeff!) so there was lots of good stuff on the menu.

pulled bbq chicken

The star of the meal was the Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken that I put together yesterday morning, which I served with Martin’s mini whole wheat potato rolls (<– have you had these? Amazing.). Along with the chicken, I put together a big tossed salad (with lots of avocado!) and cooked up a bag of sweet potato fries.

pulled bbq chicken

I swear, that chicken is probably one of my favorite things to cook for when we have company over. Just so easy and yummy.

Dessert – 8:30pm

A little while later, we dug into some dessert, courtesy of Sarah and Jeff.


Homemade cookies and ice cream. Umm, does it GET much better? 😉

Question for the Morning:

What’s the most random food you’d say you keep in your desk/purse/car/etc.?


  1. says

    I usually just carry apples, trail mix/nuts, or a snack bar around in my purse when I’m gone and might need an “emergency snack.” My family thinks I’m crazy, but really they should be thankful because when I get over-hungry I turn into such a cranky person 😉
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..sick.

  2. says

    Mmmm, I want your snack as my snack today. Right now, in my work bag, I have an apple in tupperware and a half-full Barney Butter squeeze pack. And a Larabar. I’m always eating at work…
    I also always have mints on me. My favorite are the big Lifesavers ones! I like to have one in the afternoon when I’m tempted to eat more out of boredom.
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..[Current] Diet Staples

  3. Carol T. says

    That dinner look great including the desert!!. I usually keep fruit (apples and oranges), peanut butter, almond butter and Wasa crackers at work just in case I need a snack later in the day.

  4. says

    The most random thing in my desk drawer right now is a toy story fruit snack-pack, which I got from the WDW half marathon I ran the other weekend. In addition to that, I always keep quest bars, occasionally a piece of chocolate or two (anything more would be gone in a heartbeat), and some rice and/or tuna in case of emergency’s. I used to keep nut butter in my desk drawer, but that became deadly.
    Jenna @ Crazy Healthy Fit recently posted..Burpee Update**

  5. Nicole says

    Those cookies and the ice cream look fantastic!!! YUM!! What kind of ice cream was paired with those chocolate chippers??

  6. says

    I keep a stash of sugar free gum with me at ALL TIMES…. I guess you could say I’m a bit obsessed (;

    I also keep glucose tabs or fruit snacks with me at all times- yup, I’m a diabetic!!
    Emily recently posted..College.

  7. says

    tortillas in your desk? good plan. and pumpkin cream cheese? is there really such a thing? i love all things pumpkin but have never heard of it. i bet it’s delish.

    remember tootsie pops? and the cute commercial of the owl who asked “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop?” when i was younger i never had enough patience (willpower) to find out. but my 8 year old decided he would find out at Christmas. it’s 700 in case you’re wondering. 700 licks. yeah, i definitely would still not have patience to find that out!
    colleen @ thegiftofmondays recently posted..saving a friend

  8. says

    i used to be *addicted* to pink lemonaide lip smackers chapstick, so that lollipop’s looking mighty fine 😉 lol ..my co-workers always used to say the top drawer of my desk looked like robbed a pre-school haha i like really simple, basic snacks (almonds with a box of raisins, etc.) – what can i say? they were good then, they’re good now! lol :)
    Jessica @ Prayers and Apples recently posted..Alcohol and Memory: Why You Remember The Wrong Things

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