My Newborn Must Haves {+ a Giveaway!}

As hard as it is to believe, we are already approaching the two month mark on little Lucas’s arrival. I knew that time was going to fly by, but seriously?? How does it go by so fast?!


(Photo courtesy of Cara Olsen Photography – she’s fabulous!)

In these past (almost) two months, we have certainly come across our fair share of items that have become more or less, lifesavers. Things that we really could not go a day without. So while it’d be easy to go on and on about ALL of the things that we’re loving for Lucas, I thought I’d put together a little list of my newborn must haves…things that I have absolutely, 100% needed in these past two months.

Summer Infant SwaddleMe blankets – Lucas loves being swaddled and these blankets have proven to be a lifesaver for us. They’re so much easier than doing the full swaddle with a blanket (like the ones below) and they keep our little Houdini from getting his hands out the top. I can’t say enough about these…we love them!

Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddles – Before Jay and I discovered the SwaddleMe blankets above (we registered for them, had them washed and in the dresser, yet didn’t realize they were there until almost two weeks in) we were exclusively swaddling Lucas in these blankets. They are just so incredibly soft, not to mention nice and big (forgiving for those less-than-stellar swaddles). We still occasionally swaddle him in these, but we also use them for just about everything else…so it’s a good thing we have about 12 of them, since we go through them super fast!

Sound Machine – We actually already had a sound machine in the house but weren’t using it anymore in our bedroom so we repurposed it for Lucas’s room. We have the one pictured below which isn’t targeted for babies, but it has all the same exact sounds as others that we checked out in the store. Lucas loves the sound of the rain falling, so we use that when putting him down for bed.

Diaper Genie – I had heard mixed reviews on this one but we wound up getting it at one of our baby showers so we stuck with it. So far, I totally love it. I haven’t experienced any sort of “foul” smells in his room (and he’s had some doozies) and it’s really easy to change. Whether or not it’s cost effective, I had no idea. But we love it.

Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor – I registered for this monitor after having three of my close friends register for the same one and give it rave reviews. Now, I too, can attest to the fact that this is a great monitor. It’s easily portable and I love having the added video to see what the little man is up to.

Fisher Price Rock ‘n’ Play Sleeper – Since day one, Lucas has been sleeping in this sleeper. We initially used it so he could sleep in it next to our bed, and while he was only in our bedroom for the first two weeks, we continued to have him sleep in it in his nursery. I go back and forth all the time on when I want to transition him to the crib for good (we do some naps in the crib) but for now, he’s still sleeping in this for now.

Dr. Brown’s Bottles – We decided to register for these bottles after doing lots of research and receiving lots of feedback from many of our friends. The bottles have been fantastic so far for Lucas, he hasn’t had any trouble taking them, and we haven’t noticed any increased gassiness from using them either. While he’s not taking bottles everyday just yet, we’ve been using them occasionally so he can get used to taking them for once I’m back to work and will have to start pumping more.

Fisher Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym – This was a purchase that came late in the game (I only bought it last week) but Lucas absolutely LOVES it. Since he is always moving (seriously, it’s probably the #1 thing that people comment on when they’re around him for more than 5 minutes), his constantly kicking feet have a blast rocking out on those piano keys. Plus, the mirror above provides him tons of entertainment. So while it’s not really a necessity, it’s amazing and had to be added to the list.

Babies”R”Us Gift Card Giveaway!

When we registered for all of our baby items (gosh, that seems so long ago now!), the majority of our items came from Babies“R”Us. I’ve had great luck with the store so far and it was so, so easy to complete the registry process.

Babies”R”Us has recently started a brand new promotion called The Sweetest Registry Deal Ever, which I’m excite to share with you all today. So what’s the advantage of this new deal?

  • Expectant parents and caregivers can earn up to $200 back on items purchased off their Babies“R”Us Registry created between now and November 15, 2013.
  • Moms can earn 10% back on purchases made off their Babies“R”Us Registry (up to $200). This will come in the form of an e-gift card approximately 10 weeks after their expected arrival date, enabling parents to purchase even more products and essentials for baby.
  • While in-store, registrants will also receive additional perks, such as a special welcome package, which includes a Baby Registry Planner with a full checklist of essential items, invitation cards to inform family and friends that they are registered at Babies“R”Us, a $5 off $25 coupon, product samples and more.
  • (You can also find out more info on the promotion by checking out their Facebook page and following them on Twitter)

To help spread the word about their new promotion, Babies”R”Us has offered to give away a $50.00 gift card to a lucky STSL reader!

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d use the gift card for.
  2. BONUS: Leave a separate comment with one of YOUR must have baby registry items (hey, we can all use a little extra guidance in that process!).

(Open to US residents only)

I’ll choose a random winner this Friday, September 27th. Good Luck! Smile

Disclaimer: I also received a gift card in exchange for promoting their new promotion. The Babies“R”Us information and gift cards have been provided by Babies“R”Us.


  1. Alaina says

    ALthough only 11 weeks pregnant, I am SUPER excited about this giveaway along with the $200 back when we register (which WILL be before November). I plan on uring the gift card to purchase some Swaddleme blankets as these are all I hear about! Plus, I think they will be easier to use for the husband when it comes time to wrapping baby instead of a larger blanket! Thanks, Courtney, for the recommendation!

  2. Heather S says

    I have a 20 month old little lady but am currently 23 weeks along with a little boy! This gift card would do wonders in the few things we need the second time around!

  3. Alaina says

    As for one of my must-have baby items, that would definitely have to be a breast pump. I’ve heard Avent and Medela are two popular ones I plan on looking into. Courtney, any suggestions on a great breast pump? Thanks in advance!

    • Courtney says

      I have a Medela double electric pump and it’s great! I got it for free through my health insurance too, so I’d definitely recommend looking into that to see if yours is covered!

      • Alaina says

        Wow, thanks for answering! I definitely need to check into that! Did you get it paid for through a flex spending account or just submit a bill to insurance?

  4. Heather S says

    My must haves the first time around:
    Swaddlers with Velcro because my baby was Houdini with busting out!
    Vibrating bouncy chair…she loved that thing and as a huge toddler still tries to sit in it!
    Nursing pads..unprepared for all the leakage with breast feeding!
    Oh, and a whole lot of patience!

  5. Ashley C says

    I would put the gift card towards a double stroller, that’s what we’re looking to purchase soon!


  6. Meg says

    Hello! I love your blog! So…why I’d love the gift card… For starters…today is my birthday!! And, I am 35 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. We just moved to a new city…husband just got a job, which was a blessing! I just finished school and am having to wait to work until after our baby girl gets here…so things are tight! Lots of new exciting things and a gift card would be a blessing! Thank you & congrats on the handsome Lucas!

  7. Abbie says

    Although we don’t have kids yet, I have another niece/nephew on the way and would love to get them something with this!

  8. Kaelin says

    Although I have no kids yet…. many friends and family members are becoming moms and dads! I’d love to use the card to buy gifts.

  9. Kristin H says

    I would use the gift card towards items for my friend who just recently had a baby 4 mnths early –

    I know she didnt receive a lot off her registry so I would look to see what she didnt get and use towards that

  10. says

    I would use the gift card to get ready for my daughter, due December 14th! Work has been so crazy and I haven’t had a baby shower yet, so I am feeling totally unprepared at the moment!

  11. says

    Thanks for the tips! I am expecting in late March, and would LOVE the gift card! I would use it on the Bum Genius diapers at BRU! I am gonna give cloth a shot :)

  12. Heather C says

    Oh gosh, with our baby girl arriving in the next five weeks, this would go towards anything we deem necessary that we don’t receive at our last shower this weekend! Maybe even just diapers.

  13. Susie says

    I agreed with so many of your newborn must-haves! Those SwaddleMe blankets were my favorite to use for swaddling. We used them so much the with our first baby, the velcro started to not work as well, so we will be getting some more of those again this time! :)

  14. 1st Time Mom says

    I would put this gift card towards the items you recommended that I just added to my wish list. I am only 12 weeks pregnant with our first child so post like these are great.

  15. Karen says

    I’m not sure what I would use the gift card for I am constantly going to BRU and spending money. :) Since my little girl is growing so fast and we have TONS of 3 and 6 month clothes I would probably buy her some 9 month outfits bc we are heading into that size very quickly!

  16. Melissa says

    Have a lil guy joining us in January – our first, we are overwhelmed by how much stuff we need, could certainly use the gift card to help out :-)

  17. Karen says

    As for my must haves…the miracle blanket was a lifesaver once we started breaking out of the swaddlemes, nail clippers bc her nails grow so fast, Ergo bc its awesome and the Fisher Price rainforest bouncy seat has provided lots of entertainment!

  18. says

    My “must have” item for a registry would be a baby carrier (Moby, Ka’Taan, whatevs). My babies lived in those things for the first three months, and really, it was the only thing that allowed me to have clean dishes and vacuumed floors.
    Nicole @ Curly Mommy recently posted..Hey, remember me?

  19. Rachel S. says

    I know this isn’t a must have for all babies, but for my son it was. I had a wipe warmer, he hated being cold so it helped alot with diaper changes.

  20. Christine C says

    I’m due with my first in February and this gift card would be a huge help with setting up the nursery and getting ready for baby!

  21. Ali says

    My must-have registry item: definitely the swaddle sacks! We started with Aden and Anais blankets as well, and although we love them for other things, the swaddle sacks are perfect for keeping our little one tucked in all night!

  22. Elizabeth says

    I just found out I’m pregnant with number 2 so I have several new needs! I’m thinking the baby monitor since we never had one with our first!

  23. Ky G says

    I’d definitely get the Aiden & Anais swaddles. My son uses these as his blankies, he’s 1 now and has been using them as such since he was 6 months.

  24. Jen W. says

    My daughter is expecting, my first grand child, and I’m creating a whole nursery in my home just for the special delivery. I’d definitely put this gift card to good use.

  25. Ky G says

    My Motorola Video Monitor was and still is my most important must have. It’s allowed me to have peace of mind of my son sleeping in his crib in his own room since he was 7 weeks old.

  26. says

    I have so many “must-have” baby items … it’s hard to pick! I think a good baby swing has been a huge help. And a good, BIG swaddle blanket. But now that Addie isn’t getting swaddled anymore, I love footie PJ’s that zip up, because they’re easy to take on and off! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Readings Lately.

  27. Elizabeth says

    Likely I’d use the gift card for basic needs, diapers or maybe some Medela Breast Pump accessories (bags, bottles etc.)!

  28. Danielle says

    I have a lot of the same must haves as you. love the rnp and swaddlemes, but if I had to add something different it would be my glider. anytime my little guy is fussy, I rock on the glider and it really helps to calm him down.

  29. Sarah says

    I would love to win this! I’m due 11/13 and would use this gift card to put towards stuff that was not purchased on my regsitry!

  30. Jessica says

    I would use the gift card on my new little bundle of joy, Eva! I would say a registry must have is an insert for the infant car seat.

  31. Elizabeth says

    I’m due January 16 with our first little girl. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper is on my list! I’ve been hearing great things! I’ve been doing a lot of research and decided to go with the Uppababy Stroller and car seat. I also think i am going with the Motorola baby monitor. Have you heard of Vulli’s Sophie teether? That’s already been purchased .. as a past nanny i loved that thing! :)

  32. Malisa says

    I just had a baby a week ago and would use the gift card to finish off our registry at BRU. We love the SwaddleMe product too!

  33. Lauryn says

    My “future” must-haves for baby will probably be most of what you listed above, but the bobby pillow I am sure will be high on the list as well!

  34. Jess Morine says

    We will have a new baby in the family – my brother and sister-in-law are having a little boy in March! I’ll use the gift card to purchase baby shower and spoiling gifts for my new nephew :-)

  35. Amanda Buck says

    I have an almost three month old! I’d likely use the giftcard for something fun for him! I think he’d love the piano playmat!

  36. Amanda Buck says

    My must have baby item would be a good breast pump if your planning on breast feeding! I love the medulla double pump in style!

  37. christy says

    I’m due in 2 weeks so I would use the gift card for some last minute items… maybe more swaddles since I too have heard you can never have too many!

  38. Sara says

    I would use the gift card for the Fisher Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym — like Lucas, my little one never stops moving & I think he would like the gym.

  39. Sara says

    We cannot live without the Swaddle Me blankets either. It seems like no matter how tight we swaddle him in normal blankets he always gets his little arms out :)

  40. Kristina m says

    I’m due in just a couple days with baby #2. I really wish babies r us had his promo when I registered with them. With the gift card I would put it towards the purchase of a ergobaby I have heard wonderful things about them and really want one.

  41. Marybeth says

    My husband and I are expecting our first child January 3rd. I would use the gift card to buy some must haves after the baby is born. I am a new mom and really have no idea what to expect… haha!

    BONUS: I currently registered for many things that were recommended to me by friends and by you. If I had to pick one of my favorites I would have to say the Baby Einstein Musical Motion (2 in 1) Jumper and Entertainer. I heard it is great!

  42. Kathryn says

    I’d use the gift card for presents. I have 2 separate friends who are pregnant right now, and one of them is moving about 6 weeks before her baby is born.

  43. says

    I would use the gift card towards the changing table I really want. There are so many things I need, (as you probably can imagine), it’s not even funny!

  44. Kristina m says

    My one item mush have was my Medea breast pump that thing became my Best friend . My daughter loved her Sophie giraffe she was never with out it.

  45. Kathryn says

    My personal must have was a Boppy. Doesn’t matter if you’re bottle or breastfeeding, it made things so much easier for me. Plus, it was great for floor play time, especially when we started tummy time.

  46. Kerry says

    I would use the gift card for my daughters Halloween costume!!!! May be early but never for a costume for your baby. My must have baby idea for my daughter is the fisher price night time baby soother. Excellent purchase and I still use it for her

  47. Kristina says

    I think a BOB is a must have registry item for me- running is something I love to do and plan to keep doing with the kiddos.

  48. Erin says

    We’re due with our first in February! I have no idea what I’ll spend the gift card on, but I’m sure I’ll have no problem once I walk into the store! :)

  49. Jessica G says

    One of my best friends is expecting so I would use this gift card for her! I have already bought the gifts for her shower but buying baby things is SO much fun that I would love to be able to get more!

  50. Jennifer says

    With our baby boy arriving in the next 8 weeks, this would go towards anything that we don’t receive at our shower this weekend! The piano gym looks like a great idea!

  51. Kelly says

    A must have registry item that we loved in addition to all the things you listed would be a swaddling halo sleep sack! Our son slept like a champ in them!

  52. Emily K. says

    We enjoyed having a pack n play with bassinet feature. It was great to keep in our bedroom for night time diaper changes, and during daytime naps.

  53. Dania says

    It would be a Birthday gift for my sister. She can use it to buy things needed for my nephew who will be nine months old this week.

  54. Betsy says

    My sister is pregnant with her second and is due in early November. Her son will be six years younger than his brother, and she got rid of most of her baby stuff so I’d use it to buy her whatever she still needs!

  55. Gina says

    Hi! We’re due ANY day and I’m at the excited/nervous/do I have everything prepared phase!!! From what I’ve heard, the Boppy that my friend lent me is going to be my best friend.

  56. Kellsey says

    I am due with our first child (a boy!) October 19, so I would use this gift card to purchase some of those remaining items on our Babies R’Us registry (buttpaste, extra wipes, milk test strips, etc.) Great giveaway!

  57. Gina says

    I registered for items that worked for my friends who already had kids (a few friends even met me at Babies R Us to deescalate my overwhelming fears of first walking in!). With that being said, I’d use the gift card to purchase last minute items, such as the swaddle me blankets, to keep the baby tight and comfortable.

    Thanks, Courtney, for hosting this giveaway!!! :)

  58. Sarah says

    We are expecting our 4th next month! The gift card would definitely come in handy. We are hoping to get a new car seat and new stroller.

  59. Rachel says

    Hi, I would use this gift card for myself. My husband and I tried to get pregnant for over a year and we finally are! We are due with our first in March and it would be so nice to be able to get started on buying stuff for our little munchkin. Thanks for the opportunity and congrats to you and Jay on your handsome little man!

  60. Jenn says

    I don’t have a little one yet but I do have nieces and nephews and a new one on the way. I’d definitely use the gift card for my sister or sister-in-law. :)

  61. Tara C. says

    My little girl will be 7 weeks tomorrow! Time sure does fly, just like everyone said it would… If I won the Babies R Us giftcard I would either buy diapers or wipes!

  62. Cassie D. says

    I would use the gift card to buy some of your must-have recommendations for one of my best friends, who is due with a little girl in January!

  63. Rochelle says

    I would use the giftcard on a friend of mine who is pregnant with her second child. Or, I would hold on to the gift card and use it when I become pregnant with #3, as we are getting ready to TTC.

    Oh, and my #1 must have was the boppy pillow. I never would have been able to breastfeed my two girls if I didn’t have a boppy.

  64. Rachelle L. says

    I’m a soon to be new mom and so I’d use the gift card to help with all of the left over items that we don’t receive off our registry or maybe to go towards the big items such as crib.

  65. Shaina says

    I would definitely buy that Kick N Play Piano mat! Looks so fun and my 5 week old chica would probably love it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  66. Shaina says

    My must have has been a manual pump for myself! This way when the babe starts sleeping longer and longer in the night I can just sit up and pump off some (without the extra noise of hassle of the electric pump) to keep myself comfortable so I can sleep longer too!

  67. Stephanie Tomys says

    I think asking for shampoo, body wash, baby powder, etc. on a registry is a great idea because it is affordable and if you receive duplicates, you will always put them to use!

  68. Christina W says

    I would use the GC for some new toys for my 14 month old baby girl. She’s getting tired of all the toys she already has!

  69. Nicole says

    I would give this gift card to my brother and SIL. Their twin boys (Kevin & Jason) will be 1 year old on November 1. They love to play with toys that make noise (pots & pans included!), so I think getting some fun learning games would be great for their 1st birthdays!

  70. says

    I would definitely use this card. My baby is due in about three weeks and we have a lot of “registry clean up shopping” to do. We got lots of NB size clothes but only three burp cloths. 😉

  71. Lauren S says

    I would use the gift card towards the purchase of the Britax Marathon 70 G3 car seat. My son is almost 5 months and has recently started screaming in the infant car seat…I’m praying a larger seat will make him happy!

  72. Meaghan Gorman says

    I would use my gift card to buy the Fisher Price Discover ‘n’ Grow Kick and Play Piano Gym too!! I have been eyeing it for weeks for my little guy and over the weekend we were visiting friends & they happened to have one & he LOVED it. It is the perfect play mat for him!

  73. Meaghan Gorman says

    My newborn must have are the aden and anais sleep sacks, actually anything aden and anais is a household favorite. We have the swaddle blankets, sleep sacks, burp cloths, and sheets. They are so soft & our little babe loves them ! Oh & the BOPPY pillow, we could not have survived without it. He used it all the time.

  74. Michelle S. says

    Great post! Thanks for sharing some of your favs. I have twin boys who are almost 8 weeks! I would use the gift card for the next size Halo Sleep Sacks. We have the newborn size and LOVE them! They are similar to the Summer Sacks you listed, but they are fleece and much warmer for winter.

  75. Celeste B says

    I would use the gift card to help us purchase our Chicco travel system we have registered for! We have heard great things about these strollers & can’t wait to take our little man to the zoo in this travel system!

  76. Michelle S. says

    My baby registry must-have that I would totally recommend- The 4MOMS Mamaroo! My twin boys LOVE this! Sometimes I wish we had 2! I love that it is adjustable and you can make the chair almost vertical (which helps with babies who spit up a lot after eating) and it has so many cool settings to move like they are riding in a car, being carried by a kanagroo, in the ocean, in a tree swing or like they are being rocked. You can play your iPhone or iPod through it too.

  77. says

    I would use the gift card to buy 2 newer bottle brands that are supposedly better for breastfed babies. I already own about 10 different brands and still haven’t found one either of my first 2 kids would take. It would be nice when #3 comes, if she will take a bottle at least once in a while!

  78. Camee says

    I am expecting in March and would love to have this gift card! Thank you so much for doing this post! As a first time mom all this registry stuff is so overwhelming and I have no idea what I really need! This helped me so much!

  79. Stephanie A. says

    Hi Courtney! Great post! Happy to see many of our purchased items on your list!!

    I am 36 weeks on Thursday and lord knows we have some last minute items to buy. I would LOVE an extra $50 to spend!

    Thanks :)

  80. Kristen L. says

    I’m 13 weeks pregnant and this would be awesome! I’d use it towards some of the bigger ticket items we need, like a nice stroller.

  81. Marie says

    Having just found out recently that I’m expecting (I found out on Sept. 7th) I haven’t really started a registry yet but the gift card will be helpful when the time comes! All of my friends recommend the Boppy pillow so I would put it towards that.

  82. Kristen L. says

    I don’t have too much experience with the best things to put on your registry, but I’ve heard great things about those swaddling clothes.

  83. Kellie Monahan says

    What wouldn’t I use this for!? Baby is due next month so we could stock up on a bunch of basics, including onesies and those swaddlers!

  84. Cellabella says

    I’m expecting, so I’d definitely use it on baby items! Probably the Swaddlemes which I’ve heard great things about too :)

  85. Krystan says

    You already mentioned some of my must haves (muslin blankets, and the rock’n’play sleeper) but I would have to say we have loved our poppy pillow! Not only has it made nursing easier, but as he is getting older, he loves to just sit in it. Sometimes he will be chilling on the couch with mom, and just fall asleep in it!

  86. Cellabella says

    One of the must-haves on my baby registry list that a friend recommended is a baby thermometer (along with a nasal aspirator). I don’t want my baby to get sick, but if she does, at least I can help her as much as I can!

  87. Laura says

    LOVE me some BBRU!! I would totally use the gift card on new clothes and snacks for my (almost) 16 month old.

    I am going to have to go with the Rock N’ Play sleeper as well, Courtney! That thing saved our lives (son had reflux and had to be elevated, so this was the easiest solution). If I HAD to say something different than what you posted I would say our swing! It enabled me to make many dinners and just be able to rest my arms throughout those wonderful, although sometimes LONG newborn days:)

  88. ErikaMC says

    One of my newborn “must have” items was the crib mattress pad protectors and also an exercise ball – we bounced on that thing all the time for the first 4 months!

  89. Lauren says

    Also, I can’t really say what a must have would be since I am not yet a Mommy, but one of the items that I want the most and am most excited to be able to use once my little one is here is a baby carrier.

  90. Emily says

    One of my must-have baby registry items is definitely a Pack ‘n Play. My first baby is due in February, but I’ve seen just how useful those are with my nieces. They’re especially nice if you travel a lot!

  91. megan says

    We just welcomed our baby boy into our family a week ago! Id probably get a few cloth diapers since we would like to give those a try.

  92. Melissa says

    I am 16 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. While we still have a lot of our infant stuff we need a new infant car seat carrier- $50 would definitely help towards that.

  93. Jennifer Holland says

    Beautiful blog and family! I would use the gift card for my daughter (due December) AND son (21 Months old) for DIAPERS!

  94. Jennifer Holland says

    Must have newborn item for our family was a lovey! It worked wonders in associating sleep with an item while we were sleep training. He didn’t pay much attention to it at first but when the time came, he knew it was sleep time when we handed him that!

  95. Becky says

    I would use it for an exersaucer or a jumparoo. I have a 5 month old who is outgrowing the playmats. Btw, Lucas is adorable!!!

  96. Heather says

    Love this post! So helpful as I’m just finishing up my baby registry. I would use the gift card to buy any number of things on my registry. :)

  97. Stephanie says

    My daughter was born a few weeks before yours and I definitely agree that the rock and play is a must-have! That and the fisher price glow seahorse have been life-savers. And as for the gift card, I would probably use it all for clothes as our baby girl outgrows her outfits faster than i could have ever imagined haha

  98. Mary Burns says

    I’m 17 weeks & we have only bought a few things, so I could use it for any number of things.
    Thanks for the great “must have” list!

  99. Jenna U. says

    I had a baby girl in January and it’s so funny but i bought literally every one of your suggestions above! Great suggestions 😉 With the gift card I would love to get a wagon to pull her around in. My friend’s daughter has one and loves it!

  100. Sarah says

    I’m currently expecting our first in the beginning of May, so this would be a great start on the many, many things we will need! I’ll definitely have to register there!

  101. Nina says

    I would love the gift card so I could buy a few essentials for our baby girl due in February! I already have a 16 month old son so there isn’t too much we need but you always need some pink stuff :)

  102. Nina says

    My must have newborn item is lots and lots of burp clothes! My son spit up all the time so we always needed them around to clean the messes!

  103. Michelle B. says

    Well, I don’t have any kids, but I’m at the point where lots of friends and family are having babies, so I would use it for gifts :-)

  104. Caitlin says

    I could totally use this for my twins who are due in January. I was sorta bummed when I found out about the new registry thing since we had registered at Babys R Us just weeks before the promo started!

  105. Sarah N says

    I am due around New Years with my first and everything baby related is so foreign to me! The gift card would definitely help easy the purchasing craziness!

  106. Sarah N says

    We just added the monitor you suggested to our registry, we were thinking about that one and you convinced us! I also cannot wait to get the sound machine that is a stuffed lamb. Our nursery is farm themed and it will fit right in!

  107. Sara G. says

    I would use the gift card for my friend who just had her baby in August. She’s literally on the other side of the world, and I would love to do something nice for her!

  108. Heather says

    I’m expecting my first little one on 4/14/14. We could certainly use the $50 gift card as we’ve got a whole nursery to furnish :-) thanks for this post – it helps to read honest reviews of products!

  109. Heather K. says

    I’m expecting my first baby in 15 days! As of now, I think we have everything we’ll need, but who knows?! I’d use the gift card on whatever it is we forgot! (we don’t have a sound machine, so perhaps that..)

  110. LauraLauracgray says

    Wow that’s amazing! I’m expecting our first and second (twin boys!) in January so that gift card would be amazing! Think I’d use it for a pack n play or for the 2 car seats on our registry!!

  111. Katie says

    I would use the wonderful gift card for our baby boy coming in November! We are so excited to have him join our family. There are so many must have things for a new baby, but I would use it on a swing and clothes!

  112. Crystal says

    As for my newborn recommendations… I love the halo sleep sacks. My wee is a Houdini and can escape any swaddle and this keeps him snug as a bug. My other tip is the shower…. If my wee man is fussing I put him on his tummy pillow and take a shower… He loves the sound of running water and calms down

  113. Danielle says

    I just had my baby shower this past weekend so this gift card would be great to use towards getting a few things we still need – like a carseat!

  114. Lia says

    I don’t have a baby of my own but I am a NICU nurse so I’m quite familiar with newborns. I’d say the Swaddle Me swaddlers are VERY important. We even use them in our NICU. It allows parents to swaddle their babies quickly and safely. Lots of burp clothes are probably also important…seems like babies can make quite the mess during/after feedings.

  115. nicole says

    I would put the gift card towards that piano matt, my daughter loves music and kicking her legs, i wish i knew about this one sooner too!

  116. Amanda says

    I would use the gift card to stock up on baby items for things I may not get for my upcoming shower :) I am just too excited for my little girl to get here!

  117. Lindsay says

    My “must haves” for our first two months with our baby girl- Aden and anais swaddle blankets, boppy newborn lounger, and a swing!!

  118. Laura Goodwin says

    This gift card would come in so handy!! I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with our first, a little girl! :-) And I just lost my job! So yes, 7 months Preggo, just bought a house and new SUV for baby and bam! No job! Any help I can get now!! Thanks!

  119. Laura Goodwin says

    Hoping to get a great jogging stroller! Still Crossfitting while 7 months Preggo and can’t wait to go work out once the little one arrives !

  120. says

    You have the sweetest little man there, too cute. Very photogenic. :)
    As for what I would use, I would like a swing. With my first child (back 12yrs ago) she could only fall asleep in that swing. What I would say is a MUST HAVE…is batteries. Yep, because if your batteries go out…well there goes the swing. Lesson learned in my opinion. 😉

  121. Kristin says

    As for a must-have baby item, I honestly have no idea. As this is my first pregnancy, I have been going off what other recent moms (mainly my cousin) have recommended: Anais&Aden swaddle blankets and an extra crib mattress pad, (I heard having 2 is nice so you don’t have to wait for laundry!)

  122. Charlie Cahill says

    Every new parent would love a gift card from Babies R Us!! We registered there and got so many great ideas! We have the city stroller and we need the accessories for it. Like the holder for the carseat and a basket for underneath. There is a rin canopy and tray we would like too!!

  123. Charlie Cahill says

    My MUST HAVE item is my Graco pack and play!! We have it set up in the living room and it is a baby station downstairs! Love the changing table and shelves in the bottom!!! We will use this for years as our Mckenna grows!!

  124. says

    What a great promotion they have going on! And thank you for hosting the giveaway! I think I would have to debate on buying outfits for my twins or possibly a new dresser. The one we have is falling apart but it was mine from when I was a kid, so it’s not too surprising.
    Brooke Tewell recently posted..TIU Fall Challenge

  125. Wendy says

    I would use this gift card to buy items that we did not receive on our registry! Baby boy is due in early November and we still have so much to purchase!

  126. Vicky says

    I would use the gift card towards a new convertible car seat now that my son is starting to outgrow his infant seat. It happens fast!

  127. Vicky says

    A registry must-have for us was a bouncer seat. It came in handy for naps and to get in work outs when our little guy was less mobile. Now, at ten months, he wants no part of anything that stops him from cruising around the house.

    Lucas is adorable!

  128. jennifer says

    My must have registry item/baby item is probably my carrier! We love popping him in there and keeping him snuggled close …while being productive!

  129. Laura T. says

    I just became a first-time aunt! My nephew was born on Monday, Sept 23rd. Unfortunately, they are allllll the way across the country (I’m in Seattle, they’re in NY), so I won’t get to see the little one for awhile. I’d love to send them this gift card to let them know I’m thinking about them constantly!

  130. Laura J says

    Oh I would use the giftcard to stock up on Pampers! Our favorite! But…I would HAVE to save a little bit to buy him a new outfit! They have the cutest clothes there!

  131. Meagan says

    I would use it for some of those SwaddleMe blankets you recommended. Also, something cute and pink because we just found out today that we’re having a baby GIRL!!!! Thanks for the baby must haves post, I found it super helpful!

  132. Katie M says

    I’d use the gift card to buy some cute clothes for my cousin’s baby. She’s he first “baby” in the family, and we’re all excited to meet her!

  133. sarah says

    I’d LOVE to be able to bless my friend who is expecting in december her first little boy with an extra 50$ worth of anything she needs. babies are so sweet :-)

  134. Veronica says

    A must have for us for our first was an investment into a a lot of binkies and those special wipes you can use on the binkies when they get dropped on the floor.

  135. Missy says

    My baby isn’t so small anymore at 17 months. But I would say the one thing that I would buy, other than more adorable clothes, is diapers! It’s ridiculous how fast you go throught them, even when they aren’t new borns!

  136. Missy says

    One of my favorite products I used a lot were the Medela sanitizing bags. Great for when I was pumping and using bottles and for using on binkys as well, just to make sure they got extra clean!

  137. Lynn says

    My daughter was just born September 15th via emergency c-section. She decided to flip two days before I went into labor after being head down my entire pregnancy! We are home and doing well, but I have had a purchase a couple extra items to get me through the next 6 weeks of recovery, like a strolle frame that only holds the car seat because I cannot lift or double stroller (I also have a 3 year old) so a gift card would be great to get other necessities that come up.

  138. Lynn says

    I could not live without my “breast friend” pillow. The lactation consultant I met with at the hospital recommended it and it is amazing. I used the boppy with my son and planned to use it again, but I sat too low and would sit on the my c section incision. Well this pillow not only doesn’t so that but it locks into place and doesn’t slip like the boppy. I love it!

  139. Annette Prejean says

    A must have for the registry: Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5″ Color Screen and Two Wireless Cameras with Pan, Tilt & Zoom – MBP36-2

  140. Meredith says

    A must have registry item for me would be the velcro swaddle blankets! Or so I’ve heard they are amazing!! Can’t wait to try them when baby girl comes in Jan :)

  141. says

    Great post. When I was pregnant with my son I checked out so many blogs to see what moms recommend. The rock-n-play sleeper was my favorite thing because I could have my son near me all night and also easily move it around the house during the day. He is now in his crib, but I woud recommend the sleeper over a bassinet any day!

    – LB
    Lauren recently posted..Our Birth Story

  142. April G says

    A jogging stroller is on my must-have registry list! Seriously. I don’t know why we bought a regular old double stroller to begin with, we finally caved and spent more money on a nice jogging double and we use it for EVERYTHING, not just jogging!

  143. Amanda Thompson says

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in December, so I would either use the gift card towards purchasing whatever is left on our registry or diapers!!

  144. Nala says

    This is an interesting post. I’m quite impressed with all the research you put into the baby items you purchased for Lucas and I’m happy to hear it paid back because they are on your list of must haves =)

  145. Emily says

    I know you love the Rock ‘n’ Play but I am curious if you also have a swing and bouncy seat? We started to register and just lookin for advice.

    • Courtney says

      We have ’em all! The swing is really nice and was great around 3-4 months, but Lucas doesn’t really fall asleep much in it anymore and is usually too active to want to hang out in it now, haha. The bouncy seat was great for the first few months – definitely really portable and something I would totally recommend!

  146. kristi says

    those summerme swaddle blankets are amazing. we swear by them, too (as well as the diaper genie and the fisher price cradle.

    cb got the piano play mat for christmas. while i dont think she understands her constant kicking is making music, the tunes do seem to relax her and she also loves that mirror.

    i think you sold me on the sound machine, too. i need to look into that.

    • Courtney says

      YES! The SwaddleMe’s were a lifesaver. So, so great.

      Are you using the Rock ‘n’ Play for CB to sleep in at night? If so, just a word of warning…it can be a bit difficult to get them to transition out of it as they get older! We learned the hard way and kept putting it off. And just now, at almost 6 months, we finally got him to transition to the crib at night (but it didn’t come without it’s troubles!).

      Hope all is going well with the new babe!! :)

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