Chocolate-Caramel Apple Cookies

20 Minute Mac & Cheese…Your Way

by Courtney on November 3, 2010


I’m glad to see that you are all as excited about my Chocolate-Caramel Apple Cookies as I am! I’m tellin’ ya…it is not easy having these babies in the house. I have a pretty good workload ahead of me this evening, between school work and house work (it never ends!) so tonight’s post is gonna […]


Chocolate-Caramel Apple Cookies

by Courtney on November 3, 2010

How would you feel if I told you could take all the flavor and deliciousness of these… source and make them into these??? Have I gotten your attention yet? If so, go ahead and keep reading. The first thing you’re gonna need to do is mix together your sugars, then mix in your melted butter, […]