My Video Shoot in NYC

Hey guys! How was the weekend? Do anything fun or exciting?

Well, I wouldn’t say that my weekend was anything overly exciting (pretty chill and lots of time with my boys!), but my Thursday and Friday certainly were!

I know I told you guys I was heading down to NYC for a quick video shoot, but I never really told you why. Well, the shoot was with Fitness Magazine and Oster, to help work on promoting a huge challenge that they’re going to be holding in June. While I won’t have a ton of details for you about it in today’s post, I am excited to be able to share a little bit about the day without having to keep everything on the total down-low.

For now, I’ll fill ya in on the fun of the day; but pretty soon, I’ll have a bunch of fun and exciting stuff to share with you guys, so stay tuned!

So Thursday evening, after getting picked up in style, I took the train down to New York City where I eventually met up with Anne, who was joining me on the video shoot. It was so nice to have a familiar face to spend the day with! We stayed at the San Carlos Hotel, which was not only like, less than a block away from the studio we needed to be at, but it was really nice, too.


A big ol’ king bed juuuuust for me. Ahhhhh.


We quickly dropped off our stuff in our rooms and then we met back up in the lobby to head out for a quick dinner.


Anne did a little searching around on Yelp and found great reviews for a nearby sushi spot call Sushi You.


It was a teeny tiny little spot – maybe 4 or 5 tables? – and we managed to get the one open one that was left. Score!


We were given all sorts of menus shortly after sitting down, but we managed to work our way through and find a few things to share.


Starting with edamame (you can never go wrong with edamame)…


And an assortment of rolls to share.


So pretty, so delicious.

We headed back to the hotel after dinner so we could do a little “studying” of our scripts and try to get to bed at a decent hour before a busy day ahead.


I slept pretty decent (after finally falling asleep) and woke up Friday morning ready to get sweaty. I picked out a couple 15-minute workouts from the Nike Training Club app…


Which were done both in my PJ’s and in bare feet because I never thought to pack sneakers. Whoops.

Anne and I met up in the lobby a little before 8am and walked a block over to the studio to begin our day of fun! Upon arrival, we were greeted with quite the spread of a breakfast.


I didn’t eat everything there, but I did put back quite a bit of it. The yogurt with berries and granola was, by far, my favorite though.

The next couple of hours were spent doing hair, makeup, and outfit selections with our stylist(!!), Felix, who was just so, so awesome. After that, it was time to start setting up for some video.


Lots and lots of stuff happening behind the camera, that’s for sure!


And plenty of snacks to be had.


I had one of my video shoots in the morning, which involved a creamy agave almond butter. Mmm mmmm.


As a side note, you’re gonna see that I’m going to be somewhat vague in terms of all of the details of the shoot itself, since there are a lot more details to come! But I promise, I’ll have a bunch more to fill you guys in on in the next month or so. Winking smile

Before we knew it, it was lunch time.


Everyone hung out and enjoyed some food, then it was back to hair, makeup, and wardrobe for touch ups and changes before video #2 for Yours Truly.


That video involved a creamy strawberry smoothie, and while I didn’t get a chance to try it, I will say that I’ll most definitely be recreating it. Some of the ingredients are pure genius!

Towards the very end of the day, Anne and I filmed our final intro/teaser video, which actually went pretty quickly. Apparently, we were becoming old pros by that point.


Aaaand, that was a wrap! We finally finished up a little after 5pm, and then it was time to clean up, gather all of our stuff, and get ready to head to the train station. We had a little bit of time before our car arrived, so I quickly pumped, FaceTimed the boys back home, and then we were off.

Thank goodness we left when we did, because I did not have much time left to grab my train. By the time we got to the station, I had just enough time to quickly grab some dinner, said goodbye to Anne, then hopped in line to get on my train back home.


Dinner was a delicious chicken kebab wrap with all sorts of veggies, hummus, and tahini, and was inhaled immediately after getting my seat. And when I say inhaled…


I wasn’t kidding.

I finally got home a little after 10pm on Friday night, hung out and chatted with Jay for a while, then it was right to bed because I was pooped. I did manage to refrain from sneaking into Lucas’s room to wake him and up and snuggle him to pieces, but all bets were off Saturday morning.


We soaked up all sorts of awesome family time all weekend long. Loved it.

But now, it’s back to the grind, so I’m off! I’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow. Winking smile


  1. Allison says

    Is Anne standing on a box or something in that last picture of you two. I was under the impression that you were tall and I have seen her and she is relatively short….

  2. says

    Isn’t it funny having a king sized bed all to yourself? I went to a blogger conference, solo back in the fall and I had a massive bed all to myself. I almost got lost in it! Could’ve slept sideways and I totally would’nt have known. Hahahaha.

    Love the “Study Up!” note in your hotel room with the magazine, funny!

    The URL of Felix’s website cracks me up: Shut up and wear it, lol

    Hope you had an awesome time at the video shoot – I was kinda stalking your twitter + hashtags for more fun pics. Found some. Uh hashtag creeper.

  3. says

    How much fun! So cool that you get asked to be involved in such fun projects! Love hearing all about them. I’ve been following your blog for years and It’s been fun to see how it’s progressed and grown. Plus now your like a celebrity and everything! 😉
    Eryn @ BlondMindedBrunette recently posted..Weekend Recap 4/28/14


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