My Super Cool Adult Lunch Box

Have you guys seeeeeeen these before?!?


So here’s the deal…

When I got home from Mexico last week, I had a package waiting for me from Cascadian Farms, which was filled with some amazing goodies. (Actually, my friend Katie posted some pics of everything that was included in the awesome package, in case you want to take a peek.)

Out of everything in the package, the one thing that I was most excited about was the Bento lunch box. I’ve seen people use them for kids before, and had never really considered using one as an adult. But really, my packed lunches typically don’t look much different than this, besides the fact that it’s usually just a bunch of mismatched plastic containers.

So last night, I decided to utilize the new Bento box while making my lunch…and I’m in LOVE!


I mean, how cute is that, right? Here’s what today’s lunch includes…

Mixed greens + tomatoes + Italian vinaigrette.


Kashi honey sesame crackers.


Chicken salad made with a can of chicken, finely chopped onion, celery, carrots, and cucumbers, mashed avocado, plain Chobani, salt & pepper (OMG so good).


And a cara cara orange.


Everything all in one convenient spot…doesn’t get much better than that!


So yeah, I just had to pop in and tell you all about that because, well, I think it’s super awesome. Winking smile


  1. says

    Haha, that is SO awesome. I’m with you on that.
    I want a Lunch box bad. I remember in high school when it was so uncool to carry a lunch bag, so I just would have nothing, but that’s some pretty cool stuff. Especially all the organization, I’m all about organizing. Food included!

  2. says

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while now since I pack my lunch everyday! They just seem a little pricey, to me, for plastic containers though.

  3. says

    I have a similar lunch box! It’s so good for portion control! I try to fill each compartment with a different color or food group.

  4. says

    I seriously wrote down on my “to buy” list this weekend: a lunchbox. I’ve been wanting one for awhile since usually I just throw my random lunch stuff into my purse and I’d like to start carrying a smaller purse if I can. This lunch box is like the Cadillac of all lunch boxes!

  5. Emily says

    Do they make one that’s just one big box with permanent dividers in it? I would think it would be annoying to wash all of the pieces separately and then have to reassemble it after it’s washed. I hate when I can’t find the matching lids to my Tupperware containers! I love the idea of having everything in one place though!!!

  6. says

    I actually have one of those! Haven’t used it in awhile, but I really need to start utilizing it again because it is so convenient. Especially for clean eats. I love perusing the Laptop Lunchbox website. They have a lot of cool stuff for kids AND adults. :-)

  7. says

    Um, keeps the salad dressing separate?! That is amazing! Did it work well? Any dressing leak? I’m very tempted to get myself one of these! I see a lot more healthy lunch options being prepared with something like this.

  8. says

    That is adorable!!! I always struggle to fit my lunches into my lunch box so maybe this would be the answer! I feel like if I had one, I would try hard to find something to fit in each container. :)

  9. says

    That’s pretty awesome for a lunch box. I JUST bought my husband a lunch box… Wish I had known about these first. The only downside is that you’d have to wash it out every night before you packed lunch again. I am a dishwasher kind of person, so i see this as a downside 😉

  10. says

    I love bento boxes and that adorable lunch box is super cute! I always take so many containers to work for my salad dressing, my daily snacks and breakfast it is crazy. If I bought one of these I couldn’t just buy one I’d have to buy a few and rotate them since I usually prep a few things at a time for the week :)

    Loving your simple chicken salad recipe, will definitely have to give that a go.

  11. says

    Love it! Super cute. My lunch also consists of mismatched containers and I was thinking of getting a bento box when I get some extra dough. My problem is I make my lunches and breakfasts on Sunday and portion them into a bunch of containers… I’d need five bento boxes!

  12. says

    Ahhh so cute! I think I’d need a bigger box though 😉 Haha!
    Ps. Any chance you could make your comment box automatically fill the boxes- it use to but now you have to re-enter every time! ha.

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