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Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope the week is going well for you all so far. Things are going pretty super over here. This morning, we started off with some play time on the piano mat, followed by some tummy time. Tummy time is not Lucas’s favorite – I can only get him to give me about five minutes before he’s had enough – but we still do it everyday.

He’s been such a happy guy this week, and is starting to sleep even better for us at night. We started putting him to bed around 8pm and he’ll sleep until about 7am with one wake up to eat usually in the 3am hour. I’m hoping he continues this way (and eventually drops the night feed!), as it would be wonderful for when I go back to work in a couple of weeks.

But we don’t talk about that just yet. Instead, I’d rather just focus all of my attention on this little face, which seems to change and grow by the hour.


Along with that head of hair! Remember when he lost it all and was a little baldy?


And a little string bean? My goodness!


Alright, sorry. Enough of blasting you all with photos of Lucas. Winking smile

Yesterday included some pretty delicious meals, which I managed to snag some pictures of, so I figured I’d share with ya’ll. Breakfast started things off, which consisted of my coffee (duh) and a bowl of frosted shredded wheat with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and banana slices.


Shortly after breakfast and putting Lucas down for his morning nap, I headed down to the treadmill and completed another 3 miles (similar to this workout) plus some abs from my Best Body Bootcamp plan.

Ya know? I was thinking about this earlier today…I have no idea HOW I’m going to fit in exercise once I’m back to work. Sure, weekends will be fine, but during the week? I just don’t know?

Early morning workouts would be a little tough, since umm, the “girls” probably wouldn’t appreciate too much movement at that point. Then once I get home, I know I’d much rather spend time with my guy than be on a treadmill or something. Soooo, I don’t know. I guess it will take a little experimenting to see what works best. If anyone has any tips/thoughts, I’d love to hear ‘em!

But getting back to yesterday again…lunch was a yummy one.


I made a turkey and provolone sandwich with spinach, tomato, and honey mustard on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with some carrots, tomatoes, and hummus on the side.


I then proceeded to eat about three handfuls of candy corn while playing with Lucas in his swing but umm, yeah. Whoops.


Dinner was thrown together quickly, but turned out rather awesome for being on the fly.


We both still had a piece of leftover pizza from date night, so we heated those up and had ‘em with a couple of big grilled chicken salads (we buy frozen chicken breasts from Sam’s Club and keep them in the freezer for nights like this). Yum, yum, yum.

Now I’m gonna attempt to squeeze in a circuit workout before little man wakes up. Fingers crossed he stays down long enough!

Catch ya later, gators. Winking smile


  1. says

    Oh, I totally know what you mean about fitting in exercise. I can only imagine how strategic you’ll need to be once you start working. Because you’re right… when you are home, you’ll want to spend that time with Lucas, not out for a run or doing burpees!

    Some of my working mummy friends exercise on their lunch breaks! Others commit to at least one tough workout on the weekends. I think what you may need to do for awhile is really decrease the length of your workouts. Even go downstairs for 20 minutes, but work out at a higher intensity.

    The first couple weeks may be tough as you’re balancing it all out, but don’t stress about it. Everything will even itself out in due time. 😉
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..Breaking Up With A Bad Mood

  2. says

    I no longer pump and stopped in November after Mason was born. I would get up early before work to work out, well I still do. Mason is sleeping from 9 pm until I wake him at 7 now so it is easier to get a workout in in the morning when I can peel myself out of bed.

    Get a jumperoo (we had the rain forest one)! They are the best and Mason played in his for 45 minutes at a time while I was on the treadmill. He is not a fan of it now, but when he was about 5-6 months old it was a life save. I also put Mason in his Pack N Play when I do workout videos, I still do if he is awake. When I get him out when I am done he tries to mimic me on the yoga mat.

    You will be able to do it, no worries – it will all workout. I am having a tough time now that Mason is walking all over the place and into everything.
    Ashlee @ A Step in the Right Direction recently posted..Weigh In Wednesday!

  3. says

    Hmm I would say try to fit in during the morning. When I was working full time I was so tired by nighttime I never made it to the gym later than 6 and I didn’t even have a baby! Lucas def. has grown so much! He looks so much bigger.
    Ashley @ Life and Fitness recently posted..Trail Time

  4. Catherine says

    If you have time to workout on your lunch break that is what I’d recommend or getting in a shorter, higher intensity workout after he goes to bed. Another option (but not so much with the winter coming) is a walk with Lucas for your cardio and then a strength training workout after he goes to bed.

    For the first little while after you go back to work it’ll be hard to figure things out. But in time you’ll figure out a routine that works for you.

  5. Stacey M. says

    Oooooo! You just reminded me that I have some candy corn at home just waiting to be eaten. LOVE that stuff … good thing I can only eat a couple small handfuls at a time because it’s so sweet!
    I’ve never been in a Sam’s Club, but I do have a membership to BJ’s which I think is very similar. I will have to look there next time to see if they have frozen chicken breasts … they would be perfect for weeknight dinners when I literally have no time to cook.
    Lucas is just absolutely adorable! It’s amazing how much a baby’s looks will change within the first couple months. I’m sure a few months from now he’ll look completely different once again.

  6. Whitney says

    I guess my advice is that if working out and staying healthy is a priority for you then you will make time for it. My girl friend has a 19 month and a 12 week old and that is what she said to me. Sure she has to go run at 5 am or 9 pm sometimes but she loves staying fit and active so she does it! You will figure it out I’m sure :) Good Luck!

  7. says

    Feel free to keep blasting us with Lucas pictures, he’s such a cutie that I definitely won’t be complaining :-p
    And I’m sure with some experimenting, you’ll figure out what’s best for you in regards to timing your workouts. Just try different time slots until one just seems suiting!
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Goal Talk: October.

  8. says

    He is just so sweet. I can’t stand it. I haven’t had shredded wheats in years!!

    When my little brother was 3 mo’s to a year (last year, 22 years between us, he was a surprise to say the least), my mom would put him in the baby Bjorn and do squats and lunges. He loved it. She would also lay on the floor and hold him above her and do hip raises, pulse him up and down, etc. It was just little things for a few months! She also took him out for runs and walks on a daily basis.
    Amanda @ Pink Runner Girl recently posted..Apple Pie Muffin Recipe!!

  9. says

    He’s such a little cutie pie! I have no great advice on the working out thing. I’m home full time, and yet I find it hard to find the time. I mean, I have the time while she’s napping. But in that time, I also clean, cook, balance the checkbook, do laundry (so much laundry), do my Bible study, blog … there’s a lot of things competing for that short period of time! :)
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Cinnamon Roll Cake

  10. Lisa @ I'm an Okie says

    He’s a cutie Courtney. Perfect! Honestly, I just didn’t work out. I didn’t want the added stress of fitting something like that it. So, I tried to eat good and walk and move around when I could, but I didn’t stress about making it to the gym. I figured I have my whole life for the gym, but only this short time with my newborn and all of the things that come with it. Love you and good luck!

    • Courtney says

      You’re so, so right. While I was feeling the same way, just reading that comment gave me somewhat of an “aha!” moment. Thank you…and so great to hear from you :) xo

  11. says

    I’m sure once you start incorporating more workouts and experimenting you’ll find the best timing for your workout. I can imagine it must be tough to get back in the routine but it will come eventually!
    And Lucas is just the sweetest!
    Lisa recently posted..What You Allow, Will Continue

  12. Monica says

    I work out on my lunch break. We have a gym at work that offers lunch-time group fitness classes (Zumba, circuit) so I do those a few days a week. I also do the stairmaster, walk outside, etc. I usually just hop in the gym shower for a few seconds afterwards. I do this 4-5 days a week so that I don’t have to workout on the weekends and can spend that extra time with my 3 year old.

  13. Janelle says

    I’m a new mom so I recently asked myself the same question! My daughter is almost 6 months old. I’m not going to lie, when I first went back to work when she was 12 weeks old, it was overwhelming to find time to do everything once I arrived back home. You want to soak up time with your little one, but then there are household chores to be done, and you want to get in a work out! I allow myself one gym night a week for my favorite class. Do I feel a little guilty after being away all day? Of course. But I also know that I need to take care of myself in order to be the best mom that I can. In addition to that, I make it a point to hit the gym early in the morning before Natalie wakes up or on my lunch break. My workouts are only between 30-35 minutes, but they’re effective. If you need to work out in the evening and Lucas is still awake, I bet Jay would love one on one time with Lucas. My husband really values his one on one time with our daughter. I also like the ideas people mentioned of using Lucas in your workouts… bonding time and a workout, it’s a win win! I struggled with finding my way at first when I returned to work, but I found my groove after a month or so and you will too!

  14. says

    I would definitely try different times throughout the day. Even if you think the girls won’t like a morning workout, it may surprise you. Also, you could have Lucas right next to you on the treadmill and keep him busy with something! It’s hard to feel like you’re not giving him your full attention but if he’s right next to you I’m sure he’ll be fine!

  15. says

    I’m not sure I am the best person for advice on when to workout with a baby BUT I do work full time and have several nights a week when I have things going on that dont allow me time to workout. Lately I’ve been working out on my lunch break. I use my whole hour for my workout – 5 mins to change clothes, 45-50 min workout, and then 5 mins to change again – and then eat lunch at my desk while I work. It’s not ideal, but it fits it in and I’ve learned that dry shampoo is amazing. I literally just walk into the parking lot and take off running or drive 2 minutes down the road and park in a neighborhood…if I want to fit in strength on those days I stop every 1-1.5 miles and do pushups, squats, etc. Maybe this could work for you too!!
    Ashlee@HisnHers recently posted..WIAW: Sweet Chili tofu & Chicken + Dirty 30 Upper Body Workout

  16. Pattie Welch says

    My only advice on working out with little ones once you go back to work is … don’t be too hard on yourself. It is tough. I have a 3 and 4 year old and went back to work with both of them at 6 weeks old. I’ve always been an early morning workout person but that just wasn’t always possible depending on how the babies slept, etc. So take what you can, when you can and be proud of what you can do. Eat well and move when you can. Regular exercise will come again in time. But don’t stress about it. I spent way too much time stressing about it and trying to “do it all” too early. Be gentle with yourself.

  17. Gina says

    It is so hard to “find” the time to workout especially being a working mom but it also helps to make them more effective. I love HIIT workouts and most can be done in 30 minutes. I wake up at 5am to go to the gym its hard but I always feel better after. Sometimes I find myself doing 2-3 mini workouts during the day. I’ll do a quick focus T25 in the morning and then a weights workout after dinner/football practice/baths and bed. It can be exhausting but it makes my rest dat that much more enjoyable lol

  18. Monica says

    My little girl just turned 6 months old, and I’m still wondering how people do it! I rarely find time to eat dinner before 9pm!
    Before I went back to work full time, I had started running again on the treadmill during her naps, but since going back to work, I haven’t had a single workout! I only have about two hours a night with her before she goes to bed, and I refuse to spend any of that precious time away from her! Then after she goes to bed, it is the mad dash to eat, get stuff ready for the next day, etc…
    I figure once she’s a full night sleeper and I’m no longer nursing, I can start getting up at 5am like I did before getting pregnant, but for now, walks around the neighborhood with my daughter and her fur-sister are as good as it gets!

  19. Erika says

    Figuring out when to workout with a baby is a bit of a challenge but as long as your willing it is totally possible. I tried a few different things before I found the perfect time for me. After I went back to work I tried working out right when I got home – but I realized I wanted to spend that time with our son especially after having just been away from him all day (even though I had him right there in the room with me – I kept stopping to play so I wasn’t getting much workout done anyways). Then I tried working out after he went to bed. It was fine and totally doable but I just didn’t enjoy it or have as much energy. So early morning workouts it is! I would pump before working out and then I’d have his bottles already for the day. Granted this early-morning thing didn’t start happening until he was completely sleeping through the night.

  20. says

    YAY for Lucas pictures! You redeemed yourself from yesterday. 😉

    I second the advice given by others to just enjoy your moments with your newborn. The exercise will fall in to place. Before you know it, you’ll have a 10 year old on your hands!! Just wrote a mushy post about my Kenzer today. Can’t believe how much we can learn from our little lovies.

    Have a great day!
    Jenny recently posted..3 Lessons Learned from My 10 Year Old

  21. says

    Most babies don’t really like tummy time at that age – 5 minute spurts here and there is perfect! I haven’t had hummus in forever but that pic is making me want some!! Finding time to work out is always a challenge. You’ll have to get into a new groove/schedule and then you’ll see when you can fit it in. Don’t fret yet….I’m sure you’ll figure it all out! :) Oh, I also started with the candy corn in my house! It is Oct, right?! Apparently my kids like them too! lol I have to hide when I eat them so I don’t have to give them any! 😉
    -Sammy @ peaceandloveandicecream.blogspot.com
    Sammy @ Peace Love and Ice Cream recently posted..Hi. My Name is Sammy and I…{LOVE Halloween!!!}

  22. Rochelle says

    Hey…it’s been like 6 years since I went back to work after my little was born, but what I did was get up about an hour and a half before she did, pumped a bottle, exercised and then woke her up and nursed her. My “ladies” were then able to produce enough to satisfy my baby girl…and the bottle that I pumped in the morning went to daycare with her and she got to eat it a few hours later. But it was perfect for us because pumping the bottle that morning released some pressure which allowed me a modest workout, and then while I worked out, I produced enough to feed her breakfast.

    Whatever you decide to do, though, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You will wing it as you go. Lucas will only be little once. Also, you know what your body needs. If you need the sleep more than the exercise, then sleep in for heaven’s sake! You run around enough at your job, that has to count for *some* cardio, right?

  23. Jessica Molstad says

    Your little guy is so cute! He reminds me of Gavin when he was little. I am in the same boat, trying to figure out a good time to workout. I am going to try the mornings first, but if that doesn’t work, I am going to do evenings. But it is hard when you are gone to work 8+ hours a day and just want to see your family!

    Also, on another note, I found out yesterday that I am having another boy. I put pictures of my reveal on my Facebook, but I haven’t updated my blog.
    Have a good day!

  24. Claire says

    Hey Court! So, I’m not a mommy but have a work/fitness schedule that works pretty good. I like to do a WALK in the morning (we have two big dogs that need 3 miles/day) which takes me about an hour with all of the hills, etc. That gears me up to feel energized for work, but not too tired. Maybe you could put Lucas in the stroller and go out in the mornings? Get some good weather-proof gear? (Again, I am not a mom LOL). Or, on your lunch you could always have a yoga mat/small weights/foam roller that you keep in your office…is there anywhere quiet in the building that you could get away to for lunchtime to do a workout? I used to walk at lunch when I was in an office (I work from home now), and would bring a blanket to do yoga/stretch/nap in the lawn. Just some ideas! :-) You look great, and so does that baby!

  25. Jennifer Tu says

    I too was concerned how to fit in my exercise routine. I work out with my 3 year old son (walks, runs in the running stroller or indoor track at my gym when it gets yucky outside). Also working out in front of him while he plays is great as well. Now I know it’s not the same as going to the gym but it is a workout and it’s all what you put into it. Sometimes we all head to the gym and my husband plays with him in the indoor track, while I work out. And then sometimes I head to the gym by myself. I did a circuit routine downstairs this morning while he played train and it was super adorable as he says “mommy’s exercising” and went and grabbed a yoga mat and said that he was exercising too. Hope this helps. In the end it is what works best for you.

  26. says

    You would be surprised with all of the things you can fit in your day. You just get used to managing your time a lot better than you ever have before. Maybe you can incorporate Lucas into your exercise during the week.
    Kristi recently posted..Peanut Butter and Apples

  27. says

    When I went back to work after having Luke, I started working out right away when I got home from work. Luke and Dad had some alone bonding time, and then I was able to be done and have dinner, bath and bedtime with him. And then dinner and couch time with the husband after that!! Good luck. And don’t worry about it too much, it will all work itself out. 😉 PS: I made those pumpkin muffins (into mini muffins!) last weekend with yellow cake mix and heath pieces – ah-mazing!!
    Katie @ running4cupcakes recently posted..DIY Fall Craft Project

  28. says

    Hi Courtney,

    I’m a new reader and also from upstate New York. I hear ya on the whole trying to fit it all in thing! I attend a stroller-based fitness class called Baby Boot Camp where I can actually bring my little guy along and then I don’t feel as guilty about leaving him after working all day! I look forward to reading more!

    Danielle recently posted..Hi There!

  29. says

    Such cute pics!! He has the deepest darkest brown eyes!!! Could you go to the gym and have him in the creche for a bit? Or try running with the stroller? Or squeeze in a quick workout on your lunch break? Cycling and have him on the bike? Or walks outdoors with him on your back or front…great endurance training!
    Shel@PeachyPalate recently posted..Baked Breakfast Pizza

  30. says

    I have no idea how I will manage to workout, work and run a blog after I have children. I’m thinking it’s going to be very difficult and it will probably all end in tears (mine, hopefully not baby’s). But, we all adapt, right? I’m sure you’ll work it out! But he is such a cutie pie, I don’t know how anyone could resist that little face!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted..Things I’m Loving Lately

  31. Kate says

    I’m currently halfway through my maternity leave with baby girl #2. When I went back to work after my first, I would either get up early, pump, then workout, or pump and go for a run on my lunch break. Once she was old enough and the weather warm enough I would sometimes take her out in the jogging stroller after work. It definitely takes some adjustments but it can work.

  32. says

    I’m not a mom but I cannot help but wonder the same thing for when I DO become a mom. How do people do it all? I can’t imagine finding the time. Maybe it will be easier once feeding is done?

    I am sure like everyone says that it all works out eventually but it just takes a bit of time to get that routine down. I know you’ll figure it out :-)
    Jamie @ Sometimes Healthy Living Blog recently posted..WIAW: Celebrating Fall Flavors

  33. says

    I always work out after my last class of the day. That way, I can be done working out by 3 or 4 pm and have the whole evening to do whatever I need to! Of course, if the gym isn’t super busy, I might work out in the evenings or mornings sometimes if I feel like it. The best time to workout is when you have time! (Haha cliche!) 😉
    Miranda @ Lovely Wife Lovely Life recently posted..Thursday Thoughts 10/3

  34. says

    I think you should just not put too much pressure on yourself to get in workouts during the week. The last thing you need is feeling guilty for not working out when you already have a totally important job — raising that little guy! Eventually he’ll be less dependent on you and you’ll have more freedom to work out (what a sad thought, huh?). One thing I just thought of, although I don’t have a baby — but what if he sat in a swing or something next to you while you walk? Obviously, you could take him in the stroller if it’s nice, but I’m thinking about the upcoming cooler months. Just a thought!!

  35. Ruthie Hart (@ruthiehart1) says

    I just got cleared to workout (womp womp I’ve loved the time off!) and am excited to start toning up but I have no idea when I am going to go! Before I had Ford I was all about leaving him at the gym but now I don’t want to! I think I will have to bust out some Jillian Michaels DVDs… lets see if I can get a whole workout in before baby calls ha

  36. Courtney says

    Hey Courtney, I have a 14 month old and I struggled with the same issue. I’ve always been a morning workout person and I nursed until our son was 13 months old so I hear ya on the girls not being super cooperative! I think that if you will stay flexible and try to squeeze it in whenever you can, that’s awesome. There were many MANY days that I couldn’t get a workout in–either the timing wasn’t right with nursing or I just knew I was going on such little sleep that I had to take care of myself so that I could take care of our son, especially as his food source! It DOES get easier and I’m back to morning workouts and teaching spin on my lunch hour. I tell all my friends with newborns that this is just a season and you have the rest of your life to work out and be in the best shape of your life. They won’t always be little:)

  37. emily says

    What helped me was to have realistic expectations. I tried to work out 5 days a week every morning before my daughter woke up which was really stressful and I needed more sleep. Now I say if I can get in 4 days that is awesome. And it looks more like 1-2 am work outs of max 45 minutes, 1 day of running/walking with the stroller and then maybe a weekend day. Its nice because 1 morning work out is do able and if you just have one night that you are taking time to workout instead of be with your sweet boy its easier than every evening. It looks like you are doing a super job as a mama with that cutie boy I am sure you will find what works best for your family :)

  38. says

    I’ve thought about how I’d fit in exercise if I worked full time and was a mom… I’d most likely do one of two things: 1) Wake early, pump, then exercise. Because you have so much milk in the mornings, you most likely won’t have a problem pumping and then still having enough milk for Lucas an hour later. And you can just pump until you’re comfortable – you wouldn’t have to do a full pumping session. 2) I’d do a workout over my lunch hour.

    I’m sure it’ll take a bit to get adjusted to your new schedule, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of what works for you! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..California Adventures {Part 3}

  39. says

    Ohhh he’s just so darling!!!! Totally Jay’s twin, though in my opinion. haha! And definitely having realistic expectations is the key! But also, I’d say that super intense and fast HIIT bodyweight workouts should do the trick! EVen now that I’m staying home with my daughter who’s 3.5 months old, I have about 2 long workouts a week (like 30-40 minutes), and 2-3 short ones with burpee pushups, jumping lunches, mountain climbers, etc. It really helps to stay in shape and good health :)
    Ellie@Fit for the soul recently posted..Updating Recipes+GF Pancakes with Pumpkin Frosting

  40. Dana says

    I love getting blasted with photos of Lucas!! He’s so adorable!! I’m so happy for you and Jay! and I’m sure you’ll figure out a good workout routine when you go back to work, you’re a smart, dedicated cookie! : )

  41. Lauren says

    It’s amazing how having a baby totally changed my perspective on everything. I was worried about how I was ever going to find time to work out once I went back to work and ya know what? For once in my life I didn’t care! I was already so worried about leaving my little man with someone else, pumping at work, and having dinner on the table every night, I couldn’t put more stress on myself. So I continued to eat healthy, take walks after work with him, and fit in workouts when I could, but without pressure to do it X number of days. Enjoy the baby days…things will eventually all fall into place. Now at 11 months, he goes to bed at 7:30 and I workout after that. You’ll figure out what works best for you :)

  42. says

    Good for you! The pics of your healthy meals inspire me… I’m always eating (in the car) while driving one of my kids somewhere, and that needs to stop! You remind me that it can be easy to throw together something healthy on the fly!

  43. says

    Oh, and by the way… I love my early morning workouts- even before the sun is up- it’s so nice to know I’ve got the rest of the day to feel good about at least that! That way, whatever catastrophes come my way with my five kids, my workout hasn’t been put off. It’s hard to do it daily, so I only aim for 2-3 bright and early mornings a week.
    Angie @sweatsavvy.com recently posted..Get Ready to Lace Up!

  44. says

    I can’t imagine how tough it is to balance workouts with a new little one, especially for working moms! No matter what, I know you will be able to find a good balance, plus carrying a little guy around (and play fetch with Cody 😉 ) certainly counts as a workout.

  45. says

    I struggled with the same thing after having my daughter – after getting up in the night with her the last thing I wanted to do was workout at 5:00 a.m., and after work I wanted to spend time with her & then after she went down it was time for my husband & I to hang out. In the end early mornings won out because it was the only time that didn’t impact her or my husband. You’ll find what works best for you!

  46. says

    I, thank God, am allowed to work out 3 hours a week during my normal work hours. But for the days I don’t have that I try to get a super quick workout in right when I get home with the jogging stroller or when my hubs gets home. It’s usually only about a 15 minute run which isn’t crazy, but it makes me feel better and it’s not too much time away from the babe.
    Katy @ HaveYouHurd recently posted..Introducing…

  47. Lynsey says

    Prior to having my first baby girl (who is a little over 3 months old) I was a workout fanatic- everyday for 45-55 minutes 365 days a year! Now? 30 minutes on the elliptical or Jillian michaels 30 day shred DVD does it for me. I get up before work, hand the baby off to daddy for her morning bottle and get on my elliptical (if u have one that should help ease the pain with the “girls”), for about half an hour- I can’t stand to do more than that because I need my baby fix before work. If I’m feeling clingy with baby I’ll do Jillian and have her on the playmat in the same room so I can talk to her in between plank jacks :) if I’m totally not able to separate myself from her then I don’t workout at all and the entire morning is devoted to her. You’ll find what works for you, the main thing to remember is, as long as you eat right and are somewhat active you’ll be around to see him grow up, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout– I’d rather miss that then a momentous occasion like rolling over or laughing out loud!!

  48. says

    I’m a little late to the party here but I workout at lunch. I do CrossFit so I am a sweaty mess afterwards, I just use the sink and wipe down as best as I can, reapply the make up, and continue with the rest of my work day. It’s great because I don’t have to miss any time with my now 4-month old and I get a good workout in.
    Katie@LifesNextBigStep recently posted..Brooke’s 3 Month Pictures

  49. says

    My son was born last year and I was really worried about how I was going to fit in my workouts as well once going back to work. I actually decided that morning was going to work the best so I’d get up and pump just enough (maybe a few ounces both sides) to take the edge off. After I’d get home from my run I’d shower, get ready and breast feed. I actually think the extra pumping helped keep my supply up. I breastfed for 15 months with no problems. Eventually I stopped pumping in the mornings and just wore two sports bras. That also helped a lot. You’ll figure it out but night workouts were always off the table for me since I was just too tired and unmotivated at the end of my day and all I wanted to do was be with my baby.


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