Fun Facts Friday {5/30}

1. The Baby Tooth page was updated yesterday with Lucas’s 10 month update. I still cannot believe we’re into double digits.

2. One month from now, we’ll be at the beach! Jay, Lucas, and I will be meeting up with my parents down in Wildwood, NJ for a few days of sun and sand (and most likely handfuls of sand straight to the mouth for the babe). But more importantly, you know what else that means? The Seashell, baby!

3. I’m probably more excited than I should be about the show Mistresses coming back on Monday. I can’t help it, I just really like that show. Sleaziness and all.

4. So I declared last night a margarita night. Specifically, Skinnygirl Sparking Margaritas.

Skinnygirl Sparking MargaritasSkinnygirl Sparking Margaritas

I was sent a couple bottles to try out, so Jay and I tested the sparkling margaritas. We were both pleasantly surprised and I would most definitely buy these with my own money. So good!

5. You know what’s totally delicious and ridiculously cheap? Vanilla cones off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

mcdonald's vanilla cone

Totally made my afternoon yesterday.

6. Every. single. week. I come up with at least three things that I say I know I want to include in this post. And every. single. week. when I sit down to write it, I forget them all. Go figure.

7. One of the dinners I’ve been making Lucas a lot lately is a “baby omelet” made with an egg yolk and some shredded cheese. As someone who doesn’t like to waste any parts of an egg, I’ve been eating some extra egg whites these days. Definitely not complaining.


8. I recently added a new “Sponsors” page to the blog! For those who may be interested in purchasing some ad space on STSL, be sure to check out the details. There’s ad options for everyone, and some would be perfect for anyone trying to get a little extra promotion for maybe an Etsy shop or start up boutique. Of course, anyone can always email me with any questions!

9. Last night’s dinner was insanely messy but super delish. Flank steak tacos, baby.

flank steak tacos

And I didn’t even have to lift a finger to make ‘em, making them 100x better. Thanks, Jay!


  1. says

    I forget what I’m going to include in my Friday posts ALL OF THE TIME. Geesh, I need to start writing them down. :)

    Have a good weekend lady!

  2. Stacey M. says

    I totally understand how you feel about forgetting things … I swear, the older and busier I get, the less likely I am to remember ANYTHING. I have to write it down when I think of it or it disappears almost immediately.

    I really need to get some soft-serve soon. It’s almost June and I haven’t had a cone yet. Well, I did have a waffle cone of (hard) mint chip ice cream while visiting Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco earlier this month. While it was absolutely delicious, it certainly wasn’t my standard vanilla soft-serve with chocolate sprinkles, lol.

    • Courtney says

      They say to avoid the whites for the first year for babies (due to potential allergic reactions, I believe)

    • Courtney says

      It’s advised to hold off on whites due to allergies so we’re waiting until after the first year to introduce those

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