A Special Visitor + I Need Recipe Ideas!

Yesterday was a good day! Well, minus the whole part about me having to bring Lucas to get his second flu shot…luckily, he took it like a champ and was my happy little guy the rest of the day.

Said flu shot meant that mama had to leave work just after lunch time in order to bring Lucas to his appointment, but hey, I wasn’t complaining! Once we got back home from the doc, I fed the little man and put him down for his afternoon nap.

While he napped, I took advantage of the extra time and decided to bust out a workout. My legs are actually still crazy sore from my weekend workouts so I decided to go with the 10lb Slimdown Xtreme Upper Body workout. *FYI…the 10lb Slimdown Xtreme series is ALL available on YouTube.  You guys know how much I loooove that DVD.

A little later in the evening, we were lucky enough to have a special visitor stop by…Uncle Dan! Yep, just me and the boys.


My brother even offered to bring us some subs for dinner, so we all sat down to eat ‘em together and I fed Lucas his avocado and carrots.

My brother got me a BBQ chicken sub with provolone and it was good, but I wasn’t expecting fried chicken tender-like-thingies. I was hoping more for something like BBQ pulled chicken, but ahh well…whatcha gonna do, right?


Today I’m back to work, but I’m wicked excited for tonight because it’s Book Club night. No, I didn’t read the book once again. But really, it’s just an excuse to hang out with some of my favorite ladies, which is all that matters. Maybe this next month I’ll actually read the book.

So I’m trying to think of something quick, easy, and super delicious to make for tonight’s Book Club and I’m running low on ideas. If anyone has any good recipes, please, send ‘em my way! It can be an app or a dessert…although, if you know me, then you probably already know which one out of those two I’d prefer. Winking smile


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    1/2 days of work are the best!

    My family absolutely LOVES this corn dip. In fact, my husband often requests it for him to take to work with his lunches.

    -2 cans mexi-corn
    -8 oz. sour cream (can use light sour cream to lighten it up a bit)
    -8 oz. mayo (can use light mayo)
    – 10 oz. shredded cheddar cheese (I use sharp)

    Stir all together and serve cold with Fritos corn chips.

    It might not sound the most appetizing, but trust me, it’s always a big hit!!
    Sarah @ A Refining Adventure recently posted..Brain Dump–Thinking Out Loud {2/6/14}

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    Bringing dessert will make everybody forgive you for not getting to read the book 😉 . In my book [pun not even intended] bars are the best to bring for larger crowds and easiest to prepare in a pinch. How about either these – I’ve made them multiple times and people rave about them: http://www.runningwithspoons.com/2013/06/24/rice-krispie-energy-bites/

    or these I’ve been meaning to try: http://ohsheglows.com/2013/10/07/mini-crunch-bars-with-peanut-butter-shell-drizzle/

    Have a fun time with the other ladies! Which book is up next?
    Miss Polkadot recently posted..Thinking out loud #12

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    I’d love to offer you some ideas but most of my favorites are yours! haha I love buffalo chicken dip.. there’s a link in my recipe page on my blog for it. It’s so easy and really good! I am also a fan of salted caramel chocolate chip bars. SO good, but not sure if you have the caramel on hand (I never do!). Here’s the link for my recipe page with the buffalo chicken dip one on it! http://wp.me/P3cAlA-q
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted..Venus Snap Razor

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    Thanks for linking up to the workout. Loooove YouTube workouts, especially for busy days like yesterday when I couldn’t make it to the gym.

    As for dessert, I made a chocolate pudding trifle from Taste of Home’s website that was pretty good. It served a lot, so it’s good for a group. (Plus, book clubs usually have wine, right? Wine + chocolate = FTW)
    Tiff @ Love Sweat & Beers recently posted..Exhausted But Happy

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    I hope you have fun at your book club tonight. I so miss my NY book club=) Anyway, here’s one of my favorite dessert recipes, it’s super easy and perfect for sharing! I love chocolate chip cookies, and they’re paleo! Just be sure to double the recipe so you have tons extra for the weekend. http://www.bakergal.com/2011/12/delicious-paleo-chocolate-chip-cookie.html
    Enjoy, I hope you have a great night!
    Bre & Ree recently posted..wheat-free, dairy-free, morning glory muffins

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    My friend and I have an inside joke about these cookies – we make them when ever we’re trying to “impress” people (i.e. meeting a boyfriend’s family, going to a new group meeting of some sort…) They don’t LOOK impressive, but every time either of us has made them we get complements. Make them twice the size that the recipe says to though!

    Jealous of your book club! I’ve been trying to get my friends to start one.
    Jessica recently posted..Monday Linkage

  7. Allison says

    OMG! This just made my day! I thought I had lost the Kickboxing 10lb Extreme video forever! Gah, I sure do miss her one liners!

    • Courtney says

      Well “we” (aka, not me, haha) read Divergent this past time but we’re still waiting to see which book we’re going to be reading this month!

  8. kristina says

    am i allowed to have a blog crush on your brother? ..were probably close in age…i too bad i live in California.. =)

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