Baby Tooth: 31 Weeks {+ a Giveaway!}

Thirty-one weeks down…nine more to go!

31 Weeks

Baby Tooth is just over 31 weeks today and is about the size of a pineapple.

Just a little comparison from 10 weeks ago


Little guy sure is growin’!


And man, time just keeps on flyin’, I’ll tell ya!

FYI: The shirt above is just one of three that I recently bought on sale at Target for only $7.00 each! They’re not even maternity…I just got an extra size up. They are PERFECT and I can’t recommend them enough.

Here’s what Baby Tooth has been up to this week:

  • Baby Tooth is over 16 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds…and he’s apparently heading into a growth spurt!
  • He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin.
  • He’s going through major brain, nerve, and eye development, and his irises now react to light.
  • All five of his senses are in working order.

And here’s what’s been happening with me this past week:

Weight gained: I was up 21 pounds at my doc appointment last week, which is right on track.

Workouts: Two full length ones – a 50-minute Pilates session and a 45-minute treadmill workout. Other than that, just some extra walking, a few random squats and lunges here and there, and a quick upper body weights workout another day.

Symptoms: Pretty similar to last week…

  • Some Braxton Hicks contractions and round ligament pain
  • Minor low back pain and occasional hip/leg pain
  • Always going to the bathroom…
  • A general “full” feeling in my upper stomach
  • Leg cramps here and there, but better that last week. I’ve learned to take it easy with the full stretch out in the middle of the night.
  • The past two days have actually involved just a bit of overall discomfort. On Sunday, I was just feeling very pregnant, and yesterday Baby Tooth was hanging out in my right ribs basically all day long. No matter how many cat/cow stretches I did, he just did not want to move.

Movement: Baby Tooth is an active little bugger. Seriously…he’s on the move pretty much all day long, and most of his active times are staying pretty much the same.

Food Aversions: I actually didn’t eat peanut butter for a full week, but finally found the taste for it again on Sunday. Other than, I don’t really have anything else making me go “ewww” – I even had some hot coffee on Saturday.

Food Cravings: Italian ice, popsicles, ice cream, fresh berries, bread and butter, and fish and chips…I still need to go get me some fish and chips ASAP.

Sleep: I’ll go 50/50 on this one. My body pillow is definitely helping, although it does make the bed a bit more crowded and more difficult to move around. Surprisingly enough, I did actually have two nights this past week where I didn’t have to get up at ALL for a trip to the bathroom. That was like heaven.

Stretch marks? Belly is still stretch mark free, surprisingly enough.

Miss Anything? Regular clothes, normal energy, and sleeping on my stomach.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week: My ridiculously handy husband got our nursery closet all finished! Here it was before (after we took out the one pole)…


And here it is after!


First we painted (the old, totally marked up pink walls from when it was my mom’s room weren’t really working for us) with some of the leftover paint from the nursery walls, and then Jay took care of the shelving.


We went last week to pick out all of the shelves, bars, etc., and then he just went ahead and basically made his own makeshift closet system. It’s absolutely PERFECT, and definitely provides us with a bunch more storage room than we originally had.


I think the only other thing we’ll be getting is a floor storage unit that I found in the Target flyer this past week, and some storage cubbies to coordinate in there.

Other than that, the nursery is basically finished…just need to find some curtains and a crib skirt (<—FYI…if anyone knows where I can find a simple, solid crib skirt that isn’t outrageously expensive, please let me know!)

Belly Button in or out? Still in there!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: This was definitely a happy week, minus a few little bouts of moodiness. Hey, it happens.

Looking Forward To: Lots of stuff! Our baby showers, childbirth classes (starting next week), and just being able to actually MEET our little guy. I feel like two months away is almost a bit of a teaser…it feels so close, yet so far away!

New Baby Items: We did get a really nice, unexpected little gift basket from one of the guys on our softball team.


I also got a couple of new items from a new-to-me website, Chic Pipsqueak.


Last week, I received an email from the owner, Kjirsten, who introduced me to the company and generously offered to let me do a little “shopping” from the site. While the site does have a bunch of adorable items for little ladies, there were a few things for my future little man that definitely caught my eye…

Top Knot Hats


Baby Skull Shoes


And these Baseball Leg Warmers


which I’m already planning on having Baby Tooth wear with the rest of this outfit for one of his first softball game outings.


His grandpa and Uncle Dan will be proud. Winking smile

And even more exciting?…

Chic Pipsqueak is offering up a $25.00 credit to a lucky STSL reader! (US residents only)

To Enter: Just leave a comment on this post with something happy and/or positive. Smile

I’ll choose a random winner tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22nd. Good Luck!


  1. Cassie D. says

    You look beautiful! I love the neutral colors you picked for your nursery walls. I have two close friends who are expecting and would love to use the credit to get them something for their little ones!

  2. Maggie says

    You look great! These next two months will fly by and in no time your little man will be here. Just remember to sit back and enjoy being a family of two while you still are :)

  3. Megan says

    I have been thinking about getting some leg warmers for my baby girl! Something happy…it’s almost Memorial Day weekend which means LONG WEEKEND!!

  4. Lynn says

    OMG! I love the skull shoes! I’m going to go check out that site for sweet threads for my little guy now! And btw, amazing on the full night of sleep, relish in it while you can, seriously. In the two months since my little dude has arrived I’ve gotten VERY little sleep :-/ Good luck!

  5. Kate Gifford says

    My sister in law is due in August & this would be a great gift!
    You look adorable & pregnancy is definitely agreeing with you :)

  6. Lindsay Gonzalez says

    I’m super excited and happy about our 20 week ultrasound coming up on Thursday. I can’t wait to see what our baby is up to. Just knowing I’m going to me a mommy in general makes me happy.

  7. Amy says

    I would love something from this website! My husband and I are expecting a little boy as well on July 28th!

    Something from this website would be perfect for our little boy because my husband loves sports! I can’t wait to dress my little cutie up as well!!!

    Sometimes the smallest things in life take up the biggest places in our heart <3!

    Good luck with everything!

  8. Lauren S says

    Something making me happy this week: My 2 week old son. I fall more & more in love with him each day. You are going to love being a mom, it’s the most rewarding experience you can imagine. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  9. Jen says

    Having my own little man (6 mo) this would be awesome! My happy thing was playing in the sprinkler with my two year old yesterday. Yay summer!

  10. Amanda says

    I have a friend with an adorable little boy and another friend with one on the way! I would love to spoil those babies :)

  11. Leigh H says

    I’m also pregnant and due on July 1st. This will be our second child and I feel very blessed to be a mother of now two children!!

  12. says

    Are you serious with those skull shoes?!? I can’t. Bummer that the contest is only open to US residents. :(
    That’s one good looking closet! So funny…right now hubby shares a closet with our daughter (I booted him out of the master bedroom walk in!), and sometimes he has to go in there to get clothes during her naps. It’s basically the worst. Luckily we’re moving in a month and there’s ample room in our new closet for both of our wardrobes!
    Lauren @ Confessions of a First Time Mom recently posted..Movie Review: Babies

  13. Kristin says

    wow, you look amazing and adorable! Cannot wait to see pictures of Baby Tooth when he finally gets here! Love your blog

  14. says

    Getting to the homestretch! Something positive about my day is every morning when my puppy wakes me up! 😉 She puts her tummy on my neck with both sets of legs on either side of my neck and then turns her head around to kiss me. Haha!

  15. Jessica says

    I would love to win the 25 dollar credit for my little princess due on Sep 1st!! I love those little baby leg warmers you got for your little guy.

  16. ashley says

    my husband and i just found out less than 2 weeks that we are expecting our first child! i would love to do a little shopping for him/her! :)

  17. says

    Seriously loving the little slugger outside…too cute!! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone and can’t wait to see picture of the handsome little guy. Have a wonderful week!!
    Karen recently posted..Currently

  18. Rachel S. says

    I would love to win this for my best friend who is 18 weeks pregnant and had to have a cyst removed. She and the baby are doing great.

  19. tracy says

    would love to do some shopping for my little nugget. here is a positive thought in two months you can have a margarita. :)

  20. Jessica says

    What a great giveaway! I am expecting my second on 11/1 so I would love to get my daughter (9 months) and my new baby something from the website :) and you look fantastic!!!

  21. Lauren says

    Love reading your updates as I’m almost 24 weeks pregnant with a boy! Those shoes and leg warmers are SO cute!

  22. Breanna says

    I am just ahead of you at 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow. We are SO excited to meet our little dude too. It’s our first pregnancy as well so reading your blog is kind of like reading my own :) Those baseball baby legs are so cute!!

  23. says

    Peanut butter was hit or miss for me throughout my pregnancy too. So weird, right? Thank goodness for handy husbands! I loved hanging all the super tiny outfits in the closet. :)

    Something happy or positive? LOVE YOU! 😉 Aaand I’m super excited for you! I think you, Chels, and me need to have a reunion once all our babies get here. Wouldn’t that be so fun? I think so!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Oh How I’ve Missed You!

  24. Ruthie Hart (@ruthiehart1) says

    I love the nursery colors!! And no lie, I clicked on Chic Pipsqueaks to go see how much the top knot hats were so I hope I can win!

  25. Kathryn says

    Adorable! My best friend is pregnant, after being told she couldn’t have children! I’d love to be able to buy them something cute for the baby!

  26. Tara C. says

    I have the same shirt in the same color! It is great fabric to stretch over my baby bump for sure. I am obsessed with the leg warmers (SO CUTE). I think it will make changing the baby’s diaper easier too!

  27. Aubrie says

    AHHHHH we are both getting so close! I want to crazy on all the headbands they have for little girls :) Thanks for the site!

  28. says

    I love the nursery being so organized! I am also still on the look out for a solid crib skirt…Please let me know when you find one!

    Something happy? I have just a couple more weeks of work and then meeting my little one…due date at the end of June!
    Jenn@Be ME recently posted..Ditching Dannon for Good!

  29. Brianne says

    Oh goodness you look fantastic!! I know it seems like your due date is forever away but it comes quick! I still can’t believe I have a 6 month old already?!! Where the time goes nobody will ever know!!

  30. Stephanie Walter says

    I have a 7mos old baby boy and he is my world!!! Along with my 4yr old “baby” boy!!! Boys are the very best!!!!

  31. Jen W. says

    A happy day….

    Headed out to the ball park – hot dogs, peanuts n popcorn and maybe an ice cold beer to wash it all down!

  32. Megan Joy says

    My positive thing is that I’m expecting, too! 23 weeks along and it’s our first child, so we can’t wait to be parents.

  33. Jen M. says

    I would love to buy my (first ever!) 6-week old nephew some cute leg warmers! He LOVES kicking his legs around!

  34. Cellabella says

    Those shoes and socks are adorable! One positive thing, for me at least, is that last week I found out I’m expecting too :)

  35. Madeline says

    The new closet looks great! I love the little clothes hanging in there 😀

    We just scheduled a vacation for this summer, that’s one positive thing – I can’t wait!!

  36. Samantha says

    I just turned 19 weeks today and the past couple days/week I’ve been feeling little nudges here and there. It is seriously awesome! : )

  37. Taran says

    Would love to do some shopping for my little one that is due July 22!

    You look great!

    Next week is a short work week which means long weekend!!! Time to get some work done in our own nursery!

  38. says

    What a cute and totally complete baseball outfit for baby Tooth!! He’s going to be the cutest guy there, that’s for sure :)

    What makes me happy is that it’s finally warming up outside and that I’ll be headed to the beach in less than a month!! wahoo!

    Sami recently posted..Feeling Guilty But Well-Rested

  39. Amanda Lee says

    I’d use the gift card for my adorable little nephew- Benjamin (Benny). He NEEDS a pair of leg warmers for his chubby little legs.

    Ps- You’re wearing pregnancy well! Gorgeous! (Here’s to hoping the rest of us are as lucky as you). 😉

  40. Carrie says

    Those are adorable! Sign me up!

    Spring is in the air and that along with sweet iced coffees, gin and tonics, and sunshine make me happy!

  41. says

    So much cute stuff!!!

    Something happy and positive, I am LOVING my new job working at a vet clinic. We have had a few emergency cases and its so rewarding to be able to save the animals and to see the happiness and gratefullness in the owners faces!! So rewarding!!

  42. Kacy says

    oh yay! I love sweet baby items!

    We will be having the first ultrasound on June 6TH cannot wait to see our baby! I am just at the beginning of my pregnancy and I have enjoyed watching your progress!

  43. Jessica R. says

    Love those little leg warmers!

    Something happy – the flowering crab apples are in bloom where we live and they are absolutely beautiful!

  44. Samantha says

    I absolutely love following your blog! I’m 33 weeks and it has been fun to read all the similar things you are going through as I am too!

  45. Lindsay says

    Something positive: breyers ice cream was Bo-Go at the store this week :) pregnant girl dream come true! I’m due the same time as you :)

  46. Stephanie Abbott says

    OOh you picked some good stuff! Hmm something happy… we find out the gender of our peanut in two weeks!! Dying to know! :)

  47. Nikki says

    Something happy? Only 22 days left of school! And I’m in my 7th week today! Early to share, I know, but so excited!!!

  48. Christina W says

    Lots of positives – it’s the weekend, it’s a THREE DAY weekend, and there’s a lot to look forward to!

  49. Blaire Lockett says

    Congratulations! I am also pregnant (8 months) and have two toddler boys. I wanted to share one of the most helpful and awesome gifts I received for my second son’s baby shower, Lavender Essential Oil. I got the essential oil from a friend who says it cures diaper rash! Boy I wish I would have know this with my first baby. When he got diaper rash for the first time it was so painful for both of us because he was in so much pain and I didn’t know what to do! I tried everything and I couldn’t find anything that would work. Finally I found Bourdeaux’s Butt Paste, which wasn’t natural that helped. However, I use a few drops of lavender oil with a quarter size of coconut oil (or any carrier oil) now and it cures diaper rash naturally! It is incredible and I give it to every new Mommy for their baby shower.


  1. […] couldn’t help myself and decked him all out in some baseball gear for our outing, including these legwarmers that I got him a few months back. You can’t see it, but he was also wearing his baseball onesie, […]

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