chilled squash and carrot soup

It Rocks My Socks

by Courtney on June 3, 2010

Today’s lunch totally rocked my socks (even though I’m not wearing any socks) I tried to think of something different to have today, but when it came right down to it, I was craving one thing: Chilled Squash & Carrot Soup! I did a repeat of yesterday, by adding some more of my roasted veggies, […]


Let the Flavors Meddle

by Courtney on June 2, 2010

I can remember when I was a little girl, I would get so excited when I knew I was getting picked up from school early.  Usually for an appointment to the doctor/dentist/orthodontist (oh how we all loved those trips, right?), but just the same, it was such a treat to be OUT.  To me, it […]


Homemade Soup & Bread

by Courtney on June 1, 2010

Well, tonight’s plans ended up changing.  Originally, Jay and I were supposed to be meeting up with my friend Heather & her husband, Mike, for dinner.  But, unfortunately, the hubby came home feeling pretty sick, so we decided to reschedule.  With my newly open evening, I decided it would be a good opportunity to do […]