Crazy Dreams

Last night, I had some crazy dreams.

I don’t know what my brain was up to, but I was seriously all over the place. One of the dreams was so awful that I actually woke myself up because I was crying in my sleep (has that ever happened to anyone else?)

It was definitely one of those “thank god that was just a dream” moments, but that still didn’t stop me from texting my brother this morning just to be sure…

IMG_7256 (640x480)

Scary stuff!

I’ve always found dreams to be pretty fascinating. When I was in high school, I even bought this Book of Dreams to try and figure out what some of them meant.

IMG_7253 (480x640)

Unfortunately, the book is kind of wacky and I’ve never really gotten too much out of it, but it is still fun to look through once in a while.

IMG_7255 (640x480)

Thankfully, not all of last night’s dreams were bad…

I had another dream where I discovered that Cody was actually a twin and that there had been two of them living in our house this whole time, but only one of them would come out at a time.


It was such a realistic dream, but I think I’m happy having just one Cody around here…

IMG_4041 (640x445)

Especially with all of his shenanigans.

IMG_2322 (640x480)

But on the other hand, that would make for double the entertainment.

IMG_4329 (640x480)IMG_5448 (640x480)

IMG_4332 (640x480)

Oh, Cody. Smile


Not all that exciting, but still pretty tasty.

Iced coffee

IMG_7246 (640x480)

Oatmeal cooked in the micro, topped with half a slice of crumbled banana bread and raisins.

IMG_7247 (640x480)

IMG_7245 (640x480)

I’ve got a lot I need to get done today, since I got super side-tracked with yesterday’s blog issues. From what I can tell today, things seem to be a little better(?) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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Questions for the Morning:

What was the last crazy dream you had that you can remember?

Have you ever been interested in learning more about the meaning of dreams?

Wacky Dreams

Dreams are really a fascinating thing. I often times will wake up from dreams in the middle of the night and think, “wow, what was THAT about"??” but by the time I wake up, they’ve often escaped me. Last night’s dreams, however, stuck with me, and oddly enough, they were all centered around TEETH?


For some reason, I kept going around to everyone I knew, insisting that I needed to check they’re teeth. I kept wanting to make sure that my teeth were “normal” compared to theirs. I even checked Cody’s teeth! I think I may have to consult my “Dreams Book” later today and see exactly what all this teeth talk was all about! :shock:

After running my crazy dreams through my mind this morning, I laced of my sneaks and got my legs running! It was an absolutely gorgeous morning here, with the sun shining and a nice cool breeze surrounding me. Since I still don’t have any sort of milage trackers, I really don’t know how far I went. I brought my pedometer, which tracked just shy of 5,700 steps, and I was out for about 40 minutes. Either way, I really don’t care how far I went it…it just felt good to be out and moving. :)


Overnight oats was the name of the game today!


My bowl consisted of wheatberries, oats, vanilla almond milk, dried tropical fruit mix, 1/3 sliced banana, & some cinnamon.


This morning, I topped them off with about 1/3 of a leftover Banana Streusel muffin, a big scoop of PB2, and a sprinkling of Bear Naked Fit granola.


Now I’m running out the door to head to school for a few hours to work on things!

Question for the Morning:

Do you remember your dreams? Do you have any re-occurring dreams? Any thoughts on dreams in general?