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Why I Cried At The Super Bowl

by Courtney on February 4, 2013


I. Ate. So. Much. Food. Yesterday. But of course, what’s a Super Bowl party without a ton of delicious food, right? Late yesterday afternoon, Jay and I went over to our cousins’ Jenny & Steve’s house for a fun little Super Bowl gathering. There was plenty of food all day long, including veggies and dip, […]


The Incredible Super Bowl Spread

by Courtney on February 6, 2012


Aaaaaand the Giants win!!!!! Who were YOU routing for last night?? I had a few of you asking who I’d be routing for, seeing as though my Jets were definitely NOT partaking in any victories, but I was definitely routing for the Giants all the way. I actually think the only thing better than seeing […]


Sunday Mornings Are Perfect For…

by Courtney on February 5, 2012


I think I’ve decided that Sunday mornings are absolutely perfect for pancakes. The only thing about regular pancakes is that they just don’t always stay with me very long. For example, last Sunday’s birthday pancakes were delicious, but I was hungry within about two hours of eating them. So to avoid that situation again, I […]


Give Me Some Ideas

by Courtney on February 4, 2012


Last night was definitely exactly what I needed…I’m feeling so much better today! Still got the whole sinus pressure thing goin’ on, but I’ll take it. As soon as I got home from work last night, I changed into my PJ’s, and poured myself a beer. I know…that sounds like a super odd craving for […]