This Year’s Christmas Cookie Baking List


Man oh man…you’d think somebody is getting ready to do some cookie baking or something around here?! I mean, how often do you see 12+ sticks of butter in your fridge at one time? Or a toddler who likes to sit inside and stack jars of jellies all by himself…? But anyways…yes! I AM actually…

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The Best Kitchen I’ve Ever Baked In


Well hey there, friends! Long time, no talk! Yesterday wound up being such a busy day, that by the time I finally got back home, all I wanted to do was crash on the couch with my boys…and that’s exactly what I did. But rewinding a bit, let me fill ya in on some key…

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Ultimate Christmas Treats Recipe Round Up


I’ve received numerous requests over the past couple of weeks for a compilation of Christmas baked goods. I put together a mini round up last year, which you can see here. This year, I put together a mix of some old favorites in addition to some of my more recent favorites.Believe it or not, it’s…

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Christmas Cookie Baking #2 & Some Girl Time


‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through Mom’s kitchen, Batches upon batches of cookies were bakin’! 😀 Mom and I definitely worked just as hard the second time around on our marathon cookie baking. We both accomplished double batches of Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Christmas M&M Cookies. 😛 I actually used the same chocolate…

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